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Adidas is a well-known name as a leading brand that deals in diverse sports apparel and has its customers scattered all around the globe.

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Adidas has since earned the trust of several celebrities and athletes which includes the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Beyonce, Mohammad Alli, and Kylie Jenner. These celebrities have further helped Adidas to improve the company’s profile amongst existing along with potential customers.

It is also referred to as ”the three stripes” company because of the three parallel lines that are often featured on any of its products.

Adidas Production

Adidas production involves the transformation of industrial raw materials into finished products.

For the production of Adidas’ footwear, raw materials such as rubber, cotton, polyester, leather, and other relevant materials are converted into parts of shoes by first forming to cutting and shaping them out according to specific designs.

After the shoes’ parts have been properly assembled, they are packed as finished products into individual boxes and labeled. These boxed shoes are further repackaged into bigger containers which are shipped all around the world.

Adidas is a worldwide distributor that handles various levels of the supply chain for sportswear. Their production process is carried out by well over a thousand factories scattered all around the world.

Some of these countries are Mexico, Japan, China, Brazil, United States, and many more. 

Several of the production Industries that deal with Adidas products are located in Indonesia, Japan, and China because of their closeness to raw materials which results in increased production since the distance is short and processing time will be reduced.

More so, the cost of production will be reduced since the transportation cost will not be so much and goods can be produced on a mass scale.

Adidas Product Testing Program

Adidas Product Testing is an organized program that offers customer feedback service. This program helps some selected persons to enjoy free wear such as apparel and shoes for a while.

It is a medium of checking the quality of products before it is sold to the public. Although as an Adidas product tester, you don’t own the products – you are only expected to put them on for a specific period.

The products will have to be mailed back to the company after the period of testing has elapsed so that the wear and tear of the product can be checked.

The products that will be sent to you for testing will depend on the information provided on your profile.

Adidas Product Tester Requirements

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If you desire to be selected among Adidas product testers, here is a list of conditions that you must meet before you can be considered.

  • Location: For you to be a qualified candidate to test Adidas products, you must currently reside in the United States.
  • Age: This is another important factor when you are planning to take up the position of product tester for Adidas. It is expected that you must not be less than 18 years as at the time of your application.
  • Internet Connection: A good internet connection is a must-have for you.
  • Email Address:  A valid email address is required for you to receive updates of your request and any other relevant information.
  • Good Communication Skills: It is expected that you must be able to communicate well in English.

Other regulations include;

Competitors’ Product: Selected candidates for Adidas product testing must not test out any of their competitors’ products.

Maintain Confidentiality: if you are fortunate to be selected, you must maintain high confidentiality in handling products.

Products must not be shared with a third party or publicly displayed on social media or in whatever form asides from you putting them on within the stipulated period and time.

Adidas Product Tester Application

Having met the requirements to qualify as an Adidas product tester, follow the steps below to sign up:

For you to sign up, visit

You will then have to complete a short survey that will expect you to provide information like;

  • Personal Information: This will include your name, gender, phone number, email address, height and birthdays, and other information that best describes you.
  • Products that you wish to test: Several products will be made available to you, so you will have to indicate the products of your choice.
  • Body measurement: Your body measurement will be required so that your perfect size is sent. Therefore, you will have to provide the circumference of your hips, head, thigh, bicep, waist, chest, and glove size. The size of your shoes and the width of your foot is also important in the case you opted for shoes.
  • Location: You will also have to provide the details of your place of residence.
  • Athletic and sport profile: This will include details of the sport you major in, your expertise level, the current training that you are undergoing, etc.

Note that you don’t have to be perfect in the area of sport you opted for before you can sign up for testing products.

Once you have completed the survey, you will receive a congratulations logo

  • Email Confirmation: You will be expected to confirm your email address to have your name uploaded to the database.
  • Follow up: Keep a constant check on your email so that you will know once you have been selected by Adidas.

How Adidas Product Testing Works

Once you meet the criteria to start your journey as a product tester – having applied as a product tester through the link, then you must know how the program works;

  • If you are lucky to be part of the selected candidates to carry out a product test, you receive an email inviting you to participate in the program.
  • The product to be tested will be mailed to you.
  • Test the product within the given period which is usually between two to four weeks and more so around the specified mileage and hours. Make sure you keep to the terms as this is what will be used by the company to measure the lifespan and quality of the product.
  • In addition, a daily record of your experience with the wears must be kept.
  • After the agreed period is completed, you will be made to write a simple questionnaire online.
  • You will also have to mail the product back to the company after the stipulated time.

Benefits Of Adidas Tester Program

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To the company:

The company will be able to check the durability of the product before they push them out to the public.

To the product tester candidate:

The candidate enjoys access to products that have never been used by any member of the public.

If you prove to provide honest answers, over time you receive future packages in cash or products occasionally. 

How Much Can I Earn From Adidas Product Testing?

Unfortunately, Adidas doesn’t pay for testing any of their products so it can’t be taken up as a side income. Your only benefit is the privilege to test shoes that have not been pushed out to the public. Owning this product for some months isn’t a bad idea – try it out 

Will I Own The Adidas Tested Products?

You may want to say that since Adidas will not compensate you in cash for the products that you tested, then you should be able to own the products that you tested.

But unfortunately, every product that is tested would have to be mailed back to the company so that they can check the durability of the product. This will help to guide them on the checks and balances that are required before the products finally get out to the public.

Is Adidas Product Testing Legit?

Adidas product testing program is one of the legit platforms that offer product testing services. Although you may not earn cash for the service, it is an avenue to get to wear-free and newly produced products for some time.

Other Product Testing Sites

Besides Adidas, some other companies offer customer testing. Amongst these are;

Brooks: Deals in apparel and sports shoes.

Influenster: This is a customer testing platform that deals in healthcare products, beauty brands, food items, baby items, and personal care.

i-say: Deals in beauty products, food items, cleaning products, etc.

Social Nature: Deals in pet products, beauty, household, health, and food items.

PINCHme: Deals in pet food, beauty products, baking products, and natural food, etc

Final Thoughts

Adidas has a name that it has earned over the years. One of its programs that help the eligible members of the public to be an indirect part of being the decision-makers of the company is the Adidas product testing program.

Being a suitable candidate for the Adidas product testing program will help you to enjoy the products that no member of the public has access to. It also gives you a sense of responsibility and value because your opinion on the products matters to the company.

Why continue waiting? Apply for the Adidas Testing Program and start enjoying free sporting gear. A fan of Nike? Check out the Nike product testing program here.

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