Nike Product Testing (how to get free Nike shoes)

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Nike is arguably one of the top producers of sportswear in the world. It started operation in 1964 and has since then been kitting sportsmen and women with beautiful and fascinating sports gears globally. How have they been able to maintain this? This has been made possible by their product testing program (Nike Product Testing).

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So, do you know you can have free stuff from Nike by testing their products? Sign up for the Nike Product Testing Program and fulfill your dream. Though this might not offer the biggest cash – but it’s something that you can try.

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Therefore, one of the major reasons for designing the Nike product testing program is to create a platform for sharing feedback on any new product before its eventual launching. It will amaze you that some of the products might not eventually make it to the shelf – because they fail to meet the needed customers’ expectations.

So, reading through the reviews below would help you to make an informed decision as to whether it’s something you want to try out or not.

Tips On How To Become A Nike Product Tester

  • The following are some tips that will help you in becoming a Nike Product Tester;
  • While applying, whole sizes (like 7, 8, 9, etc) should be selected and not sizes like 7.5, or 8.5
  • Nike is in search of athletes who are regular with training in their field – this will help you present a detailed and better review
  • Registration for the Nike Testing Program does not require your credit card or social security number
  • It is often advisable to give detailed and specific information during the application process
  • Give Nike reasons why you are best for the product testing
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Nike Product Testing Review

Before becoming entitled to free Nike sportswear, there is a need to sign up for the Nike Product Testing program – this is 100 percent free and it’s coordinated by Nike themselves.

The actual testing can be done in two ways;

  • Remote testers
  • Onsite testers

Remote Testers: The applicant here applies via an online platform and the products are sent to their registered address for testing. Under this arrangement, testers are allowed to test on their time, and report sent later.

The tester is expected to submit a report based on their experience on the usage of the product. Most of these tests could run from weeks to some months depending on what is required from the product.

Also, after the testing window is out – testers are expected to return the product to Nike for further analysis (this is done at no cost to the tester).

Onsite Testers: This involves showing up at one of the closest Nike Testing centers around you. So, depending on your location – a particular test will be assigned to you that will be done in the testing center. However, the testing procedure is related to the type done for the remote testing pattern.

There is little or no information about the incentives here – so, there is a need to inquire once you are accepted as an onsite product tester. Also, the onsite product testing is more of a focus group arrangement different from the remote testing plan.

So, at the stage of application – they check those residing close to the facility and enlist them as onsite testers. 

Nike Testing Sign Up

Visit the official Nike Product Testing website on

Click on the apply button to start the application process. This takes you to information that explains how the program works.

If you are suitable for the demographics, you get an email invitation.

Accept the invitation and start receiving products from Nike.

Testers will be requested to submit their feedback through the company’s website and will be asked to return the product for future testing.

In summary, the sign up for the Nike Testing program can be categorized into;

  • Signing up as a tester
  • Getting approval
  • Initiate your testing

Here is what the Nike Testing program looks like;

After getting approval and being selected as a tester:

  • Accept the invitation
  • Receive the test kit
  • Test the products
  • Submit your review on the website
  • Return the test kits for further testing
  • Accept the test invitation again and follow the other procedure over again

Therefore, applicants must follow the following steps as highlighted here.  

For children’s applications – parents must create a parent profile account. The questions asked include:

  • Your country name
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Are you an employee of Nike?
  • Are you an NCAA athlete or expected to become one soon
  • Choose a method of communication (email or SMS)
  • Sign a release or waiver
  • What’s your gender?
  • Contact information
  • How did you hear about the Nike Product Testing program?

Nike Product Testing Application

Photo of Nike Product Testing program

Signing up for the Nike Product Testing program is simple but the following must be adhered to. Nike has divided the application into four testing categories;


They allow three different age brackets for testing since they make products for all categories. These are;

18 years and above – can sign up by themselves 

13 years to 17 years – will require to have the parent’s approval to sign up 

12 years and below – will require to have the parent’s approval to sign up 


It is open to United States residents, Mexico, Canada, China, Croatia, Finland, etc. Also, there might be the need to first send an inquiry on its availability – this can be done by sending an email to [email protected]. For footwear testing, use NPT Support (Footwear) and for clothing testing, use NPT Support (Apparel).

Besides, you could read through the terms and conditions to determine if the Nike Product Testing program is available in your location or not.

Body Measurement

Your exact measurement is used in making it possible for Nike to send the gear that perfectly fits. Areas, where measurements are needed, include;

  • Height
  • Chest/bust (females)
  • Bra size (females)
  • Shoe size
  • Shoe width
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Weight
  • Leg left/right
  • Arm left/right
  • Shirt size
  • Pants size
  • Shoulder width
  • Neck size
  • Bicep size
  • Short size
  • Glove size
  • Sleeve length

In ensuring that accurate measurements are submitted – there are specific measuring instructions for both males and females to assist in giving the exact measurement.

Sporting Activities

Some of the activities are running, basketball, skateboarding, and some other sporting activities. However, testers must be open about their activities to Nike.

How To Get Free Nike Stuff

The only way through which one can get free Nike stuff is by applying to become a product tester for the brand. After your approval for the Nike Product Testing program, Nike sends the products based on what you applied for (whether footwear or apparel).

Besides, if you are a resident close to a testing center – you come in for in-person testing. The product will be put to test for a while and asked to be returned to the Research and Development department for further analysis.

Nike Testing Incentive

Nike Product Testing does not pay in cash. So, if you are expecting cash or any other form of reward – this might not be the program for you.

So, here is how it works – you have access to the Nike products before they are eventually released to the shelves. Besides, these products are with you for months or even years depending on what you are testing (when heavy usage is required) – this makes it more or less yours. Isn’t this amazing?

Interestingly, Nike might not request for the return of a product at times – this can however be taken as incentives for the review carried out on the products.

Therefore, the Nike Product Testing program is an amazing opportunity for getting free stuff while helping the company to design a product that can stand the test of time.

However, a tester might get paid for testing Nike products (this could be around $1,700/month) – this is only applicable to the onsite testing platform. Though these are uncommon, it does happen. But, you might have to wait for a longer time if it’s the onsite testing arrangement you desire.

Nike Product Testing Login

The following three steps guidelines will grant you login access to the Nike Product Testing program;

If you still can’t log in – you might need to check your username, password, or troubleshoot here 

Nike Shoe Tester

To qualify as a Nike shoe tester – your athletic activities, body type, and some other factors are put into consideration. Each of the classes comes with specific criteria and testers are selected based on this. This will help Nike gather adequate information to enable them to produce a world-class product.

Besides, Nike shoe testing takes about three months – after getting the shoes, you will require 3 months to use them during your activities. Also, while sending the product – Nike will include how it should be used for proper evaluation.

At the end of the testing period, it should be returned to Nike for wear and tear evaluation in the laboratory. The result will help Nike churn out better and improved products in the future.

Nike Apparel Tester Program

The tester is required to test stuff such as shirts, jackets, shorts, and some other athletic apparel produced by Nike. Oftentimes, the Nike apparel tester program does not take the same time as the Nike shoe tester program.

This program is designed to get an on-the-spot assessment after wearing the stuff. Also, just like the shoe testing program – the apparel is expected to be returned once you are through wearing them.

How Long To Get Approval For Nike Product Testing Program

Averagely, it takes between 1 to 3 weeks to get feedback from Nike on whether you have been accepted. This is often done via email after which invitations are sent whenever there is a testing opportunity.

However, a tester can either accept or reject invitations based on their availability. After accepting the invitation, the product is sent, used by the tester, and the feedback is sent to Nike via their website.     

Can You Get Free Nike Products If You Live Outside The United States?

Yes! Nike has made it possible to get free sporting gear for people who are resident out of the United States of America – but before now, it used to be available only in the U.S, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Canada, and China.

Interestingly, the Nike Product Testing program is now available in about 37 other countries of the world. However, there is a need to inquire about its availability in your country before signing up.

Is Nike Product Testing Program Legit?

Yes, it is 100 percent legit and coordinated by Nike. Once you can scale through the application – you start receiving free stuff for reviewing.

Final Thoughts

One of the reasons why Nike remains one of the best producers of sporting gear in the world is because it has consistently produced awesome and quality products. These products came into existence as a result of the feedback and reviews gotten from users around the world.

The Nike Product Testing program is amazing for anyone that desires to own free stuff from Nike. This free stuff includes Nike shoes, apparel, and other sporting gear – but before this is achieved, there is a need to apply for the Nike Product Testing program.

The program is free and it will only require a few minutes to fill out an application form providing the necessary and correct details. After this, Nike begins to send products. So, if you are a sports or fitness fan – you could take advantage of the Nike Product Testing program to acquire free sporting gear. Also check out other product testing sites..

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