How To Make Money From Home- 25 Work From Home Jobs

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Did you know that a lot of productive work doesn’t really require your physical presence? Do you desire to learn how to make money from home effortlessly?

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With the advent of the internet, you can be within the comfort of your apartment yet keep making good money. I’ll show you how in a minute.

In fact, working from home has several benefits as there are no expenses on transportation, no annoying colleagues, plus you won’t have to tolerate a boss breathing down your neck. Not to mention flexible work hours. 

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Learning how to make money from home is easy but dependent on your knowledge, skill set, dedication, and time. If these are in place, you can make money from the comfort and safety of your home doing the things you love.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore the plethora of ways you could start making money from home:


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Become a Virtual Assistant. 

You can convert your organizational skills to money by helping busy professionals and small-business owners shed off some work. You can help with:

  • Screening calls, responding to messages, and directing important information to the clients.
  • Accepting, deflecting, and scheduling requests (of clients and other business partners)
  • Compiling and running reports
  • Managing, scheduling, and producing content for social media, email marketing and websites
  • Managing e-commerce operations, etcetera.

Virtual assistants can work as little as a few hours per week, per client. This affords you the opportunity to string together multiple gigs and create a full- or near-full-time job. 

Note: Being a virtual assistant is not location-specific. Your clients can be in the same country as you or any part of the world. Hence, you’ll need to do all it takes to stand out – by working on your portfolio, as competent VAs command higher rates – or be willing to work odd hours. 

Finding work as a virtual assistant can be easily done through sites like Upwork, and Search the existing posted jobs and create bids.

Start a blog. 

Blogs are one of the best ways to make money from home. Basically, a blogger writes about topics that interest them; they share their experiences, knowledge, and teach new things.

The great thing about blogging is that it gets better with time and is not bound to any format, unlike social media platforms. Once your blog starts gaining popularity, it is not difficult to make money. All you’ll have to do is keep creating content that resonates with your audience.

You could run ads, promote products/services, sell courses, sell eBooks, and so on. There really is no cap to what you can achieve with your website. But it takes time to build. However, as your blog grows in popularity, you’ll also be able to attract top talents willing to write for you simply in exchange for links back to their own websites.

A blog can also serve as your portfolio, and with it, you can also monitor your personal growth (that’s if you’re running a personal blog where you document your life). There really is no downside to blogging, especially when you’ve got ample time.

All you need is a laptop, a blog hosting site, and you can start creating awesome content. You would learn all you need to know along the way. Did I mention that blogging greatly improves your writing and communication skill? Yes, it does, plus you’ll learn a lot in the process. 

Tap Into the E-Book Business 

Photo of a laptop and a book

If you have knowledge in a particular field, can come up with interesting stories, or whatever you know can be written into a book, you can go ahead and create a book about it. It’s that simple. Plus, you could even find a book that’s already been published in print and apply for the license to publish it. online. You can pay the author 8-15% royalties based on net sales or a one-time payment for the online publishing rights.

The major challenge with this model of making money from home is the marketing of the books. You want to make sure that whatever book you choose is selling like crazy.

The best part of selling e-books is that there is no barrier of distance or location. They can be sold at any time to anyone, anywhere.

Become an Audiobook Narrator 

If selling e-books is an ingenious idea, then it’s no surprise that more and more people are seeking to convert their books into audio format, as most people prefer to listen than read. If you have a nice voice, and can spend a couple of hours reading a book out loud, then this would be great for you. All you have to do is get a good recording set and you’re good to go.

You can head over to or Fiverr to find such jobs.

Remote Call Centers: Sell Your Voice 

Talking about voices, why not work as a remote call operator. If you’re a friendly, persuasive talker, you’ll find plenty of opportunities.

You would need a headset, a fast Internet connection, an above-average desktop or laptop computer, and any proprietary software necessary to do your job. Many call center companies serve as outside sales contractors for companies without internal sales teams of their own. As an at-home operator, you work as an independent contractor charged with selling on the client’s behalf. 

If you’re personable, persuasive, and believe in what you’re selling, there’s real money to be made in this niche. However, since independent sales agents are usually commission-based, you may struggle to earn a respectable keep if you’re not a born salesperson.

Technical Support: Sell Your Troubleshooting Skills

If you’re okay talking with strangers, and have an above-average technical or troubleshooting skill or the willingness to learn, then you’re all set. Your job is basically to guide people on solving their technical problems. Technicians should get this.

Freelance Consulting: Sell Your Professional Acumen

Photo of a lady making money from home on her laptop

Launching an at-home consulting business means getting comfortable with the idea of marketing yourself. Your duty would be to put people through on whatever field you’re competent in. 

To get clients, you’ll need to optimize your social media profile to emphasize your consulting services and relevant professional experience. Set up a website that describes your consulting work in more detail and features testimonials from former colleagues and clients. And create a blog where you showcase your proficiency.

Political Advocacy: Sell Your Passion for Issues

Depending on your personality and values, you might find it interesting that speaking out on political issues could actually earn you money. Though the job involves advocating for a wide range of causes that can potentially put you in awkward positions when they go against your deeply held beliefs.

That aside, advocacy organizations such as NextWave Advocacy and DDC Public Affairs recruit and pay outgoing, communication-savvy team members to raise support around political issues championed by their clients – private companies, nonprofits, trade organizations, and lobbying groups. The job description might include:

  • Coordinating phone and email outreach to constituents
  • Organizing letter-writing and call-in campaigns

And so on

Depending on the nature of the job, the pay can be modest – $10 to $20 per hour. And if you’re looking to launch a career in political organizing, this can give you a huge boost. 

Launch An E-commerce Site. 

E-commerce is a gold mine. People do a lot of shopping online these days, and even though Amazon takes the lion’s share, consumers are always willing to grab great offers from other sites. In fact, it isn’t even difficult to set up one. The challenges are in the selling.

E-commerce requires a lot of understanding, strategy and time investment, but if you’re committed, you can make a fortune doing this – from home.

Photo of a man drafting a drop-shipping workflow

Try Drop-shipping 

Drop-shipping is a method of retail where the seller doesn’t actually have a physical inventory. This means all you do is present the product to a potential buyer, once they make payments, you transfer their orders to a third party that then ships the goods directly to them.

You can do this with platforms like eBay, Alibaba or Amazon where there are a lot of sellers who don’t mind giving you a share of the profit. 

What this means for you is that you don’t have to worry about capital, storage, inventory or even damaged goods. The third party takes care of everything, all you have to do is find buyers.

Become a Freelance Proofreader 

Proofreading is just about making sure there are no errors in a document. You can turn this into a full-time career if you can hustle enough gigs for yourself. Fiverr is a great platform to go in search of such jobs.

Transcribe Audios

Photo of a woman transcribing audios; a great idea on how to make money from home

If you can type fast, then transcribing is simple. All you have to do is listen to audios and type what you heard. Transcription jobs are usually paid per length of the audio file, rather than the hours worked.

Some challenges you might face include; the audio quality, background noise, the accent and speed of the speaker. The average transcriber (with typing speeds of 75-100 words per minute) can complete an hour-long audio in about four hours. is a good site to find such jobs.

Website Flipping: Buy, Fix, & Sell Undervalued Websites & Domains

Flipping a website is a lot like building and monetizing a personal blog. The key difference is that when you flip, you’re working toward the clearly defined short-term goal of selling the site for a tidy profit. You can and should earn money through advertising and affiliate relationships along the way, but you’re not looking to hold the site over the long term.

Trade cryptocurrency.

You must have heard about Bitcoin. Well, that is a type of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are digital monies. The opportunity lies in the fact that these digital currencies are becoming more and more valuable. That is to say, you can buy and keep some, and later resell them at a much higher rate. 

You can take advantage of the current boom in cryptocurrency by trading it through platforms like eToro and Kraken, amongst many others

Online tutoring 

Photo of a typewriter

Many people are looking for someone to teach them, be that person. You can find these people on sites like Upwork, Freelancer and many more. You could easily tutor on a subject like Math, science, or a language if you’re bilingual. You could also tutor on musical instruments like the guitar or piano. 

There really is no limit to what can be taught. If there is someone interested, and you have the knowledge, then you’re all set.

Build sales funnels.

You could help businesses create highly efficient sales funnels. Sales funnels are more like websites that lure prospects into a sale. What this means is that a sales funnel helps convince prospects to buy from the target business. Though this requires a deep understanding of the psychology of selling and considerable technical skills (if you’re going to custom-code it), you can learn all these easily, and start implementing.

Create webinars and Online Classes

Just like seminars or classes in physical locations, you can organize a WEBinar and charge money for attendance. The sweet part of this is that you could even automate them. Once you’ve done it before and have the recording, you can replay it over and over again to more and more people, charging money for entrance, and even upselling other products/services in the process. The products/services don’t even have to be yours. All you have to do is ensure that the webinar is high-quality 

Social media management.

Many businesses know that social media has grossly untapped potential, and that is why many are rushing into it. But as you know, it is not all about creating an account, you have to actually engage the people, and because most businesses don’t know how to go about it, they are usually more than happy to pay someone to do it for them. 

Building a social media management business might take some effort and time, but it’s well worth it. You could charge a sizeable monthly fee for each business to help manage their social media, allowing you to earn a full-time income doing it.

Photo of a laptop

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply selling other people’s goods and services. You can find things to sell on sites like ClickBank, and Rakuten LinkShare, amongst many others. Your job is to simply search for the right offers and ensure that you present them to the right audience. 

Don’t try to sell chocolate to a diabetic patient… it just won’t work.

To make your sales efficient, you can use a blog or social media page. Whatever the case, you must realize that you need a large number of people to pull this one-off.

Sell Your Photos 

If you are good with cameras, you can start taking photos and uploading them to Photography sites like Shutterstock, Photoshelter and Getty Images. And the beauty of stock websites is that the photos can be sold multiple times — so you can continue to make money without much effort.

Create How-To Videos

Video contents are becoming more and more important to both consumers and search engines like Google. Many people hop on to YouTube to watch videos on how to do this or that. And as you can imagine, those videos do not magically appear on the internet. Someone had to make them – that person could be you. 

You can make money from your videos by charging a subscription fee or password protecting content for paying customers only, or you could enable ads to intermittently appear on your videos – giving you a small commission anytime someone sees them.

Just make sure you’re making videos people want to watch. You can find out what people search for often by typing “how to [your topic]” into YouTube’s search bar and notice what phrases are generated in the auto-fill dropdown. Make sure to use the same “keywords” when you write your video title, description, and tags

Become a Copywriter

Photo of a copywriter; a good way to make money from home

Copywriting should not be mistaken for “Copyrighting”. Copywriting refers to the act of selling through persuasive writing. Copywriters could write product descriptions, ad copies, press releases, throwaway blog posts, etcetera. You can find work on dozens of reputable websites, from general-purpose freelance platforms like Upwork to writing-only portals such as Textbroker.

You won’t be earning much at first, but that’s fine, as it would enable you to learn what editors expect from freelance writers, and aid you become a better writer overall. Once your portfolio is built and strong, you can then proceed to look for companies that actively advertise for writers – both traditional publications and companies with dire content needs, and charge them more – a whole lot more. 

You can get jobs by forwarding emails to blogs, magazines, dailies, and other content-hungry organizations that fit your writing style and knowledge base. The value of your work depends on several factors, including your writing style and quality, the topic, your production speed, and more…

Turn Your Interests Into a Podcast That Pays 

Whatever topic you enjoy discussing with friends and family could be turned into a podcast. With a microphone, laptop and free recording software, you’ll be up and running. And, you don’t even have to show up every day. You could decide to do it just once a week.

Once you start gaining traction, you can start making money off it by running commercials, or advertising your products & services.

BONUS SECTION – 6 More Ideas on how to make money from home

Photo of a dog lounging

Okay, we’ve made mention of a lot of things you could do online, so I think it would be nice to mention a few things that you could do offline, like:

Car Rentals

You could rent out your vehicle to travelers, or people who need it for an occasion. The point is, if you aren’t using your car, then get people to pay you for using it.

You might have concerns about the safety of your car but worry not. There are Car rental apps with protection against events of serious accidents involving injuries and property damage. Getaround has a good reputation and a relatively long track record. You can also check out Turo

Car owners in high-demand cities such as San Francisco earn up to $10,000 per year just doing this. You too can

Parking Spot Rentals: Rent Out Your Driveway or Street Slot

In crowded cities like Chicago and Boston, parking spaces are valuable commodities. If you have guaranteed access to a parking space, you can easily earn money by renting it out to people visiting or passing through your neighborhood.

Pet Sitting: Start a Doggy Day Care in Your Home 

Photo of cats; a pet-sitting business is a way to make money from home

If you’re comfortable with animals running around your house, then you should probably consider starting a pet sitting business. Websites like Rover can help you get clients without worrying about marketing, commercial insurance, formal accounting, organized recordkeeping, and other legal services.

Rover claims its pet sitters earn up to $1,000 per month, though actual earnings vary by client volume and the amount of time you put into the business 

Tailoring: Sell Your Fashion Skills

If you are good with stitches and sewing machines, then you should consider doing some tailoring at home. Though tailoring may not pull in the thousands quickly, at least it can be enjoyed.

The most common at-home sewing pursuit is clothing alterations – people are always in need of this, perhaps your neighbors. However, depending on your skills and interests, you can decide to go after other opportunities like making custom curtains and draperies, repairing heirloom bedclothes and tapestries, assembling and repairing durable fabrics such as canvas bags and totes, or producing large-scale items such as boat covers.

Sell stuff on eBay or Craigslist Downsize & Declutter: Sell Your Unwanted Stuff 

If you still need more ideas on how to make money from home, why not make money by selling the unused stuff in your house. The truth is that we all have possessions that we hardly use. 

Look around, there are definitely possessions you can do without. Examples include old kids’ clothing and toys, out-of-fashion wardrobe accessories, old furniture, sporting equipment you no longer use, old electronics, valuable but unnecessary extra watches and jewelry, and even costlier possessions like a motorcycle or second car.

Sell them off. 

Photo of a living room

Investing: Put Your Excess Capital to Work 

Still wondering how to make money from home? Why not invest the money you already have and watch it pay you without any need for work. Certain types of securities accounts are SIPC-protected; though investing in stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs isn’t without risk. So, you should probably not invest money you can’t afford to lose. 

This approach is best when you have a large sum of extra cash since the interest that your investment would be yielding would be more than enough to take care of you, without any need to seek another job to support your lifestyle.

In any case, you can always invest your money and consistently receive your profits whilst doing other things, right?

FINAL THOUGHTS – On How To Make Money From Home 

Photo of the front view of a house

Making money from home has never been easier, thanks to the internet and soft skills. But what if you don’t have a skill or aren’t good with computers? Well, even if you don’t have any skill set that would afford you the luxury of working remotely, or you aren’t tech-savvy, you can always learn a skill or how to use the computer. There really is no excuse.

In summary, you need to pick something that resonates with you, then begin – no matter how small. With time you’ll gain experience, build a strong portfolio and leverage on it to make a living for yourself.

I do hope you start implementing all you’ve read on how to make money from home..

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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