Easy Ways To Make Money Fast!

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Making money isn’t always as difficult as we think it is.

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There are several easy ways to make money online and at home.

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And in this article, we’ll be showing you some of our favorite easy money-making opportunities.

So if you are looking for some easy ways to make money legitimately, Let’s get right to it!

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Sell Photos: An Easy Way To Make Money

Adobe Stock, iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, and even Etsy are nice places online to sell your photos. Etsy isn’t specifically popular for selling photos, it is rather known for selling household items. But then, their huge 30 million audience is something you can always leverage on to sell your creativity. 

Photo of a camera

To build a market for yourself, you must have an eye for photography. You must be good and passionate about creating your own photos to be able to get long-term customers and earn money passively.

Consider taking photos at events too. This is a quicker way to make money from selling photos. You should have a very good camera, a computer (for editing your photos), and some experience. This idea is a reliable source of income, so give it a try no matter where you live.

Become A Delivery Rider Or Driver

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Everyone has a smartphone, but do you have a car, bicycle, or motorbike? If you do, then you are good for some easy money! As a delivery rider or driver, you will be delivering food, goods, or people in your spare time. There are online platforms that make this job easy to begin.

Sign up with online platforms such as Dellyman, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Amazon, and Door dash to begin. You will be able to work totally flexible hours. And rendering this service can fetch you up to $16 per hour.

Increase your chances of getting regular jobs by contacting your local food vendor, like Dominos for delivery opportunities.

Sell Knowledge!

Photo of an online tutor

It is now much easier than ever to sell what you know, to people, anywhere in the world! You do not have to be limited to your local and physical students; leverage on online tutoring platforms to expand your scope and gain a high-paying audience from around the world. 

Do not also think you must be highly skilled to get started. You can find an audience who will be willing to acquire a language skill, writing skill, or musical skills on platforms like TutorMe, QKids, EF Teach Preply, VIPkid, or sell courses on Udemy. With Udemy, you will continue to get paid as long as your materials stay relevant. And you can earn up to $15 per hour doing what you love doing most!

Sell any good skill you have.

You may also engage in one-on-one tutoring by getting listed on UK Tutors or Superprof

Sell Used Household Items

Photo of clothes

One of the quick and easy ways to make money is selling your used items. We all have those items that have been lying around our homes for a while doing nothing except occupying space. Our closets sometimes carry that mountain of clothing which gives us a headache every time we get in. 

You can sell your jewelry, books, shoes, electronics, and handbags at local consignment shops or make use of websites like Poshmark, Second Sale, ThredUP, Facebook Marketplace, and Worthy.

Ensure that the items are in good condition before putting them out for sale. For online marketplaces, take clear and well-lit photos of your stuff, and attach competitive prices after doing your research on similar items.

Offer Services On Amazon Home Services 

Photo of Amazon site

Amazon has delved into the task business with Amazon Home Services. Services that you can provide range from small repairs to big and involving tasks which would require considerable commitments.  

TaskRabbit also allows you to leverage on an existing local market of people who are in need of help for domestic chores. Just like Amazon Home Services, you will be open to a wide range of tasks which you can carry out at your own time. You can offer to take huge tasks, such as renovations of homes, or just take small tasks at your convenience.

Join Research Groups

Photo of a research team

Be part of a market research group. This opportunity will fetch you some quick good cash for just small work. There are companies in need of people who are qualified to take part in research studies. And this is not saying that you must be highly skilled to take part in it. 

You may be required to give well-researched consumer opinions over a service or product. Or you may need to provide answers to surveys or polls, or have a break-off in a discussion group. 

Survey Feeds, SurveyJunkie, mindswarms, Ipsos i-Say, Focusgroups.com, and Brand Institute are websites where you can quickly sign up to partake in a research activity and earn over $100 per hour.

These sites do not recruit locals alone. Anyone with the qualifications can participate from anywhere in the world! Apply in fields that you are really good in, and you will be invited if you meet the requirements.

Fields that are often covered include software, family, beauty, technology, music, food, pets, consumer goods, transportations, hobbies, sports, and social media.

Monetize Your Blog With Google Adsense

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If you own a blog or are contemplating having one, Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make money blogging. It is very easy to monetize your blogging effort with the platform once you are able to meet their requirements – one of which is to create only authentic content. 

Sign up and receive a code which would be pasted onto your website. 

Google gets you approved if your blog is found worthy, and you will see ads from them displayed on your site. You will get paid each time your visitors click on the ads or make a purchase.

Your focused niche will impact on your earnings. For instance, creating content on food or fashion will not attract high-paying ads like content focused around finance.

Content Writing

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There are unlimited opportunities for content writers. You can work with companies to create adverts, sales copies, product reviews, and research copies, for their market.

Companies are constantly looking to connect with their prospective audience and your services will be needed to create content that appeal to their target market. Bloggers are also constantly in need of writers to create topnotch content for their blogs and you can get quick exposure working for popular blogs and websites.

Earning potential for content writers is huge! You can earn up to $5000 each month, doing what you love doing most. In fact, there are writers who earn six figures every month! Sign up with Upwork or Fiverr for potential clients

Sponsored Social Shares

Just like guest posting on blogs, you can get paid to make posts about a company or an individual on your social media pages. 

Photo of a phone

If you have a reasonable number of followers and viewers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or any other social media platform, you will receive requests for sponsored social shares. 

Social media influencers get some juicy pay to share or create posts, pictures, and also review products. Earning potential for this idea is not limited. You will be amazed at how people will be willing to throw in the cash so that your audience can know about their products or services.

Sell Your Physical Product

Photo of shopping bags

Many Bloggers and YouTubers have online stores they use to get their physical products or services into the hands of their readers or viewers. You can sell makeup kits, clothing, jewelry, electronics, creative cards, T-shirts, homemade soaps, and different kinds of products.

If you don’t have direct products, you can as well sell other people’s products for commission. You can sign up on Etsy to create a store and/or get inspiration on diverse kinds of products you can sell.

Start Dropshipping Business

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With dropshipping, you do not have to worry about creating a product or service. Just connect with manufacturers and suppliers to have their products displayed to a prospective market. When orders are made, it is not necessary that you get involved in the delivery process. 

Products are secure at the manufacturer’s warehouse and delivered when an order is made. So, you don’t have to stock goods anywhere which may require extra funds. This method of making money is easy and stress free. You will earn commissions on every product that is sold through your referral.  

There are companies you can sign up with to start your dropshipping business, they include AliExpress, Mega Goods, SaleHoo, Spocket, National Dropshippers, Wholesale2B, Wholesale Central, and Dropshipper.

Babysitting Is Also An Easy Way To Make Money

Photo of a babysitter

Babysit when you need a few quick bucks. Several parents are constantly in need of nannies and babysitters. You will only have to care and play with little kids. But do not venture into this if you do not possess the love and patience babies need.

Care.com can get you started, and carry out all necessary background checks to put parents’ minds at ease. They connect you with prospective parents who need the service if you meet their requirements. Urbansitter is another great site to get you started for your next babysitting gig.

You may also look in your neighborhood for people who urgently need the service and can trust you enough with their kids.

Put Your Car Out For Rent

Photo of a man with car keys

If you have a car you do not use often, you should consider translating those free hours into some quick cash. Car rentals allow you rent out your car, and get paid hourly or daily. The platform will receive a small cut for connecting you to people who are looking out to hire a car.

Turo, Carrentals.com, and Kayak are also sites that give room to make quick cash renting out your car.

Sell Ebooks

Photo of a Kindle device

Selling ebooks in one of the easy ways to make money sustainably. You can create an ebook that will consistently generate income for you for years! 

So, if you have a thing for writing, and you have the skills to create sellable contents for readers, then you should consider doing your research on interesting topics and then create compelling content that would be widely embraced.

Amazon Kindle  provides an opportunity for creators of digital products and publishers to sell their products. Hence, you do not need to worry about publishing your book after creating them. You can leverage on the massive market available on Kindle for selling your ebook.

You’ll get paid when people download your paid ebook, while Amazon Kindle also deducts a small percentage which is not significant compared to the opportunity you are open to.

Be exposed to a wider audience by turning your ebook into an audiobook with Audible for prospective listeners. Google Play, Payhip, E-Junkie, Fiverr, Feiyr, and Google Play are also potential websites to get your ebook sold for free.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Photo of a virtual assistant

You are likely to find the job of a virtual assistant very interesting. Most virtual assistants often have sufficient time to engage in other streams of income.

Your work would usually involve the role of a personal assistant or an administrator to your online clients. And your duties to them would involve answering emails, marketing, basic bookkeeping, online research, creating infographics, business writing, scheduling meetings, Photoshop editing, and creating content.

Take a course on the field before venturing into receiving of jobs. Udemy is a great platform to acquire knowledge on the job. And you’ll be able to make up to $16 per hour working as a virtual assistant.

Work As A Mystery Shopper

Photo of a mystery shopper

Mystery shoppers are paid to shop. Isn’t that interesting? 

You shop and still get paid!

These kinds of shoppers can also be referred to as ‘undercover customers’. Their job often involves patronizing a business, observing the way things work there, interacting with workers, giving reports on other customers, and collecting other necessary information for their clients.

However, be careful not to jump at every mystery shopping offer to ward off scams. If you are requested to make upfront payment for anything, just walk away! But if you are able to get a legit mystery shopping job, you’ll be open to make money easily while also having fun.

You’ll most likely be allowed to go away with whatever you bought and also receive a reimbursement. Get started by visiting Secretshopper or Marketforce.

Make Money From App Sign-Up Bonuses

Photo of a mobile device

Are you aware that you can make some pretty quick money doing sign-ups on apps? While bonuses vary on different platforms, this idea is one of the easy ways to make money online. 

Websites like Swagbucks and MyPoints, and Rakuten will offer you $10 as a welcome bonus after signing up. And this is aside the different opportunities you’ll be open to, to earn more money on the platforms.

InboxDollars will welcome you with $5 after signing up. And you’ll get paid for watching videos, signing up to offers, and also taking surveys. Ibotta however slams you with a whopping $20 welcome bonus!

Use You Car As A Moving Billboard

Photo of a Taxi

Companies like FreeCarMedia pay you monthly to allow your cars be turned into billboards for easy money for you. You’ll be able to make up to $700 driving on your regular routine with no stressful requirements.

DrivenMedia is another company that will dress your personal vehicle with company adverts and get you paid monthly for it.

Provide Housecleaning Services

Photo of a mop

Offer housecleaning services for some quick cash. You will definitely find people who are unable to get involved in the tasks themselves and are willing to employ other people to get the jobs done for them. You can start by using Amazon Home Services to find house cleaning opportunities.

Care.com is also a site you can leverage on for these kinds of jobs. And you can make up to $20 per hour with your dexterity! 

If you are found reliable and trustworthy, you will definitely be open to bigger offers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends, families, and neighbors who may be in need of the service too.

Donate Your Blood

Photo f a man donating blood

Whether your blood type is common or rare, you can donate blood and make up to $50 for each donation! However, minimum payment requirements differ from state to state.

You can also help people fighting Leukemia and other immune disorders by donating your plasma. Unlike donating blood, donating plasma can be quite complicated but you are not likely to get more payments than what you receive for donating blood. Check RedCrossBlood to get started.

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