14+ Easy Under The Table Jobs That Pay Cash Immediately

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Looking for something to bring you cash on the side? Under the table jobs are for you.

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Things happen that sooner or later, we realize that our regular income is not enough. At this point, we are willing to spend a little more time doing something off the records. It happens to many people, so under the table jobs are very important for the quick cash solution.

So, what are under the table jobs?

Under the table jobs are those jobs you get outside of your primary job. These jobs are off the record, and you will strictly be paid in cash. 

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For these jobs, there are no strict formalities, and since you will be getting the cash directly instead of through a bank, you will have no withdrawals for taxes or social security. 

However, this is not an escape route from declaring your total income earned during the filing of taxes. Tax evasion is a federal crime.

How to get the best under the table jobs

There are tons of them with different requirements, therefore you need to find a way of creating your own jobs. Here is how you can do this:

  • Consider all the skills you have and how many can help solve direct problems for others. Create an inventory of them and set them aside.
  • Think of the problems people quickly encounter and the ones they are willing to pay for. Search for some of them on Quora or Reddit and narrow the search to the ones you can solve
  • Channel your skills to fit the problems you found and position yourself to be employed to solve these problems.

Where can I find the best under the table jobs?

The most significant way of finding people in need of your service is by checking places that announce job openings. Here are some:

  1. Ask family members and friends

Consider this first. Most of the jobs listed here will be done around your neighborhood, and your family members or friends could be a great place to start. 

Photo of ladies laughing over a phone; you can ask family & friends for Under The Table Jobs

If they do not need direct help, they could recommend you to someone that does. This will make getting the job easier for you.

  1. Facebook

Facebook has some marketplace and local groups where you can benefit from their job listings. You can join any of these groups, but before doing that, ensure that it is active and people are posting there weekly. 

Also, you can just use the search icon to look for jobs near you, and you can be sure to have some excellent openings pop up.

You can also upload your status and add your new skill to your profile so that people can easily find you to take care of their odd jobs.

Getting jobs from Facebook is secure. Since you know the people there (at least generally), you can just relax and get the jobs done.

  1. Craigslist

Craigslist is the number one go-to place for under the table jobs. There are always numerous opportunities there, and a lot of people come there to advertise their openings.

To choose the most suitable job for you, allow their site to read your location. But if you don’t want to, only go for positions within your local area.

After this, go to gigs and choose the most suitable area for you. 

Though there is some scam on craigslist, take your time to read through the job advert and get the legit ones.

Remember that your target is to find under the table jobs, so look out for those who strictly pay cash.

Photo of a woman on her laptop searching for Under The Table Jobs
  1. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a social website anal like the name; it allows you to find out what is going on in your neighborhood. 

This site is, however, not just for jobs, but it sure alerts you when a person is in urgent need of a babysitter or willing to pay for any under the table jobs. 

It also notifies you of some upcoming events in your neighborhood. It is free to sign up. Join here.

What are the best under the table jobs?

Photo of a window washer; cleaning is one of the easy Under The Table Jobs
  1. Cleaning jobs

Would you like to earn cash doing the cleaning job? You can make up to $22 per hour from cleaning jobs. 

Many people would love to live in a sparkling clean house, but only a handful of them are willing to clean it. Instead, they can pay someone a fair amount to clean the house in their place.

It can be tedious to take up cleaning jobs, but if you are used to running some crazy cleaning schedule at home, it should be no different.

The jobs you will take here can range from sweeping, dusting, washing and some others.

  1. Babysitting

Babysitting jobs pay so well that I wouldn’t mind doing it time and time again. It is always great to spend time with those cuties and still be paid for it.

This job, however, is more of a feminine position, and most people do not employ men to care for their babies. So if you are a guy, try the next option. 

You can find babysitting jobs on sites like SitterCity, and Care.com. However, remember to negotiate with the client to pay you cash. 

  1. Pet sitting

If babysitting was not an excellent option for you, pet sitting should be. Unlike babysitting, pet sitting is both for males and females.

Many families are too busy to look after their pets and are willing to pay you to pet sit them for a few hours to days or weeks (if they are traveling).

Photo of a cute rabbit; pet sitting is one of the popular Under The Table Jobs

If you love animals, pet sitting could be a great way of converting your passion for cash. 

  1. Dog walking

Still for animals’ lovers; this job will be more enjoyable to do if you have a dog or dogs of your own. 

Ask your neighbors to allow you to help them walk their dogs some times in a week for a reasonable price. Some of them will agree. 

Also, if they don’t, they may change their minds after seeing you with a group of dogs having a great time. 

Besides looking at your neighbors to release their dogs, you can look up websites like Rover to find dog walking jobs.

Each walk could pay you from $20 to $50.

  1. Pet grooming

Still, about pets, you can work at a pet shop or with a veterinary doctor and get paid to groom pets. 

Your duty will just be to bathe the pets, trim their nails, and give them a relaxing treatment. 

If you have a good experience, people can hire you to take care of their pets at home and pay you cash for it.

  1. Graphics designer

If you have an excellent eye for design with a perfect ability to play with colors, you can find money-making graphic design jobs.

This gig will always be in demand because graphics are a fundamental part of branding and many people need graphics designers every time to take care of their logos, websites, merchandise, advertising, etc.

Photo of ink and drawing tools

You can start up this business despite your skill level, but remember that the lesser your skills are, the lesser you will earn, and vice versa.

You can check for these under the table jobs on Craigslist or Facebook. They are easier to find on these platforms than the others. Also, the other freelancing platforms do not even pay cash.

  1. Freelance writer

Writing is one of the commonest gigs you can find that will pay you well. There is a dire need for good writers, and most people are willing to pay well for it. 

If you have a raw passion for writing, or you can start-up by checking for openings on the freelance work websites we have available. 

But here is a heads up, there is a crazy level of competition on these websites, and it may be hard to grow when you do not have a good skill and experience.

However, you can go to Upwork or Craigslist to find some good openings.

The primary jobs you will do is mainly to write for bloggers, agencies, or marketing departments. 

Though some of these jobs may demand that you visit a location, most of them are purely online. Also, the employees will need you to show a sample of what you have done before to prepare some samples for yourself.

It could be anything tangible, ranging from a piece that can be posted on a blog or just shareable files.

  1. Hair Stylist

You can do the hairdressing or barbering job if you have the skill. You can just start this by setting up a shop in your home or renting a spot in a barbershop or salon. 

Photo of a hairstylist; part of good Under The Table Jobs

If you do well, people will keep coming back for a haircut, and these repeated clients will give you money that will add up quickly.

You can start this as a part-time thing, though you can convert it to full-time if the business turns out great. 

Since it is your business, you can choose to get cash only.

  1. Makeup artist

Out of many of the fun jobs out there to do, you can earn well from making people beautiful.

This job does not need a vast start-up fund, and the tools and products you use can last for a long time. 

People will get to pay you for your services, and if you become that good and get to meet outstanding personalities, you can find your way to becoming a top makeup artist in Hollywood.

  1. Nail technician

Do you have the zeal to pay special attention to details? You can become a nail technician.

However, you need to become a certified nail technician and start earning well from it. You can take this job as an under the table job and get your clients to pay you in cash.

Starting up this side the hustle is easy; you just need to get your equipment and start working from home.

  1. Wax technician

The nail technician takes care of the nails, but as a wax technician, you can take care of the hairs.

Though special skills are necessary for this job, knowing that all you need to get going is the wax and strips. Nothing expensive, but the cash won’t stop flowing in.

You can rent a place to set a station, but there is no problem if you create a station in your home. The site just needs to be accessible and easy to locate. 

If you know how well to advertise and get customers to your business, you can make off good cash from this under the off-the-book gig.

  1. Massage therapist

Massage jobs are available in two types. You can either take up the sport or relaxation massage. 

Sports massage is a relatively competitive area, hence very lucrative. Relaxation massage also works as well, and you can make good money if you know how to position yourself.

Photo of a masseuse

You can register and have a message center close to or inside a waxing station, or you create yours at home. 

No matter the location you choose for your massage business, know that you need to be skilled and licensed before starting a massage job. 

  1. Designated driver

There are many people that need people to drive them around. Many people are willing to pay cash to someone to take them to places where they can either not drive by themselves or are not advised.

You do not need to have a car to become a designated driver. You just need to be available to drive the clients in their vehicles when you are free.

The client can pay you in cash and make the deal off records.

To find this job, ask around your neighborhood; a person or two may be interested.

  1. Photography

Do you have good photography skills? You can either snap photos and sell or become a professional photographer.

Your friends can invite you to take photos of them at a party or at their weddings. 

If you get good samples, you will find it pretty easy to have new customers that will pay you in cash.

You can also be a nature photographer, where you will take pictures of beautiful sceneries, enlarge and frame them. Then you can sell it to people as a piece of art. Many people will be willing to pay you cash for this.

If you are still finding a way to perfect your photography skills, you can brush up on your photography skills on Udemy with a token.

  1. Upholstery

Are you one of those people with special skills in fixing chairs, couches, sofas, etc.? Then you can get people to pay you to upholster their furniture.

Starting an upholstery service is easy; you only need the skill and a few tools.

Since you won’t be working with any company, there may be no need for special documentation, and you can quickly get the payment in cash.

  1. Delivery jobs

You can quickly run around the neighborhood and deliver a few items for some cash. Also, you can work with a local restaurant and help them deliver food or go to a local store to take the job. 

You can negotiate with them and make this employment to be off records.

However, if you find delivery jobs online, they may not be like the typical under the table jobs as the site and clients will likely pay through checks or other formal payment methods. 

  1. Fortune telling and magician

Hahaha! That’s how hard I laughed when I remembered this option.

Photo of a fortune teller

But think of it, a lot of people make serious money off fortune-telling. Many people are very eager about the future and do not mind paying you in cash to pick Tarot cards and have it interpreted for them.

You can also be a magician and perform at shows and parties. Though it may be hard to make a full-time income as a magician, your earnings can steadily increase after you have perfected your skills.

As a fortune-teller, you can use some software to offer 1-800 and online psychic services. This company will take a commission and allow you to meet people through your technology.

  1. Instructor

You can earn well taking the job of an instructor. 

You can become a sports instructor where you will teach either individuals or teams in a sport you are well skilled in.

Aside from being a sports instructor, you can also become a music instructor or dance instructor. You just need to have the skill, know how to transfer it to people and make yourself available.


The list of under the table jobs is almost endless. But I thought it wise to list out the best and most realistic ones for you.

Though all the jobs listed here may not be suitable for you, I believe that you can find the best fit and start it immediately.

If you are trying to get out of a financial situation or just make some quick cash, get an under the table job ASAP!

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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