25+ Odd jobs near me (that pay up to $50/hr)

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There are reasons you may need to consider engaging in some odd jobs aside from your regular income. And to access these side hustle opportunities, you can search for ‘’odd jobs near me’’. There you will get a list of odd jobs nearby that you can take advantage of and earn some income.

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So, whether you are unemployed or just want some additional income, there are several opportunities to earn those extra bucks. Take a look at a list of results of ‘odds jobs near me’ that have been carefully compiled for you to choose from. Check them out;

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Some Odd Jobs Near Me

Billboard Installer

This is one of the odd jobs near me that expects you to install bulletins and posters on a billboard while also carrying out maintenance on the billboards. It requires no educational background and pays fairly well.

Long-term training will be organized for you in line with the expectations of your employer from you on the job. The average hourly pay is about $20.

Forest Fire Inspector

For this role, you will be expected to check through the forest for any case of fire hazards, implement fire regulations and provide control measures for forest fire prevention. An associate degree is required for you to be fit for this task. You can earn as much as $22 from doing this job.

Airplane Painter

This is another amongst odd jobs near me. As an airplane painter, it is expected that you come up with new designs for old and boring airplanes. You can earn up to$41,850 yearly from doing this.


Fallers are responsible for using certain cutting techniques to take down trees. People that are involved in this activity are often referred to as fallers or lumberjacks. Becoming a faller is one vision that you can accomplish quickly because it is easy to penetrate.

For you to become fit for this odd job, you will require a high school diploma along with adequate training on the job. An average of $21.46 is paid hourly for this odd job.

Screen Phone Calls

Another idea from the list of odd jobs near me is to screen phone calls. You can be paid for being a reviewer who monitors calls, answers some questions, and gives your opinions. You can listen to calls at your convenient time. The hourly rate for this job is between $1 -$4.

Weird Jobs

Has your current job become so boring to you that you desire to do something different? You can do something different that does not rank amongst the list of usual jobs. It will shock you what weird jobs are available that help take away your boredom.

As you read through the list of weird jobs, don’t just get away with surprise but instead read in between the lines to see the one that is perfect for you at this time. Some of these weird jobs are;

Professional Sleeper

Being a professional sleeper is a weird job that sounds funny but many times it is used for product testing. 

To know the quality of their beds, a hotel in Finland is said to have hired one of the members of its staff to sleep on each of the beds per night and write out a review on her satisfaction each time with each one of the beds.

Professional sleeper could earn up to $10,125 for 32 – 37 days

Dog Food Taster

To work as a dog food taster which is one of the weird jobs, your responsibility is to check out the quality of new dog foods as compared to other competitor’s products. These products include tinned meat, biscuits, and bones.

In the United States, the average pay of a dog food tester is $26,193 per annum

Odor Judge

This weird job is also used for product testing. To check out the effectiveness of some new products, Odor Judges are employed to smell the armpits, breath, and feet of volunteers. They ensure that their judgments are perfect.

An odor judge can earn up to between $19,000 to $52,000 annually

Drying Paint Watcher

You may not believe this weird job exists, but people get paid for watching how long it takes for paint to dry and any changes in texture and color.

it’s a great earning between $40,000 to $60,000 annually just staring at a wall to watch the paint dry

Snake Milker

This weird job requires a brave mind. So if you are brave enough, and can extract out the venom in poisonous snakes, you can take up this task. The venom is put in jars to be used as medications.

A snake milker could earn an average of $30,000 to $70,000 but this is based on how good you are at your job.

Odd Jobs Apps

Someone may ask ‘are there apps for odd jobs?’Well, I am glad to let you know that there are several odd jobs apps that can fetch you extra income without affecting your full-time jobs. Here is a list of a few;


With SurveyJunkie, one of the legit odd jobs apps, you can be paid as much as $7 for carrying out a survey. This means that more surveys imply more money.


This is one of the legit survey companies, an odd job app that will pay you in points for participating in a survey, playing games, watching videos, and much more. The points you earn are dependent on the length and difficulty of the survey carried out.

These points can be redeemed as gift cards or cash from both offline and online stores such as Amazon, Target, or Walmart. The equivalent of 100points is $1 and you must have accumulated a minimum of 2500 points which is equivalent to $25 before you can cash out through PayPal.

Fancy Hands

If you want to get paid for working as a virtual assistant from home, this old job app is perfect for you. You can engage in some activities such as data entry, booking hotels, and much more.

One of the uniqueness of this site is that if you are consistently doing well on the job, you will get promoted to a management position where you will have a team of assistants reporting to you.


This great site is available to over thirty cities in the U.S and a perfect avenue for making extra dollars. You can become a tasker and start bidding for available odd jobs. You can easily bid for jobs around you and if your requirements suit your potential client, you get hired.

Potential clients are contacted through TaskRabbit’s messaging app and after striking a deal and you have completely carried out your task, you will be paid online.


This is one of the odd jobs apps that focus on micro-tasks that are around your location. You will be expected to take pictures of certain products at local supermarkets while also checking their prices. With this platform, you get paid within 48hours after completing a given task.

Hourly Jobs Near Me

Here is a list of hourly jobs near me that can pay you well;

Construction Laborers

Photo of a construction worker; one of the popular odd jobs near me

This is a popular job that pays fairly well and it is listed among the several hourly jobs near me.

Construction laborers are needed at various construction sites to carry out activities such as offloading materials, tearing down buildings, digging tunnels, preparing the construction sites, and every other construction site’s activities.

To work as a construction laborer, you don’t need to have special skills because with just a brief training, you will be able to flow along with the job and it can be done as a side hustle

Dental Assistant

Photo of a dental assistant; one of the well-paying odd jobs near me

Dental assistants carry out various tasks in a dental office such as patient care, record keeping, and other lab-related assignments.

Although most of the dental assistants are hired on a full-time basis some still work on a part-time basis by working on weekends or evenings depending on the opening hours of the office they are working with. The average pay is about $20/hour.

Sales Person

Photo of a salesperson; one of the popular odd jobs near me

You may also want to consider taking up the task of a salesperson and working on a part-time basis. Working as a salesperson does not require any special skill or formal education except for some employers that may insist on having a G.E.D or high school diploma. As a salesperson, you can earn an average of $12.23 per hour.


Photo of a bartender; one of the popular odd jobs near me

Working as a bartender, you will be expected to serve drinks in restaurants, bars, breweries, and wineries; most bartenders work part-time either on weekends, evenings or during holidays. Asides from the average payment of $11.30 per, they also receive tips.


This hourly odd job has some similarities with bartenders in the payment but you will have to take orders for food and beverages and serve them to patrons. You will have to work in hotels, restaurants, bars, or any other food service areas.

As a waiter or waitress, you can work on holidays, in the evenings or on weekends.

Unique Jobs Near Me

Most people take up popular jobs while some others choose jobs that are not well known that pay well. To take advantage of any of these unusual jobs around you, you will have to search for ‘’unique jobs near me’’ and you will have a list of these jobs, some of which have been compiled for you.

Voiceover Artist

A voiceover artist specializes in reading from a script and can narrate text for television, film, theater, radio, and other productions. The major talent you require to fit into this field is a unique and audible voice. But you may require further training such as voice lessons, taking acting classes and other activities that will help you to improve on the skill.

Bereavement Coordinator

Bereavement coordinator is also listed among the unique jobs near me. This task requires professionalism or to be rightly said, you need to have the right training to operate in this area.

Professionals in this field assist families to care for their loved ones that are having a terminal illness or perhaps just passed away.

They take care of all the arrangements such as fixing appointments, organizing and managing the funeral service, supervising staff and volunteers so that things are done perfectly. This will relieve the families of the sick or deceased from going through all the stress.

As a bereavement coordinator, it is obvious that you will have to work in nursing homes or hospitals and the average earnings hourly are about $25.


Flavorist, one of the jobs listed among the unique jobs near me, is a task that comes with the special skill of being able to create flavors from nature. This means you must have a good knowledge of flavor aromas, essential oils, and botanical extracts which are either inbuilt or developed.

So you must be able to come up with new, unique, and attractive flavors that people cannot resist.  For you to work as a flavorist, you need to possess a Ph.D. in biochemistry or chemistry along with extensive experience with flavor companies. The average earnings per hour are between $17-$35.

Toy Maker

One of the unique jobs near me is being a toymaker. It requires special skill at using materials in creating toys that are attractive and not harmful to children, you can earn a lot of money doing so.

As a toymaker, you should create toys that are easy to maintain and that can also stand the test of time. For you to qualify for this field, you must possess a degree in arts and some essential engineering skills. You can earn about $50/hour as a toymaker.

Computer Hacker

This is a unique job that is legit if used for the good of the public. With your hacking skills, you can help companies to test the security of their software. As a computer hacker, you are very important to the world and you can even be referred to as ‘’most wanted’’.

This is because you will be able to provide full security to an organization’s software by checking out for the weak areas and also put measures that will prevent the penetration of other hackers.

The average payment for computer hackers is about $50/hour.

Odd And End Jobs

Here is a list of some odd and end jobs;

Raking Leaves

This is an odd and end job that you can earn from most especially during the fall. It is usually done by kids but some adults are now involved in it.

House Sitting

This is the process of being entrusted with the care of another’s house and other properties in it while they are away for a while. This activity is carried out in exchange for remuneration which may be financial or otherwise. It is a strategy of enjoying free accommodation for as long as you choose to do it and also being able to get those who are willing and ready to hire.

Child Chauffeur

The responsibilities of a chauffeur are to drive people around with a car while meeting up with their specific requests such as fetching items, sourcing flowers, picking up dry cleaning, and much more.

Working as a child chauffeur means you will be responsible for driving the children involved and attending to their demands such as driving to and from school, social functions, and extracurricular activities. The duties of a chauffeur are different from a driver who is just hired to move people and probable things from one point to another.

Basic Plumbing

This is a unique odd job that allows you to help people around you to carry simple plumbing works around their homes for a fee. It may include works like fixing malfunctioning appliances, small leakages, simple blockages, etc.

Final Thoughts

Odd jobs are awesome and capable of settling some immediate needs and emergencies. There is a list of them already stated above ranging from the odd jobs near me, unique jobs, weird jobs, odd and end jobs, hourly jobs, and odd jobs apps (platforms from which you can get hired for odd jobs).

So, look around you and subscribe to the most suitable one, that will offer the best income and satisfaction. Also check out under the table jobs that pay cash.

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