How To Contact An IRS Live Person

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Many Americans are faced with one issue or the other regarding their stimulus check payment, tax, and others. But contacting an IRS live person has appeared almost impossible for the past few months.

There is good news! 

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The IRS has recently announced that a process of modernization is ongoing to add over three thousand four hundred (3,400) live agents to the phone lines for quicker answers to callers’ queries!

There are hundreds of IRS contacts currently available – depends on the kind of query you are putting forward or the state you reside in. And despite the high frustration many Americans experience in getting necessary information over their tax refund delays, stimulus checks, and others while putting a call through to the IRS, this guide will help you cut down significantly on your waiting time. 

When To Speak To A Live IRS Person

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Before you put a call through to an IRS live person, they advise that you check their online resources first for a list of regular issues that would possibly provide answers to your query.

If you are calling between January and April, the IRS says you should be prepared for a call waiting time that averages about 15 minutes. Mondays and Tuesdays often have the heaviest volume of calls and waiting time.

And calls between May and December often attract an average waiting time of about 25 minutes. Mondays and Tuesdays have the longest waiting time.

A 2017 research carried by enQ, Inc. shows that callers had more favorable experience before 9 a.m on the East Coast and after 5 p.m on the West Coast.

How To Prepare Before Calling A Live IRS Person

There are some things you’ll be needing while making a call to the IRS. It would be exasperating for you to have waited for up to 25 minutes, and then have to dash around for the needed paperwork.

According to the IRS, you should have the items below ready before putting a call through:

  1. Filing status – Single, Head of Household, Married Filing Joint or Married Filing Separate
  2. Tax return information you are issuing a complaint about.
  3. Social Security numbers (SSN) and your birth date.
  4. Tax return of the previous year.
  5. If you have no Social Security Number (SSN), then make available your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). 
  6. Provide any notice or letter that you have previously received.
  7. Make other vital information connected to your complaint ready.

How To Speak To A Live IRS Person

a.       Contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. It is advised that you make the call early in the morning.

b.       The automated system will guide you through selecting your preferred language.

c.       After setting your language, pick option 2 to sort issues with ‘Personal Income Tax.’

d.       Then select 1 for tax history, form, or payment.

e.       Then select 3 for more questions.

f.        Then select 2 for all other questions.

g.       You’ll be asked to fill in your SSN or EIN to be able to access your account details. Don’t fill in any information.

h.       After the SSN request is made twice without your response, you’ll be prompted with another menu.

i.         Select 2 for personal or individual queries.

j.         Then, select 4 for other queries. At this point, you should be transferred to an agent.

Are You Still Unable To Get Access To A Live IRS Person?

If perhaps you still keep receiving failed access to the IRS, you may want to look out for a local IRS office near to you.

It is possible that they are not able to speak to you on the phone at that time, and scheduling a physical appointment would do just fine.

Check for the directory by state here.

Scheduling a face-to-face appointment with a live IRS person would be much better. But ensure not to leave behind the necessary items as earlier stated.

There is also an independent office of Taxpayer Advocate Service within the IRS that is created to assist people with issues on tax payment. Contact a Taxpayer Advocate around you here.

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