Is Cash Crate legit? 2021 CashCrate review

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If you love taking surveys, then the CashCrate is another platform for making some extra bucks. It serves as a platform that can link one to a site – like product testing sites or sites where you can watch videos and earn some money in return.

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So, if you are good at taking surveys and also want to earn some extra income from it – read through the reviews below;

What Is CashCrate?

CashCrate is an online platform that was launched in 2006. It acts as an intermediary between companies and writers who are interested in testing companies’ products and giving their opinions on them.

This site is believed to put a check on illegitimate avenues of making money and it is one of the sites that pay you for performing various tasks such as surveys, watching videos, and much more. How much you can earn is dependent on your choice of program and how much effort and time you delegate to it.

Within a short period, CashCrate made its mark in the world of surveys, rewards, and referral programs. Its official website was improved in 2019.  

Cash Crate App

The Cash Crate Paid Surveys App (CCPSA) is easy to use and one could earn money from it doing surveys and some other tasks.

The tasks could either be free or paid. Also, the biggest earning is in referrals. They offer a robust referral program that makes you earn up to 20 percent of what the people you refer make. Also, you earn up to 10 percent on anyone that comes in through the person you referred.

The percentage of referrals increases as you progress. However, the site is not a get-rich-quick site but one could earn some extra bucks from it.

Download the app here for Android:

Download the app here for IOS:

So, to increase your chances of earning through referrals – you could introduce the app to your social media followers and through this, you could get one or two that will be interested.

CashCrate Requirements

The first factor that determines if you are eligible to sign up with CashCrate, is your age. CashCrate insists that you must be 18 years old before you can sign up and participate in any of its programs.

It is also expected that you have a laptop or other forms of electronic device that will make it possible for you to carry out any work assigned to you.

In addition, for you to earn a reasonable amount of cash, you should have a good number of people on your contact list for your referrals program.

How Does CashCrate Work?

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Yes, it does, and here is what to do to participate in the rewards program set up by CashCrate. To benefit from CashCrate, you must take the following steps;

Signing Up

For you to understand how CashCrate works, it is important that you first sign up with them. For signing up, you will be asked to fill in your details which you are expected to do correctly. The details that you provide determine which surveys will be assigned to you. You will be paid $1 after signing up successfully. But to earn more, you must be ready to partake in the different activities that they have put up.


One of the main avenues of making money through CashCrate is by carrying out surveys which are usually time-consuming. Some of the surveys include multiple-choice questions while others are straightforward. Some may expect you to watch and comment on a video while some require your feedback for using a product. Also, some may require virtual shopping while some are interactive.

One of the challenges that you may face is that sometimes you may have spent a lot of time answering questions, only for you to get disqualified which may be frustrating because you will not get paid for the time that has been wasted. The success rate of completing a survey has been estimated to be less than 35%. This implies that in every 15 attempts that you make, you may qualify for only 5.

In addition, the reward given for every survey is very little and it’s between $0.25 -$2 per survey. Although the length of the survey also influences how much is paid; however, the average pay is poor as compared to the stress.

Some of the types of surveys that are carried out under CashCrate include;

  • Human resource surveys that help an organization to understand the ‘commitment to work’ of its employees and the satisfaction level.
  • Product and market surveys that help companies to have a better understanding of their users’ experience and how to improve on it.
  • Net promoter score surveys that help businesses to know if a customer will recommend them to others
  • An events survey that is used to determine the success of an event by comparing the physical audience with the targeted audience.


This is another opportunity to earn that was designed by CashCrate. Whenever you refer a person, you will be paid 20 percent of his or her earnings and if the same person refers to other people, you earn 10 percent on the referral that is made.

Once you can accumulate up to fifty referrals, you will attain the silver level where you enjoy a higher percentage of earnings which increases as you accumulate more referrals. By the time you reach 500 referrals, you will receive payment weekly. If you are fortunate to have people that are willing and ready to sign up, you will make a fortune from referrals.

Watch Videos

Watching Videos brings very little to you. You can’t depend on it because for 60 minutes, all you may earn may be less than $1.

Completing Free And Paid Offers

Free offers are designed by companies that will pay you for signing up on their website to try out their free service, to receive recipes through the mail, or to receive coupons. The paid offers are those offers that will require you first to make a financial commitment before you access their packages.


CashCrate pays you for shopping with some specific stores. You enjoy cashback on the purchases that you make. Go to the shopping area where you will see the selected stores and the percentage cashback that each one offers.

Most cashback is about 5percent on your purchases. It is an interesting and one of the easiest avenues for making money under CashCrate because you are refunded back a percentage of what you spend.

CashCrate Payment

The amount CashCrate pays you is dependent on the assignments that you take up and how well you perform the assignment. So, on average – one can earn between $5 to $8 within 4 to 5 hours. Also, an additional $1 is added for confirming your email address.

Therefore, going by previous reports – you can earn a few cents within one hour while the average payout is from $15 to $20. 

Does CashCrate Pay You?

Yes! CashCrate pays you although it is very little when compared to the efforts that you had to put in to earn. This implies that for you to earn any reasonable amount, you must put in so much effort.       

CashCrate Customer Service

Currently, there are no specific CashCrate customer service contact details therefore users are left with the option of reading through FAQs or blogs that are most likely to provide that information.

Is Cashcrate A Scam?

CashCrate has awesome strategies on which you can earn legally but the challenges faced have made things difficult for its users. CashCrate cannot be said to be a scam because it also serves as a link to other sites where you can make some side income after completing a task.

Pros Of CashCrate

  • It is 100 percent free
  • It is open to many countries
  • Also, it is a good side income option
  • CashCrate is one of the legitimate platforms where you can earn quickly from filling surveys.
  • It is a platform that is easy to use; creating an account isn’t time-consuming.
  • Several surveys and tasks are available from which you can earn
  • You can make a good amount from it if you are ready and able to put in your effort.

Cons Of CashCrate

  • High payout mark
  • There are no customer service details that can be used when you need help. Users have to depend on the experience of others to answer their questions.
  • The displeasure of users over the operations of this platform is increasing daily.
  • Complaints are usually related to accounting management and payment method
  • Sometimes your credit card information is required to take advantage of some offers, this may be very risky.
  • It is tough to participate in high-paying surveys.

Some Additional Complaints On CashCrate

  • Difficulty in attaining the $20 threshold
  • Spam emails and phone calls
  • Technical issues making the site inaccessible on some days
  • Deactivation of account after 90-days of inactivity
  • Disqualification from some surveys

Final Thoughts

Reading through various reviews and personal experiences on CashCrate – one can conclude that it’s a bit difficult to earn much from the site. Normal surveys should be easy and often do not require serious mental involvement but surveys on CashCrate could be confusing and frustrating, except for the robust referral program.

Also, it is advisable to try out other survey sites and not only depend on CashCrate. While doing this – you should have a dedicated email address for offers and have anti-virus software installed on your PC in case you land yourself on a spammy website.

Although there are some good characteristics associated with CashCrate, like earning cash – which is the main purpose for using the platform, it is not well coordinated and needs some amendments. 

So, your final decision will be based on your understanding of what CashCrate is, its requirements for membership, how CashCrate works, CashCrate customer service information, the pros, and cons of CashCrate.

But, in the long run – it is worth trying. 

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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