13 Money-Making Apps That Pay You Real Money!

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Who loves the feel of crisp dollars? I know you do, we all do! Well, guess what? Here are some money-making apps I found, that can bring in that extra cash without you having to do much!

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Making use of these apps is simple. You can earn good money by performing simple and easy tasks. And whether you decide to see it as a part-time or full-time job, you can still make a pretty decent income from it.

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Everything you’ll be needing to get started is available already if you have a smartphone. You can do surveys, selling your unwanted household items, side projects, and lots more through it.

Vox reports that an average smartphone user spends 4 hours 30 minutes on their phones daily. But then, most of these hours are not often invested in profitable things!

You could put in some of the hours spent on news sites or social media to take advantage of the huge opportunities that are available on these money-making apps. And you can choose to get paid directly, through gift cards, PayPal, or through cash-back on every purchase you make.

So, let’s get started with the best money-making apps you should try out right now!

1. Swagbucks

Photo of Swagbucks; a money-making app

Swagbucks puts some bucks in your pocket when you watch videos online, play games, shop, or surf the net. You could also partake in polls or online surveys for more cash.

Shop on recognized platforms like Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon, and Target. You may also earn gift cards and points with exclusive offers and deals. They also have Yahoo! Powered search engine which you can browse with for some rewards.

By answering one poll regularly, you can earn 1 Swagbucks point every single day. And you do not have to wait long to receive your paycheck since they allow you to transfer as little as $3. You can get more rewards by playing and purchasing games.

One more juicy thing about Swagbucks is that when you sign up on the platform for free, you’ll get a bonus of $10! And more cash can also roll in for you through referrals.

Swagbucks operates in the United States, France, Canada, Spain, India, Germany, U.K., and Portugal.

Sign up for free here.

2. Acorns

Photo of Acorns; a money-making app

Acorns is a money-making app that allows you to take advantage of investment opportunities in over 7000 stocks and bonds of top companies, exchange-traded funds, and asset classes. You invest your spare cash from your regular expenses.

There is no cause to worry over security as the platform offers bank-level security, two-factor authentication, and 256-bit encryption to keep your cash secured. You’ll also be able to learn a lot from videos and articles made available on the site.

You do not also have to make huge investments. With as low as $1 per month, you can have one.

Start by setting up your account – it takes just minutes – and build your portfolio through your investments.

There are 3 pricing options available on the platform – Lite, Personal, and Family. Lite costs just $1 per month. Personal costs $3, while Family costs $5 per month. Start by signing up here.

3. DoorDash

Photo of DoorDash; a money-making app

DoorDash allows you to earn while picking up food from restaurants around you and getting them delivered to your customers. It was founded by Stanford students Andy Fang, Tony Xu, Evan Moore, and Stanley Tang. It is prominent among companies that harness technology in making food delivery from restaurants to their customers on demand.

As a DoorDash driver, you will be able to earn some cash while also keeping the full percentage of tips. You’ll also receive extra cash from special promotions and challenges. Drivers also receive what is called ‘Peak pay’ when there is an increased cash gift handed to them.

Indeed revealed that DoorDash drivers make a whopping $15 every hour! But then, expenses such as tolls, gas, and parking are borne by them.

You’ll be allowed to get started with any kind of car. But you must be at least 18, have a driver’s license, smartphone, and a clean driving record. There are cities that permit delivery on motorcycle, scooter, bike, or even on foot!

Sign up here.

4. Ibotta

Photo of Ibotta; a money-making app

Ibotta started originally with groceries. It has now expanded into several other categories which include pet deliveries, clothing, and entertainment. You will be able to get cashback on online purchases and in-store at over 1500 retail chains and brands!

Offers that are open to you can be specific to a specific retailer or product while you receive an automatic application with some. Some others will make it necessary that you complete added tasks which may include taking a poll or watching a video.

To earn, you are to add offers and submit shopping trip receipts in the app. And if you want to make purchases online, you can do that through their website or the app.

Rewards can come in the form of gift cards, PayPal, or direct credit into your bank account. You are also entitled to $20 as a welcome bonus, referral bonuses, and multiple payment methods.

However, online shopping requires a different pending period based on the retailer, to receive cashback. Some can take longer to receive credit for the purchases made. Also, to receive your earnings, you must at least have $20 in cashback. Hence, making money can be pretty slow with Ibotta.

The app works nicely on iOS and Android

5. Poshmark

Photo of Poshmark; a money-making app

Poshmark is focused on clothing items and accessories. If you have clothes and accessories that are in good condition but are not being used, you can take their photos and upload them to the platform. Add a description, a considerable price, and share your listing.

The app has a feature called ‘Posh Parties’ where you can also share your items. Posh Parties are virtual shopping events that are focused on a specific category, brand, or theme. After a purchase is made, you’ll receive an email with a prepaid shipping label from Poshmark, and thereafter send the package.

Poshmark handles the entire process. Hence, you don’t have to show up or meet a stranger to make a successful transaction. The payment procedure is quick and simple also. You get paid through check or direct bank deposit within three days after the buyer gets the order.

The company receives a $2.95 commission on sales made under $15, and sales made on $15 and above attract a commission of 20%.

Download Poshmark on Android and iOS.

6. Honeygain

Photo of Honeygain; a money-making app

Honeygain states on their website that you can earn $19 per month when you download their app. But then, the cash you get depends on your location, internet speed, and a few other factors. But even if what you eventually earn is way less, the app is still a considerable way to bring in passive income.

Download the app on Windows, MacOS devices, or Android to get started. You do not have to do anything to earn after downloading the app. But then, you’ll need a minimum of $20 in your account to be able to withdraw your funds. After this, you can get your cash via PayPal.

Sign up on Honeygain and earn just by sharing their internet connection.

7. Dosh

Photo of Dosh; a site where you can earn cashback

Dosh allows you to earn on every purchase you make through your linked card on participating outlets. The beautiful thing about this app is that earning cashback is pretty simple.

A user who patronizes Exxon to fill up his gas tank didn’t realize he had cash being piled up in his Dosh account until he finally found out.

That’s how easy earning cashback on Dosh!

You’ll earn $5 upon signing up on the app. And you will be able to withdraw your cash through PayPal or direct deposit once it reaches a stipulated minimum balance of $25.

Link your card to the app, and start spending as you do on a regular basis. Shop with your credit card at participating merchants and you’ll receive added points to your ‘Dosh Wallet’ immediately.

Download on App Store or Google Play.

8. Turo

Photo of Turo; a money-making app

Turo lets you put your car on the road for some steady cash in your bank account. If you rarely put your vehicle to use, then you should consider this app right away.

With Turo, you can get your car listed for other people to use while you get paid. The app’s ‘calculator’ can help you see the amount you have the potential of making. Their website revealed that you can earn on average $706 per month with a good car.

There is a security column provided on their contract to heighten the protection of individual cars against physical damage and theft. There is also a $750,000 coverage on liability insurance made available to users. And the service is provided in about 5500 cities in the UK, US, and Canada.

After signing up, you’ll be able to view both hosts and guests reviews to make the best decision on the most suitable guests for your car. Set your own daily price or allow Turo to make the most suitable pricing for you.

You’ll be able to earn up to 85% of each trip price and also have access to 24/7 roadside assistance and customer support. Registration is free. And no listing fees too.

Sign up on Turo here.

9. MyPoints

Photo of Mypoints; a site where you can earn points and make money

MyPoints rewards you when you shop both in-store and online. You can also earn on surveys carried out, by reading emails, watching movies, playing games, and dining out. The company partners with over 70 partner brands, which makes it easy for you to redeem your rewards.

You can also redeem your points through Amazon and Visa gift cards. And they can be received as gift cards or real cash!

Registration on the site is easy, but you must be resident in either Canada or the United States. You’d get $10 as a bonus when you sign up and create a free account. Your earnings can also be transferred into your PayPal account.

You can use your rewards as travel miles via your United Mileage Plus account. And you are set to receive the best coupon code at the checkout.

Sign up on MyPoints. Registration is free!

10. Google Opinion Rewards

Photo of Google Opinion Rewards; a site where you can earn money

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the several ways Google places value on your opinion by allowing you to earn cash by filling in Google surveys. You’ll get paid after filling the surveys.

Surveys will cover a wide range of topics and include hotel reviews, opinion polls, and merchant satisfaction surveys. You’ll receive your rewards either as PayPal credit or Google Play.

The surveys you’ll get are based on your area of residence. Each of your surveys can take just between 10 seconds to 1 minute, and you have 24 hours to complete each. The credit you’ll receive can be used only within 12 months. Once they are close to getting expired, you’ll receive a notification through the app about it.

You can purchase games, books, movies, and apps with your Play Store credits. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS. And it is absolutely free to register!

Sign up on Google Opinion Rewards here.

11. Mistplay

Photo of Mistplay; a site you can earn cash by playing games

Mistplay is one of the best sites that reward you for playing games. It is pretty easy – install the app on your smartphone, select a game you want to play, and start earning points straight away.

You can spend your free time at work earning some extra cash on the platform in a fun way. Gift cards can be earned on Xbox, iTunes, Nintendo, Facebook, Google Play, and Amazon. And you’ll be able to win credits as Steam Credit and Visa Cards.

You’ll receive $5 for every 1500 points you earn. And when you hit the 200-point milestone, you’ll receive 100 bonus points.

Signing up is free. And you’ll also earn 15 points when you do. Play different games to reach a milestone within a specific period and you’ll get credits rewards. Sign up on the app here.

12. StepBet

Photo of StepBet; a money-making app

StepBet places value on your fitness efforts. You’ll do things you do regularly and get paid for it! The only difference is that this time you’ll set deliberate goals, and meet them to earn rewards.

You’ll find several games on the platform to measure your daily steps to attain a certain number for rewards. The app takes a record of your history to determine the number of steps you should walk. And when you walk more, you earn more.

As a player, you’ll have the first week to get adapted to the app format. Your activity will be directly connected to your activity tracker to take measures of your accurate daily steps for a valid step count. So, you can set up your unique and personal goals.

The app works with Samsung Health, Apple Watch, Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, and FitBit. And when you earn points, you can make use of it for your future games or simply just request to receive a Paypal payout.

StepBet gets 15% of everything you win, while also charging $5 for your cash-outs. Sign up on Android and iOS.

13. Earny

Photo of Earny; an app you can earn money on

Earny partners with over 5000 brands and offers users access to the best offers and hotel deals around the planet. The app works to assist you to get cashback on your daily purchases, so you don’t lose out on the right coupon codes and good deals.

If you have friends who shop frequently online, you can also share your links with them to earn cashback. You can also put your items on the watchlist, and make purchases when you see a drop in their prices.

And, you’ll also receive a money-back guarantee when there is a delay in delivering your package through its Amazon Late Shipping. Its Shoprunner Membership package allows you to get 2-days shipping and returns. And there is the free version that also tracks your shopping.

When there is a refund, Earny receives 25% of the accumulated refund. It ensures improved security of users’ accounts with data masking and two-factor authentication.

Download Earny on Android.

Wrapping Up

These money-making apps are some of the many ways you can earn money passively online. New apps are constantly being launched to provide you with more opportunities. But it is always advised that you tread carefully when downloading new apps. 

More caution should be placed on the kind of information you provide on the platforms. However, the apps in the entries above offer great ways to put some cash in your pocket with very little work.

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