10 Places To Find voice over work (with no experience)

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Would you love to do some voice over work? If yes, you can start earning money as a freelance voice over worker right from your home. 

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Yes! You don’t need to visit a high-class recording studio to do voice over work. Many people are making money from doing this job from their homes.

In today’s post, you will be learning about voice over work, how it works, how much you can earn from it, and where to find openings.

So, let’s get started.

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What is a voice over work? 

Voice over work is generally referred to as voice acting. It is needed for commercials, cartoons and animations, audiobooks, television programs or movies, video games, or even life events. 

So, when you hear a person’s voice in an advert or any movie whose face you are not seeing, that is the voice of a voice over actor.

Though voice over works are mainly recorded in the studio, others can be done at home. This makes it very possible for beginners to make money from it too.

How much can I earn from doing freelance voice over work? 

There is no set payment for voice over workers in the industry. This is because the amount a person earns from doing this work depends on their experience, general skill, and the company that they are working for.

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But according to Payscale.com, an average voice over worker earns about $39.87 an hour.

Beginners do not earn much with voice over jobs. But that is not so bad if you are doing it to build your resume. This will open you up to better-paying opportunities in the industry. As you gain more experience and skills, you will have connections to land better jobs.

Start voice over work from home 

Starting a voice over work from home as a beginner is easy, but not so much. And just because you have the opportunity to work from home doesn’t mean you just use some apps on your phone and record with earbuds. 

Though that sounds like a good idea, they are not. In fact, using apps and earbuds to do voice over work is not recommended. Even if there are people who do, you shouldn’t because you aim to produce a better sound that makes you stand out.

You need to have some things that will make you work and sound professional.

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That involves making a little investment to create a small home studio before starting the voice over work.

The truth is that there is so much competition for voice over jobs. So, if you are submitting your recordings, you need to be sure that there is no background noise and your voice is very clear and enjoyable.

Also, potential clients can be very impatient, and if your recording is not clear from the start, they can stop listening within the first few seconds.

The equipment you need for a voice over work

When making your voice over work stand out, remember the need for a home studio. 

Though you don’t need super high-class studio equipment, it is essential to have something above the basic app and phone.

The following equipment is necessary for a voice over beginner:

  • A microphone
  • A mic stand if the microphone doesn’t come with one
  • Headphones
  • A computer
  • A quiet room
  • Audio editing software like ocenaudio or Audacity

This list covers just the basics, but you can get more professional (& expensive) voice over equipment from Gravy for the brain. When starting up your voice over work, you need to test your room for the acoustics and your equipment before applying for any job.

How to prepare for voice over work 

Before heading right on to set up a home studio and test out your equipment, you need to be sure that a voice over job is for you. 

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Voice over jobs are best suited for people who have a pleasant speaking voice. 

If you are in this class, follow the steps to prepare for your first voice over job.

  1. Take classes on voice acting

Training is crucial for voice over artists. 

Since you may be making this a potential career, you need to enroll in a voice over coaching or take a few classes to prepare yourself for the job. 

During these classes, you will learn whether your voice is suitable for the voice acting business.

  1. Practice by reading out loud 

Reading out loud will help you hear yourself and know how you sound. You can even record your own voice and listen to it when you are done. 

You can overcome inhibitions by regularly reading out loud to a family member, friend, or teacher.

  1. Practice the right breathing 

Breathing is essential with voice acting. So you need to be able to maintain your breath and control them into following phrases, articulate and energetic performances. Learn to breathe deeply from your diaphragm and take breath support. Having a suitable placement can help you wondrously when doing voice over jobs. It will keep you in good shape and even prevent you from falling sick.

  1. Create a demo

You will need a voice over demo to get clients, and since this is a personal project, you need to be sure that you are making it stand out. Consider having your demo made professionally for you. Since it is the first impression you have for prospective clients, it should be top-notch.

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  1. Build your resume 

To build a portfolio, you can consider taking an apprenticeship under an established voice actor or volunteer for not-for-profits, student projects, or charities. 

When doing volunteer work, you need to draw a line between ‘volunteer work’ and ‘giving your voice for free’. Not every volunteer work is unpaid, offering your services for “compensated volunteer work” will make it more valuable. This is very important for your future in your career.

  1. Connect with other voice over actors and build your network 

Start building your network right from your coaching and training, but do not let it stop there. Look out for online communities, local meetings and conferences of voice over actors. 

This will help keep your voice over acting spirit alive and encourage you with the work. It will also help you find better job opportunities, which will likely be those that others are not fit for.

When joining this community, be ready to also recommend them for jobs you are not fit for and trust them to help you too.

  1. Create a voice over account 

After taking the training and being ready to present your skill to the world, create a voice talent profile. 

This is what will help you meet clients and market your talent globally. Also, it will help you find many voice acting opportunities

  1. Follow up

It is important to be persistent in your follow up with a potential client. 

Some clients may just get your demos and dump them, so you need to remind them to listen. Make them remember you, but you should avoid becoming buggy. 

Just do your marketing thing and wait for someone to get in touch when they need your services.

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Where to find voice over acting jobs

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a booming marketplace for freelancers, and they have clients that come looking for voice over services. 

You can become a Fiverr seller and offer your voice over services on the platform to get paid.

Freelancers who offer voice over services on Fiverr charge from $5 above. But you can earn more by including some add-ons to your gig to make it stand out. 

Since there is usually no requirement for getting signed up on Fiverr, it makes it a very suitable place for a total beginner.

  1. Upwork

You can go on Upwork, create an account, and find the voice over gigs listed. 

Note that on this platform, you will be bidding for jobs but bidding for a job does not mean that you will always be accepted.

You must have a good profile on Upwork if you must get a job. 

Most importantly, remember to look for employers with verified payment since many scammers are on the platform.

  1. Freelancer

Freelancer works just like Fiverr and Upwork, and it is a great marketplace for freelancers. 

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You can find voice over works on this platform by creating an account and a profile; then, start submitting bids for projects and communicating with clients who reach out to you.

On this platform, you can control the amount you earn. This means setting a price for yourself. 

However, you need to look at the profiles of others to know how much they are charging, so you don’t overcharge or undercharge for your services.

  1. Filmless

To get a job on Filmless, you must have at least five years of experience with voice over work. 

According to their job description, they say that having your own studio is ideal but not required.

This is a great platform, and many people come to this platform to look for voice over workers that can help them produce high-quality videos within 7 to 14 days. 

With this quick turnaround time, you can find many openings.

They accept freelancers from all over the world, but when applying to them, be sure that you can deliver a project within 24 hours.

  1. Snap Recordings 

Snap Recordings is a platform that offers professional voice over recordings for business telephone systems.

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This company focuses on preparing the script for their business telephone recordings and then getting voice over artists to read out these scripts to complete the recording and send it back to the clients. 

To start working on this platform, apply to them by filling out a form and sending your demo reel.

Snap Recordings will ask for your native language because they also offer opportunities to record in languages other than English.

  1. Voices.com

Voices.com is one of the largest platforms of voice over actors, producers and directors in the world. 

If you become a member of this community, you will easily find new voice over job postings daily.

It all starts with creating a guest account for free on voices.com, but you will have better opportunities to find jobs and get hired if you sign up for their premium account.

The guest account is free but limited. However, the premium site membership costs $499 per year.

  1. Mandy Voices

Another excellent place for finding voice over jobs is Mandy voices. This company is well known for offering more voice over auditions in the United States.

Photo of Mandy voices site

Individuals and companies usually come to this website to post for jobs, and when you create an account with them, you will get job alerts and tips on how to be employed for voice over work.

You can even create a free website for yourself on this platform and start getting your voice over work.

  1. Voice crafters

Voice Crafters is a multilingual agency that has been on since 2008, and it aims to become a premium global marketplace for voiceover actors.

 It receives clients from over 80 languages.

For this platform, you do not need to do an audition. 

Potential clients will only listen to the demo tape and invite you to submit a quote for their Project. If they accept your pricing, then you have the job.

When applying for a job on Voice Crafters, you will submit a high-quality demo reel to the company you are applying for. 

Know that your demo reel will be immediately rejected if it has an uneven sound, static, or background noise. 

There is a lot of competition on this platform, so you have to work hard to stand out.

  1. Bunny studio voice

This online platform receives talent from every part of the world and gives you the privilege to record in any of the 50 languages and dialects they accept. 

This is an excellent place for finding voice over jobs for beginners. 

But as a pro on this platform, you can set a rate for yourself, and you won’t be liable to pay any membership dues or fees. 

To start working with Bunny studio voice, create a talent account and submit a test. 

This test will be reviewed, and when it meets the site quality criteria, you will be accepted and listed. 

  1. Voice123

This voice over marketplace is almost like voices.com, and it is a great place to find voice over works. 

Like voices.com, Voices123 offers a free account and a membership option which you will pay for. Of course, there will be differences in opportunities provided to you, and getting the membership option is better. 

Know that this site doesn’t take fees or commission for the jobs you do. So you receive your payment directly from the client.

Tips for choosing the best voice over jobs

There are specifications for every voice over jobs posting, and to increase your chances of getting a job, you need to double-check to make sure that you fit in with the specifications. 

They include:

  1. Gender: ensure that the requirements of the job posting match your voice and gender.
  2. Language: Most clients ask for specific accents and languages, and you need to be sure that you fit into these accents and languages. From your mentorship or dialogue coaching, you should know your level of fluency and comfort with the required language before submitting your proposal and addition.
  3. Category: There are different categories for voice over work, and they range from animations to audiobooks, television, radio, podcast, internet videos, movie trailers, etc. Know what you want and how to fit into them.
  4. Deadline: Ensure that the deadline set by every client is comfortable for you before applying. If it is not, consider passing the opportunity. Don’t create an impression that you are available when you are not because it will make you unreliable. It can show on your reviews and hinder you from getting other jobs.
  5. How to deliver the work: clients will ask for their files to be submitted in different formats. Some may even need you to participate in a live directed recording session through Source-Connect, ISDN, or other connective technology. Ensure that you are comfortable before taking the job.
  6. Pay rate: consider the amount the client is willing to pay and the kind of work they require. If it is not suitable for you, don’t apply for it.


Mastering voice over work and getting jobs can take some time, but you need to be persistent.

Remember that when you have no experience, you may not earn that high. So, if you want to build a voiceover career, work hard to build a portfolio. 

With this in place, you can get more high-paying jobs and even become highly sought-after in the industry.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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