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When technology fails to suffice, and we find ourselves in need of tangible documents, we often ponder, “Where can I make copies near me?” Whether it’s for essential paperwork, resumes, or forms, having a nearby printing center can be a lifesaver. Thanks to modern conveniences, a quick online search with the keyword “canceltimesharegeek” can lead you to the nearest printing shop. visittheir website or give them a call to confirm their services and hours of operation, ensuring your documents are swiftly reproduced with precision.

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There are diverse reasons why you may need to produce important documents in paper copies. This may be to apply for a loan, for tax returns, or perhaps to sell your home!

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Or maybe you need the copies for organizational purposes or a project. Some people already have photocopiers at home, but you might be among several others who need the help of companies that provide copying services.

Aside from that, paying for copies at a store can be much cheaper than doing it at home, especially when you are considering bulk copies.

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1. Library 

You are likely going to find at least one library in your city. And aside from visiting the library for books, periodicals, and maybe music and films, you can also make copies of documents there! It is one option I think of when considering a place to make copies near me. 

While the service isn’t likely to be offered for free, you may get your copies done for a fee as low as $0.25 for colour copies and just $0.10 for black and white. And since libraries are often not congested, you would likely get an available copy machine and be done in minutes. 

Libraries at universities and colleges also have copy machines that can be used by the public. Check here for the nearest library to make your copies.

2. Docucopies

Some websites provide online copying services and deliver the copies to you. Docucopies is one that can be used to make colour copies at a very reasonable price, especially when you are producing in large quantities.

If you are making as many as 1,000 copies of coloured documents, you can get them for about $0.07 per copy. And for 10,000 copies, you can get them done for as low as $0.05. Their customer service can be contacted five days a week.

3. Hotel Business Centers

Many hotels have a business centre where guests can go to make copies. These copy machines are usually available for hotel guests to use for free. You may want to take advantage of this whenever you are on a journey but need to make copies.

However, some hotels will charge a small amount for your copies, so it is better to enquire first. Hotel staff can also create copies for you using their personal copier either for free or for a fee. 

4.  Sir Speedy

Sir speedy is a printing and marketing organization I consider when I want to make copies near me. They handle black and white copying, colour copying, book printing, and digital printing. 

You can make copies near you by checking out the nearest Sir Speedy store.

5.  CVS

CVS Pharmacy store offers more than just supplies for your health and beauty, they also provide copying and printing services. And there are over 3,400 CVS locations to make copies near you!

You can print and copy digital files at KODAK Picture Kiosks within CVS. Document copies can also be produced from USB devices for more convenience. To make copies, here are the CVS charges per page:

Single-sided colour copies cost $0.99 for each page.

Single-sided black and white copies cost $0.19 for each page.

Double-sided colour copies cost $1.98 for each page.

Double-sided black and white copies cost $0.38 for each page.

While CVS doesn’t offer the cheapest copy rates, you are sure to enjoy a more convenient experience because of the several available locations to make copies.

6. The UPS Store

The UPS Store has over 4,400 locations around the globe where you can make copies.

One benefit of making use of this site is that your copies can be ordered online while you pick them up at the store nearest to you or get them delivered to your doorstep.

Start by visiting the store website to find a store near you. Upload documents to be produced into copies onto the online document builder, then pick your preferred option from the drop-down.

UPS store provides copy services in different sizes including thin and thick papers. If you sign up for their news and special offers, you’ll be offered a 15% deduction over the next order you make online. 

Their prices begin at $0.5 if you are making colour copies, and $0.12 for black and white copies. 

7. Costco

Costco is one of the cheapest copy-making options around. Almost all their centres are equipped with printing equipment to take care of your requirements. 

If you’ll be doing your copies in bulk, you’ll benefit from the wide range of juicy pricing they offer. If you are producing 1,000 of Black and white copies you’ll be charged as low as $0.035 per copy while a colour copy would cost $0.29 per copy. That is a cheap way to make copies near me!

Costco is one of the best options to consider if you want cheap places to make copies, even with a small order. Also, their printing centres offer many other business-related services. 

You can order your copies online and receive them at the Costco warehouse near you. However, it is advised that you find out if copying service is available in the nearest store since it is not available in all Costco locations. 

You also have the opportunity to shop at Costo without a membership.

8.  Best Value Copy

Best Value Copy is another great option to consider when considering places to make copies near you. Black and white copies go for as low as $0.27 and colour copies go for $0.9 per copy.

Colour copies can be produced in different colours from their website and delivered to you. Their copying services are the same with no given minimum order. This means that you pay per copy no matter the number of copies.

Best Value Copy has been in business for over two decades, offering copying services to several thousands of customers in diverse locations. 

9. Vistaprint

You may have seen adverts from Vistaprint on TV or heard about them somehow. They are quite popular and offer great printing services too.

They produce business cards, postcards, flyers, door hangers, signs and many others. They have a variety of prices for different quantities and sizes you request for. 

As a customer, you are also open to benefit from discounted prices on their different services. 

10. Post Office

You are going to find post offices near you in the United States that make copies. Many postal service locations have copy machines that can be used by the public. 

But before visiting the offices, it is advised that you put a call through to enquire over copying services. Ensure to also ask for the cost of producing few or bulky copies.

Since most cities have post offices, you will not need to travel far to get your copies done. Check here to see the nearest post office to you.

11. FedEx

FedEx allows you to produce copies from the cloud and its FedEx shipping option lets you mail your documents. You can also make online orders for your bulky copies, and have them delivered to the nearest FedEx store or your doorstep. This makes this option very convenient.

FedEx used to be known as Kinkos, and they have been expanding their services to some select Walmart locations. The site allows you to make an order in advance as a time-saving measure. 

12. Staples

Staples is one place that easily comes to mind when I am considering a place to make copies near me. And like Costo and other cheap options, Staples offers copying services at very low prices.

Bulk colour copies can be produced for as low as $0.13 per page and $0.04 for black & white. But if you are looking to make just a few copies, you are likely to be charged $0.11 per black and white copy, and $0.53 per colour page.

13. Fiesta Mart

If you are based in Texas and have been saying to yourself, “Where can I make copies near me?” Fiesta Mart is the answer.

This mart is a grocery store that has several stores situated all around Texas, and many of them have copiers that you can use to produce copies of your documents.

Find the nearest Fiesta Mart store to you on this page

14. Walgreens

Walgreens provides solutions to produce photocopies of calendars, banners, pictures, and many more. However, they do not make paper copies.

Depending on the size of what exactly you intend to do, Walgreens offers different prices for the services. Here are some sizes and prices to be aware of:

 Size Price

8×10 $3.99

8×8 $3.99

5×7 $2.99

4×6 $0.23

4×4 $0.39

4×5.3 $0.23

15. Coborn’s

Coborn’s offers a wide range of guest services to their customers. These include money orders, drycleaning, rug doctor rentals, postage, and of course copies.

Most of Coborn’s stores are located in Minnesota, but South Dakota also has a couple of stores. Each store has its copier and fax machine located close to the service counter. And while Fax services cost $1 for the first page you do, subsequent pages cost $0.50 each. Sometimes the cost of their copying services varies by location.

16. Hy-Vee

Hy-Vee has over 240 functioning retail stores in eight Midwestern states in the United States. These states include Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Missouri.

Many of their stores have copy machines which you can use to produce copies of your documents. Check on their site to find the closest Hy-Vee store to you.

17. Rakuten

Rakuten is the site to consider to make copies from home without a printer. They offer various discount options and coupons on their services just as some of the sites already given in the entries.

For instance, FedEx and Vistaprint offer their customers up to 5% discount on their copying services.

Rakuten – formerly called Ebates -has helped customers of Vistaprint in earning massive cash-back rewards of about $950,000! Customers are offered a coupon of $10 for every referral they make, while their referred users also get $10 off in their next order. What better way to make copies near me while earning rewards!

18. Color Copies Today

Colour Copies Today allows customers to send up to four different documents at once. Bulk pricing is done for all the copies. A bulk order of single-sided black and white copies is $0.04 per copy for 500 copies and $0.10 per copy for 150 copies. For 1,000 colour copies, you will be charged $0.06 per copy.

Orders made by customers are printed and shipped out the same day the order is submitted, but in some cases, the next business day. They have an upload option which is simple and makes it easy for customers to make orders. 

They have been in business for 35 years building a solid reputation!

How Much Does It Cost To Make Copies Near Me?

Different companies have different rates. Besides, factors like; the number of copies, size, colour, and even discounts would determine how much you will finally pay. So, an exact figure can not be determined. 

However, here is an estimate of what you should expect:

Black and white copies

Black and white copies are often cheaper than colour copies anywhere. The price range for each black and white copy per page is within 2¢ to 25¢.

Colour Copies

Since colour copies are often more aesthetic than black and white copies, they tend to be more expensive. A colour copy can cost between 30¢ to 75¢ for each page.

As earlier stated, these prices are rough estimates. Some of the places listed below have their prices displayed on their websites, while others require that you call or visit their stores.

For additional services like binding, laminating, and folding of documents, you will need to pay more, depending on the company’s charges.

In conclusion, while the world may gradually be going paperless, making copies is still a necessity sometimes. Whether you are making just 150 copies or you need as many as 40,000, you will find places to do it near you at cheap rates to save you some money.

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