14 Best Paid Online Focus groups (Earn up to $200/hour)

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Do you think you can contribute reasonably about politics and products? If yes, then paid focus groups are definitely for you! Compared to other side hustles, paid focus groups allow you to earn up to $300/hour if not more, for your time. 

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This may seem too good to be true, but there are companies out there, both big and small that want to do market research to grow their business. So, they seek the services of research companies who in turn look out for people like you and me to collect and gather real-life information.

It can be about anything, and you sure will find a place you fit; at least, this post will help you do that. So, while you hang in here, get ready to understand what focus groups are, how they work, how much you can earn, and the legit companies that would pay you a mouth-watering amount of cash for your time.

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What are focus groups?

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A focus group is a group of people (between 5 and 8 people) who share ideas. These groups can either be online or person to person.

These groups are interested in getting their members to do date-driven survey-like market research. This is only different from the regular online survey because it is more in-depth.

The main aim is to gather information to help the company predict the market trend to guide them on whether to improve their existing products or develop new ones. 

If it is for politics, it helps the political groups understand the minds of people out there and know how to target their campaign.

So, joining a paid focus group is an excellent idea if you want to make money during your evening time out, or online while you are resting on your sofa.

How do focus groups work?

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Online focus groups

For the online paid focus groups, you need to apply, and when accepted, you will have an interview (online). 

When all the initial procedures are completed, you will receive a link that will allow you to join the focus group right from the comfort of your home. Here, you will be free to join the conversation and share your views and opinions.

To join these online focus groups, you need a smartphone or tablet, and internet service. 

Online focus groups mainly work via chat, but some others may go as far as using some special web-based software or video. For the software, you need to download it before starting up with your focus group research.

Many companies are now more interested in online focus groups, and this is because of many reasons. Firstly the cost is reduced, and they do not need to print materials or employ additional staff. And secondly, people from many regions can access the group. This will help the company have broader market research.

In-person focus groups

The in-person paid focus group is almost the same as the online, just that you will be having physical meetings.

If you are interested in joining an in-person focus group in your locality, know that you will need to attend an interview in a physical location. You will then be added to a group of people that will meet at a set time where you all will get to discuss. 

Usually, there is a moderator or researcher that will lead the group, record the conversation and ask questions from the provided result.

In-person paid focus groups usually last for more than a session. That means you may have to go for the meetings time and time again. But who minds? As long as every meeting ends with extra money and a free cup of coffee. You can find in-person focus groups near you or in your city here.

How much can I earn with paid focus groups?

The amount you earn depends on the paid focus group you join. Some pay $30 to $150 per hour while others can go as far as $300 – $450 for just one hour.

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However, the total amount you will earn after each meeting depends on the time spent there, and it is not usually longer than two hours. Also, your total amount of benefits will depend on the number of sessions you will have.

The mode of payment varies for different paid focus groups. Some use PayPal, checks, or gift cards, while others pay with points. The latter needs you to use a specific credit card before accessing the money.

Nevertheless, ensure you find out about the amount you will receive per hour and their payment method before getting involved with any of them.

How do I find good-paying focus groups?

You need to employ a bit of patience while searching for legit paid focus groups. Whether you target online or in-person groups near you, screen through many companies before picking the best.

Your primary target should be consumer research companies. However, these companies usually have their areas of interest and require some specific profiles before taking people. So, you may not be qualified for all. 

But you should know that applying for many paid groups increases your chance of being qualified for more.

How do I choose the best-paid focus group for me?

Everyone has security top on their minds and will not let their guards down even when making extra money is concerned. 

There are different paid focus groups out there; some are real, while the others are not.  All of these paid groups will need you to share your personal information. Since this is very sensitive, you need to ask around and read reviews before joining any paid focus group, whether online or in-person.

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Take your time to go through all the reviews from everyone and do not be afraid to go past the first page. A legit company may not have a five-star rating from everyone, but they sure will have a higher percentage of good than bad.

I took the pain to research the legit focus groups, to make it easier for you to choose from (you’re welcome!). I have divided them into the amount you can earn from them per hour. Go through them and find out which best suits your needs.

Best focus groups to earn up to $100

1. User Interviews

Almost everyone loves User Interviews, and I am no different. This platform was only meant for the people in the United States and Canada at first, but now they have enlarged their coast.

This is a platform with many branches, and they deal with focus groups and even one-on-one conversations about products and services. These groups are specific for different topics ranging from technology to food, consumer goods, transportation, software, hobbies, etc.

Their pay depends on the type of task you are involved in and the duration. But know that you can earn from $25 per 30 minutes or as high as $200 per hour. The known average payment seems to be $50 per hour.

You can receive the money through either PayPal, check, amazon, visa gift card, or cash. You will see the incentive type and amount for each payment method before choosing the most suitable one for you.

To start up, you need to sign up with them and provide necessary information like your name, city, state, etc. Based on your information; User Interviews will pair you with the most suitable focus group. 

There is a provision for signing up with your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. Through these platforms, you will have a greater chance of finding more suitable paid focus groups as they will have better access to your detailed profile.

2. FieldWork

FieldWork has both online and in-person focus groups with pay starting from $75 per hour. 

The in-person focus groups are located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles (Orange County), Minneapolis, New York (Fort Lee), Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle. You can find your place if you are around these regions. 

To join FieldWork online, visit their site and sign up.

Photo of a paid focus group

3. Google Usability

Google allows you to make a token by doing surveys for them. Though the amount for this is not much, the $75 per hour can go a long way. 

When you are done doing this research, you will receive your money through gift cards, or you can choose to donate to charity. Be careful when using this, it can be a bit tricky. 

This platform is the best place to start if you want to gain some experience with focus groups. Click here to join the survey. 

4. Ipsos i-say

This online platform is the third-largest in the world and accepts people from all over the world into their paid focus groups.

Though most of their surveys are petite, you can be lucky to find high-end survey jobs that pay from $50 to $100 per hour. 

Their work even gets more comfortable with their mobile app. However, they give rewards in points instead of cash.  The total points to be earned depends on the duration you work. You can withdraw when you have up to 500 points in your account.

Their payment method is through gift cards, and those from iTunes and Amazon are also accepted. But you can also receive your money through PayPal cash or prepaid Visa if you choose.

You can sign up with this link if you are interested in this paid focus group.

5. Inspired opinions

Inspired opinion is another focus group you should try, but you must be willing to tolerate their reward system. 

They use points instead of cash, and a hundred pounds is equal to $1. You will be allowed to withdraw when you have up to 1000 points which sum $10.

With consistency in the focus group, you can earn up to $3 per minute, and if this continues for an hour, it can amount to $125.

You can sign up here. 

Photo of a woman joining an online paid focus group

6. Mindswarms

You can earn $50, which will be paid to your PayPal account if you participate in the Mindswarms market survey. 

They do their sessions via videos where you will have to answer 7 questions on a product or service. These sessions usually last for 10 minutes, and you can record the videos from your smartphone or Webcam. 

7. Survey Junkie

If you are familiar with online surveys, you must know about Survey Junkie. Being well known, it specializes in product testing, in-person focus groups, and phone surveys.

The product testing allows you to use a product (which they will send) and then give them feedback. You will earn $50 for this. 

Now, the in-person survey comes up after you have been selected from their list of participants from the online survey. You will then join the in-person survey in a place around your locality to continue offering your opinions. For this, you will earn $150.

For the phone survey, you will create an account with them, after which they will place a call to your cell phone and ask questions relating to a market survey. On average, you will earn up to $100 for this.

The challenging thing about Survey Junkie is that some well-paying options are only available once a month if not less. 

Start earning now by signing up

Focus groups that pay up to $150 

1. Respondent 

Respondent allows you to earn $140 per hour on average for participating in online or in-person consumer research.

Firstly, you need to sign up and create an account with them and then find the most qualified study. For each survey, you will have a research brief stating the type of people the company wants to hire, the needed time commitment, and the corresponding pay rate.

Photo of a laptop and a sheet containing graphs and data

This site is good in the sense that they tell you when they have received enough applications for a particular opening so that you will not bother joining the queue. You can just move on to try other openings. 

Though you can earn an average of $140 for the general population studies, you can make more (up to $500 per hour) by participating in the specialist study for industry professionals.

Just know that the company will charge you a processing fee of 5%. After that, the rest will be yours. But you will have to wait for about 8 to 10 days to receive payment in your PayPal account. 

2. SIS international research

SIS is into helping brands find direction for their products by using paid focus groups and compensated interviews. These channels help them know the actual quests and intents of consumers; hence, how the manufacturers can satisfy them.

You can be one of those that are paid to give your opinion on this platform. Start by checking this page for the list of openings. 

Depending on the job’s complexity and the time you spend doing it, you can earn between $25 and $200. Also, this site accepts participants worldwide, not just the United States.

3. Experience dynamics

Like the name, Experience Dynamics focuses on user experience and user interface testing (UX AND UI), and many corporate clients pay them to help improve their user experience. 

To do this work effectively, Experience Dynamics pays people without much experience to give their honest review of the software applications and design of the website.

This website recruits people from all over the world with different levels of technological experience. Depending on the task, they pay between $50 and $150 for most studies.

Their services include phone interviews, online focus groups, online surveys, field studies, and diary studies. 

Focus groups that pay you up to $300

1. Probe market research

This platform is for professionals (whether in the medical line or elsewhere) and they can contribute their ideas in exchange for an amount that may be up to $400 per hour. 

The responsibility here includes product testing, mock jury, market survey, mystery shopping gigs, etc. The services of Probe are usually required by big manufacturers.

Do you have the qualifications to work with Probe? Sign up here to get started. 

2. Survey Feeds

This is for you if you are willing to go serious with this paid focus group business. 

Survey Feeds is a site that gathers the best focus group deals on both the in-person and online. These deals are the biggest though most of the best-paying ones are in-person. 

Photo of a paid focus group

As a person involved in their in-person focused group, you can earn as much as $2000 for a project. However, you can only earn $300 for participating online. 

But this is not bad, is it? $300 from the comfort of your house is not bad at all. That is why you need to hurry and get started with survey feeds.

3. Recruit and field

This is a national market research company that offers both online and in-person research. They are open to receiving participants of different ages and gender for their studies. They also need the services of professionals, even those in the medical field. 

These paid focus groups can bring you between $100 and $275 for each study. Their payment comes through PayPal, but they can also give digital or Amazon gift cards.

Register here to participate.

4. Engage studies

This site works as a market research firm, and it helps individuals, businesses, and organizations discover more about the state of the market. 

It specializes in healthcare and consumer market research, and you can pick the one you want when you sign up. Also, you can earn between $50 and $250 from a study.

This site accepts people from every part of the world to give them reviews from their locality. You just need to choose your country when you sign up.  Sign up here.

Photo of a paid focus group

Wrap Up

Paid focus groups are a side hustle for people from every class. It may not pack up wealth in your storehouse for you, but it can be that quick way of earning cool cash when you need it and have the time to spare.

Is there something you have to share about any product or service? Why not sign up for one of these paid focus groups!

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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