Top 20 Crafts That Make The Most Money

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Crafting is a profitable pastime activity. Even if you aren’t as artistic as many craftspeople around, there are several simple crafts that make money during festive seasons and holidays that you can consider starting.

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If you are a stay-at-home mom, crafting is one thing you should invest your time in. The potential of making money as a craftsperson is huge and the opportunities are limitless.

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Beadwork, pottery, woodwork, paper crafting, miniatures, sewing, candle making, soap making, embroidery, crochet, and several other craft ideas are profitable work-from-home crafts you can begin quickly with some background knowledge especially if you are a creative person.

And even if you have no crafting skill at all, there are several platforms you can make use of to learn your favorite crafts.

Can I Make Money From Selling Crafts?

Absolutely! There are millions of people around the world who earn from their crafts.

It is a great alternative to putting in for a 9 to 5 job, and one of the best ways to make regular cash while staying at home. You may also want to try your hands at multiple craft ideas and DIY projects to broaden your income potentials. If you can not afford paid online courses to learn a craft, check on YouTube for free videos that can get you started. There are billions of helpful videos on the platform.

What Are The Crafts That Make Money Most?

So we are finally here! There are several crafts you can consider. Some are much more lucrative than others. And that doesn’t even make them more technical or difficult to learn. Easy, simple, and lucrative crafts you should consider right now are listed below:

1. Flower Pens

Photo of a woman using a flower pen

Flower pens can create simple and steady fun moments in every home. They can represent special gift items for any season, and can also be packaged in different ways and with other creative items to make a custom gift.

They are also nice for birthday parties, bridal and baby showers. So, whether you are using duct tape or fake flowers, flower pens can make your creativity come to life.

Check out this YouTube video by CookingandCrafting  on how to make flower pens.

2. Soap Making

Photo of a soap; one of the crafts that make money

Soap making is a fun way to keep yourself busy and earn money from home. You do not need a lot of items or tools to start. Once you can start, it becomes much easier to continue and polish your products. Pinterest and YouTube will help you with some inspiration to get started in this area.

You can make soaps specially designed for hair treatments, bathing, treatment of skin infections, and skin toning.

YouTube has a lot of helpful videos for this. But then, you can check out Soapschool and How To Make Soap on Udemy 

3. Baby Ribbon and Toys

Photo of a baby

Baby ribbons are quite easy. But then, your creativity is required in any craft to stand out from the crowd. Make professional and fascinating ribbons and baby toys.

4. Plastic Animal Planters

Photo of an animal planter; one of the popular crafts that make money

If you are looking for simple gifts to give neighbors in the coming holidays, animal planters will do just fine. They equally have great profit-potentials on Etsy and Shopify. There are different animal ideas and styles you can experiment with.

5. Hand-Painted Dishes

Photo of a painted dish; a popular craft that makes money

Doodle around a variety of concepts using Pebeo paint pens on your dishes in a way that they coordinate with each other. And are easy to complement and match together. These craft ideas can make great wedding gift ideas.

They can be styled easily for interesting Instagram photos and traffic boost for other social media platforms. Provide different variations on these items by making them stand out with your creativity. Make use of full set dishes that complement a wide range of décor tastes and styles.

6. Knit or Sew Scarves

Photo of a woman knitting; one of the crafts that make money

Knitting is a beautiful pastime activity for most ladies. If you know how to knit, sew, or crochet, you’ll find fascinating and stylish patterns that are trendy on Pinterest. The platform is also a prospective one for driving huge sales of your creativity.

7. Sell T-shirts

Photo of T-shirts

Selling fashionable t-shirts is an easy way to make money from home with crafts. Consider going over to Etsy to set up a T-shirt shop if you have no website. Shopify is a good alternative. While creating your t-shirt designs, ensure to download different styles and designs of t-shirts that will appeal to a wide range of audiences around the globe.

You can start with T-shirt embroidery on CraftJam 

8. Handbags And Purses

Photo of handbags

Purses and handbags generally appeal to a female audience. If you can create classy and well-designed purses or handbags, you can make a huge monthly income from your effort!

These online platforms can get you started with these crafts:

HMDH Academy 

Handbag Atelier 

Udemy Clara Handbag  

9. Make Bracelets

Photo of bracelets; making them is a craft idea that makes money

I am absolutely in love with crafting bracelets. Most men love bracelets on their women, and they will gladly give out the cash to surprise them with it. This is one of the ideas that will sell fast online and also bring in cool profits.

Here is an online course that will help you get started with bracelet making: 

10. Candle Making

Photo of candles

Candles are one of the most profitable crafts you should consider trading online. They are easy to create and sell. When creating yours, ensure to play around with different interesting colors, shapes, and sizes. You should also consider scented candles.

Check out Candle Science or Candle Making Courses, to begin candle making.

11. Wood Pallet Crafts

Photo of wood pallets

Wood pallet crafts play nice roles in home decorations. If you have a love for interior home decorations, you can also invest some time in crafting wood pallets to boost the service you offer. You can sell your products online for farmhouse use and other benefits.

Check out 1001Pallet to get started. They also promise to offer you 3,300+ free Woodworking PDF plans.

12. Mugs

Photo of mugs; a craft that makes money

Do you love mugs, why not turn that love into cool cash by creating beautiful mugs? Display them on your blog or social media platforms for cool sales. Facebook Marketplace is one area you should think of when promoting your mugs.

Be sure that you indeed have an eye for design and find love in dabbling in paint. You do not need so much money to get started. You can learn this craft for free on Clayshare or go over to YouTube.

13. Jewelry Making

Photo of jewelry; one of the crafts that make money

Jewelry making is quite popular. While some jewelry designs require a lot of materials, others are simple and less costly. However, your creativity will stand you out in the jewelry business. Consider your audience before making them.

Some people may get turned off if your jewelry looks cheap. Others want it to appear attractive but not expensive. So, analyze your market before putting them out.

Jewelry Designing on Skillshare, Jewelry Tutorial HQ ,  and Jewelry Making Class on Craftsy is a great place to begin.

14. Earrings

Photo of earrings

If you have gorgeous earrings that can complement almost any outfit, you’ll find customers for them. Earrings are a must for all occasions and part of the top crafts that make money. But many ladies will still prefer different earrings for different occasions – date night, weddings, casual, and formal. Always put the interest of your prospective market into consideration when creating earrings. Proper analyses will aid the quick sales of your products.

Check out these free videos from YouTube Jewelry School and Jewelry Box on how to make earrings or visit Pandahall Learning Center.

15. Gift Signs

Photo of a gift sign on a gift box

You’ll find lots of fun in creating gift signs. It is part of the popular crafts that make money. Go online to search for every helpful thing you can lay your hands on to get started. Check out for wooden cards and wedding signs inclusive. Pinterest will offer you great inspiration.

DIY Bride’s Boutique also offers tutorials on gift and wedding signs.

16. Hats And Beanies

Photo of a woman wearing a hat

Ladies who do not feel like having their hair done will love to rock a beanie. That alone puts this among crafts that make money. And it is always essential that your creativity is topnotch with creating hats as men and women who would love to buy them will also love to spice up their outfits with them.

Check out this YouTube video by Melanie on how to crochet a beanie. You should also see free crochet hat patterns for beginners by MakeAndDoCrew and Bernina.

17. Door Hangers

Photo of a door hanger; one of the crafts that make money

I fell in love with seeing different door hangers while growing up. It is one of the top crafts that make money. And if you have a functional Etsy shop already, then this is a perfect craft you should sell for added profit.

Girl And Glue Gun and Unicorn Dust Designs on YouTube are helpful videos you should watch to create door hangers. Also, check out Rusticorchardhome for DIY wooden door hangers.

18. Ornaments

Photo of ornaments

Creating ornaments for the holidays is always a profitable win. During Christmas people around the world are regularly looking out for special ornaments that can be bought online. So if you create them, you’ll be positioning yourself for profits to celebrate the season.

Here is a Christmas Ornaments YouTube Tutorial to check out.

19. Plant Pots Crafts

Photo of plant pots; one of the crafts that make money

Cute Plant pots add color to people’s home environs. More so, if you are a plant lover, this great craft is an excellent way to rake in huge profit.

Check out this tutorial on plant pot by Lifeonvirginiastreet.

20. Mason Jars Crafts

Photo of a mason jar

You have a lot of room to explore creativity when creating different types of Mason jar crafts. Take advantage of Pinterest and Instagram to promote your crafts.

Here Are Some Of The Top Sites For Crafts Classes

a. Skillshare

Skillshare is one of the largest sites that offer educational opportunities. They have over a thousand classes in their system. You’ll be required to pay a monthly membership fee of $9.95 with discounts available when you pay annually. You’ll have access to as many classes as you want as a registered member. They also have free classes you may want to take advantage of.

b. Atly

Atly doesn’t charge a monthly fee. They only require that you pay for the classes you want to participate in. The fee for their classes ranges between $5 to $150, and you can have permanent access to them after purchasing once.

c. Creativebug

Creativebug charges a flat fee of $4.95 for their membership classes. You will be open to as many classes as you want by becoming a member of their platform. There are more than 600 classes with high-end video production.

d. Coursera

Coursera offers free online courses and universal access to globally revered educational materials. They partner with top organizations and universities around the world.

e. Craftsy

Craftsy offers a pay-per-class system just like Atly without charging monthly fees. You’ll be given permanent access once you have purchased your required classes. Their classes often range between $14.99 to $39.99.

f. Udemy

Udemy currently has almost 10 million students around the globe with over 30, 000 courses on their platform. There is something new you will always find to learn on Udemy. Arts and Crafts, language, coding, painting, and a wide range of options are open to you when you sign up with them. There are free and paid courses you can learn at your own pace.

g. YouTube

With about five billion videos on YouTube, the list of what you can learn on the platform is endless! So, if you think you can’t afford paid courses (even if you can), just go over to YouTube first to search for your favorite crafts. You’ll find free videos to take advantage of to kick start your business.

How Can I Promote My Crafts Online?

1. Social Media Pages

If you are a craftsperson, one area you must never overlook to promote your crafts is social media. The huge potential in displaying your skills on diverse social media platforms is not something you want to joke with!

Facebook, for instance, has almost 3 billion of the world’s 7 billion people as users. Pinterest has about 300 million users. Instagram has over a billion users too!

And in fact, Statista estimated that the number of social media users around the globe will increase to 4.41 billion users by 2025. If your craft can sell to just 5000 social media users every year, you will not only be smiling but dancing to the bank!

2. Build Your Email List

Building your email list is one thing you can be proud of, as it represents your loyal customers. People who voluntarily submit their email addresses to you for updates on your products or services have a high possibility of purchasing your products. You can build your email list using a blog.

3. Start A Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to promote whatever business you are doing. You can rake in thousands of dollars every month by offering incentives and promoting different craft ideas. You can make use of the WooCommerce plugin to place your crafts on your blog for your users to buy.

4. Shopify

If you have no blog or website, Shopify is a site with a huge market for your crafts to succeed too. Shopify helps you to leverage a global audience on the platform that would very likely find interest in your crafts.

5. Etsy

Etsy is another online platform where millions of users from around the globe create and promote their items for profits. The platform has been around for a while and helped a lot of craftspeople succeed.

Wrapping Up

So, as a stay-at-home mom, a student, or simply someone who wants to make some extra cash, get started with these crafts that make money to kick off your own craft business. 

And if you have sufficient time to invest, combine a variety of craft ideas to boost your business and also blog about them to broaden your potential for sales.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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