21 Sites Where You Can Get Paid To Type (as much as $44/hr)

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Do you know you can get paid to type

There are limitless work-from-home opportunities, and getting paid to type is one of them.

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Typing jobs can come in many forms, ranging from being paid to write articles, transcribe audios, or rewrite a copy. 

Typical typing work has little to do with brain work and is suitable for anyone with the necessary skills. 

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Considering the flexibility it gives, this job is suitable for people with a not so predictable schedule like moms. If you type fast, this job can give you an excellent opportunity to make good money.

So how do you get started with the job? That is why I am here. Let me show you what you need to get started and the websites that will pay you well to type.

What do I need to get paid to type?

There are no special requirements for typing jobs, but you will need to have a computer with an internet connection, a good headset, and in some cases a foot pedal.

Your regular laptop will work well for this typing job. However, you will need to attach a larger monitor to the computer to prevent you from straining your eye. 

Since most of the typing jobs you will be getting will be from audios, you need to have a good set of headphones to help you hear each sentence correctly. Noise-canceling headphones work well, and using one with a Bluetooth connection will prevent you from tripping over the dangling wires.

You may not need the foot pedal as a particular requirement, but it is essential for a fast and more comfortable job. A foot pedal helps you control the audio you are listening to with your feet, and you can pause, play, rewind, or fast forward using the foot pedal.

With these things in place, you can start working as a typist immediately. However, you should note that you may need to improve on your typing speed to enable you to meet deadlines.

How much will I earn from typing jobs?

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There are numerous typing jobs, and the amount you earn from them depends on the type of typing job you do, your skill level, and the site you work with. 

You can earn as little as 80 cents per hour for typing captcha or as high as $50 per hour for transcribing audios.

What will I get paid to type online? 

There are many things that you can get paid to type online for money. It could be audios, memos, captchas, subtitles, etc. Whatever your task may be, know that it will be simple and easy to do. Just ensure that you have a good typing speed.

Get paid to type captcha

I know you must have encountered being asked to verify that you are a robot before signing into some websites or applying for some kinds of jobs. Those are the kind of captcha you will be asked to type.

There are different types of captcha, and each of them can only be solved by humans, not robots or software. They come in many forms, including letters, audio, math, 3D, etc.

Why would a company pay me to type captchas

Many companies have to sign into numerous websites, and most of these sites have captchas. Since captchas cannot be solved by software and the owners of these companies are too busy to sit in there trying to solve every captcha, they find people to take the job.

The people they hire will have to solve or type each captcha and send them in immediately.

This job is suitable for many people, and it can pay well. The only challenge here is that it is not as flexible as the others as the companies need these people to be on standby, solving every captcha they send within the time frame.

As a person going for this kind of job, you need to be always available and quickly provide clear and accurate captcha solutions.

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Here are the sites you can join to find jobs that will pay you to type captchas for companies. 

  1. Fast typers

This platform allows people to get paid to type captchas. For every 1000 captchas you solve, you will earn $1.5. 

If you want to earn more on this platform, spend most of your night time solving the captchas. 

Since you will be doing the job from home, that should not be too difficult to do.

  1. Mega typers

With mega typers, you can earn up to $250 monthly, but their basic pay is based on every 1,000 you solve. 

They are mostly involved with solving word images, and you will earn between $0.45 and $1.5 for every 1,000 captchas you solve.

  1. 2Captcha

You should know by now that solving the captcha is the most comfortable typing job you can do and find. It is just that some of them will pay you less than the others. 

For this site, you will earn between 20 and 80 cents per hour. 

This site gives you a flexible working time, so you do not need to be on for twenty-four hours. You can just sign in whenever you are free and make some money.

To join 2Captcha, create an account with them and verify it. After doing this, click on start work to receive images to solve from the system. 

This site uses Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payza, WebMoney, and AdvCash to pay its workers, and you can withdraw your money immediately you have up to $0.5 in your account.

  1. Kolotibablo

On Kolotibablo, you earn $1 for solving 1,000 captcha images. You will likely receive lesser pay when you are just starting, but you will be rated better by the site based on your efficiency and accuracy.

Your rate will also increase as your score increases, and over time, you will get to earn more.

Get paid to type audios 

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These are the regular transcription jobs, and you can find openings from the everyday transcription sites. You can also try the following sites.

  1. mTurk

Have you heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk? They offer many human intelligence-based jobs like data entry, transcribing audios into typed documents.

However, some of these jobs do not pay much but seeing that they are quickly completed can add up real good.

Though other sites offer typing jobs, some of them will require you to have an account with mTurk, so you need an account anyways. Get started here.

  1. Aberdeen 

Aberdeen comes with its sets of requirements which may include being able to type with some specific speed and having an extra computer for backup. But it is one of the highest paying sites for transcription. 

From this site, you can earn $1.50 for transcribing an audio minute from a real-time TV. You can register here.

  1. ClickWorker

Just like mTurk, you can find many typing as well as other opportunities here.

For the typing jobs, you may need to create an informative article or copy edit old documents. 

This site pays based on the task you perform, but the amount you will be paid per hour depends on your typing speed.

To register with Clickworker, you need to sign up and create a user profile. After this, you will take a test that will reveal your abilities, and based on your performance, you may or may not be given the job.

The sign-up is free for this site; you can register here.

  1. CyberDictate

This site mostly accepts residents of the United States and offers only legal transcription jobs. They often need their workers to write agreements, formal correspondences, and court documents.

However, they have strict requirements. They expect you to have not less than 3 years of legal experience and a good understanding of legal terminologies and the format legal documents take. 

Photo of a woman typing, you can get paid to type audios

Due to the professionalism of this site, their pay is higher than that of the average site. If you have the requirement, learn more about their hiring here.

  1. Freelancer

Just like Upwork, you can get thousands of opportunities to transcribe audios for money. But in case you are not in for transcribing audios, you can find other typing jobs to do.

This site offers good pay for jobs, and what you earn will depend on the type of typing job you take and the company offering them.

You can earn between $17 and $44 per hour to do data entry jobs, transcribe, or write subtitles for a movie trailer. 

  1. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is a popular transcription website that is always hiring transcriptionists.

They pay about $0.60 per audio minute. Average transcribers can earn up to $125 per month, while the top transcribers can make up to a thousand dollars per month.

This payment comes in every Friday through PayPal.

You can join this team here.

Get paid to type handwritten documents 

The following sites would pay you to type out handwritten documents.

  1. Axion Data Entry Services

You will be asked to type out texts from a scanned document before being paid on this site.

Though this site has not told how much you will earn for working with them, their payment is made for each document you complete.

This site charges $10 per year for staying on their site. This, they say, is because so many people apply to work with them even without having the necessary skills. So they employed this method to keep the unserious people at bay.

If you want to work with this company, be sure that it is worth it before trying. You can join the workforce here.

Photo of a woman entering data
  1. DionData Solutions 

You can get paid to type handwritten documents (in the form of scanned files) with DionData Solutions.

This company is legit as it has been on for more than twenty years. 

Though there is no insight on the exact amount you can earn with them, they make payment for each document you complete.

So, what you earn is dependent on how fast you type.

You can sign up with them and start receiving files to type.

  1. SigTrack

This site offers data entry work for voters registration. Your responsibility may include accurately copying out data from handwritten registration forms to the database.

Looking at the type of job involved in this site, their openings are seasonal. There are usually openings during the months before the US elections. So, you need to keep checking the site during this period.

Since you will be dealing with sensitive information, this site only takes people with a high accuracy level. For every work you do, you need to have at least 98% accuracy.

Get paid to type song lyrics 

Yes, you can get paid to type and transcribe song lyrics. The following sites would pay you to do that.

  1. Twine

You must have heard of Twine.fm. It is one of those top online platforms for freelancers in the film and music industry. They link companies to the most suitable freelancers for their projects.

You can create a portfolio with Twine, and it will appear to clients. The interested clients will hire you by just clicking the ‘hire me’ button on your portfolio.

To receive payment on this platform, you will need to submit a timesheet.

You can join Twine here.

  1. AirGigs

If you are a music lover hoping to transcribe songs, you can present yourself to be hired by clients on AirGigs.

This platform is organized and easy to use because it allows you to choose the genre of the songs you would like to get paid to type. Their list of genres is also not limited, so you can choose to transcribe Jazz, Classical, Folk, R&B, and the rest.

Photo of someone transcribing songs; get paid to type lyrics

To work on this platform, you need to create your gig and set your rate. But if you are new to the job, you should select a lesser amount. You can increase the price after your clients start dropping positive reviews about you.

You will get your payment from AirGigs after you have completed your gig to the client that ordered. This platform charges a 10% commission for every job you do.

Visit AirGigs to join them.

  1. WeLocalize

You can earn up to $20 per hour from transcribing song lyrics on WeLocalize. 

This company has been on for 20 years, and they have more than 1,000 transcribers. So far, they have transcribed over 15,000 songs, with 60,000 more waiting to be transcribed. 

However, they require a Mac OS X, a Gmail address, and an iTunes email to connect your account.

To join this company, you need to sign up with them and register, then download the Snap application. The Snap application is only for Mac users, and it is what you need to listen to and transcribe the song.

If you have the requirements, you can sign up and earn $4 for each song you transcribe and make up to $20 per hour. However, this will depend on your ability to pick song lyrics and your typing speed.

They make their payment weekly through HyperWallet. 

Get paid to type subtitles 

Get paid to type subtitles for modern movies, TV shows, educational videos, and the rest. This job is just like the regular transcription job, but the only difference is that you are dealing with videos.

However, there is a difference between writing captions and subtitles. The caption has to do with giving a written version of a video’s spoken words in the same language, but subtitles are all about writing captions in a different language.

For instance, Korean movies are acted in the Korean language, but they are subtitled in English so that non-Koreans can also watch and understand. 

Photo of a man in front of a desktop computer

This subtitle is what the following sites will pay you to type.

  1. Fiverr

On Fiverr, you can get paid to type both captions and subtitles. That is the marketplace for every freelancer, and most companies go there to look for people to hire. 

Create an account and post your gig; jobs will find you. 

The amount you earn for the job on Fiverr depends on you. You can choose your rate per hour, but you should check out what the others are charging before setting yours.

  1. Rev

With rev, you can earn from $0.45 to $0.75 for each video minute you subtitle. Monthly, you will earn an average of $240 or up to $1,570 if you make it to the list of top captioners.

They have both caption and subtitle jobs available. You can visit their website to register and start getting caption and subtitle jobs.

  1. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a legit website that offers high-paying freelancing jobs. According to them, they offer 100% scam-free gigs for their members.

Just like Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelancing sites, the pay you receive is based on the job you do.

However, this website demands a membership fee of $14.95 before you can access their job listings. 

You can try to apply here to get openings with flexjobs.

  1. Vanaan

Vanaan accepts anyone to work with them, and so, even beginners can apply. Being established in 2013, Vanaan has steadily risen by offering good captioning and subtitle jobs to many big companies in the United States. 

If you would like to do this job, you can email your resume to the address [email protected] or apply here.

  1. Crowdsurf

Crowdsurf is a popular freelancing site, and they also offer captioning and subtitle jobs. 

To join them, you need to create an account with Work Market, a platform they use to connect with their employers, hire and pay freelancers. 

After your application has been approved on this platform, you can start working as a transcriber. 

Apply here to work with crowdsurf.


Out of all the side hustles out there, getting paid to type is one of the most legit and easy to do. 

Typing applies to almost every area of life, so it is one of those jobs that will not quickly be sidelined.

If you have the requirements listed above, why not register with relevant sites to get paid to type any document and make that extra income. Only remember that you will earn as much as you need by sticking to the deadlines and doing a good job.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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