20+ Highest-paying data entry clerk jobs

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Data entry is a wide scope that covers all the aspects of transcription, captioning, and also data management. An excellent typing skill, ability to pay attention to detail in addition to other related and relevant data entry experience are the requirements that will make you a suitable candidate for any data entry clerk job.

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A task in data entry can grant you access to various industries because several employers in various sectors require the services of a data entry clerk.

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What Are Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry jobs include activities that involve the use of a computer system and other relevant data processing to store given information into a documentation platform or database. It also includes transcribing phone conversations and other recordings.

For the position of a data entry clerk, several industries request for a minimum of a high school diploma although some other standard industries insist on a bachelor’s degree. Other requirements include the ability to make use of software such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Office, and some other relevant tools.

How To Become A Data Entry Clerk

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There might not be a standard requirement for applicants seeking a data entry clerk job but most recruiters usually want an applicant to possess the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) – grade A to C or its equivalent in Mathematics and English Language.

Also, applicants must have basic knowledge in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and other relevant data entry software. Besides, typing skills and accuracy will be an added advantage while applying for the job.

So, with these skills – you are a step closer to becoming a data entry clerk professional.

Reasons Companies Hire Data Entry Clerks

Some of the reasons industries hire data entry clerks are listed below;

Administrative: Administrative companies hire data entry clerks to do the following;

  • Receiving phone calls
  • Attending to visitors
  • Providing relevant information about the company to customers.
  • Entering the database of customers into the company’s database.
  • Other receptionist-related duties.

Government Sector: The government requires the services of a data entry clerk for the following reasons;

  • Keeping records of elections at all levels of government
  • Preparing agenda required for the public
  • Answer and direct calls
  • Keep health records
  • Keep records of births, deaths, and much more for developmental purposes.

Production Companies: Production companies hire data entry clerks to keep records of inventory, sales, and general activities related to the company.

Financial Institutions: For auditing, keeping tax records, account records, and other financial records, a data entry clerk is needed.

Health Sector:  You will need to be familiar with the medical terms for you to carry out tasks like transcribing medical audio files into letters, converting health diagnoses into letters and numbers codes. You may also be given the task of imputing patients’ records, number of daily deliveries, and other hospital records on a spreadsheet.

Duties Of A Data Entry Clerk

The responsibilities of a data entry clerk include

  • Establishing entry priorities
  •  Entering new and updating already existing information.
  • Preparation of source documents by sorting and compiling information for computer entry.
  • Data review in case of any deficiency, which is used to prepare customers source document

Data Entry Clerk Jobs With No Experience

As earlier stated that data entry jobs have to do with storing information through the use of software on a computer, which makes it look like you need to know how to use system software before you can be a match. But here is great news for you; with just an excellent typing speed you can still secure a data entry job with no experience in the use of the software.

Some industries are comfortable hiring those who have good typing skills while they train them on the technical aspect.

Data entry jobs that you can start without technical experience include;

Plain Data Entry Jobs

This involves the process of typing a word into the Microsoft word file which will require excellent typing skills, writing skills, and great English communication.

Other basic typing jobs under this heading include working on Excel spreadsheets which do not require you to possess any technical skill.

Word Processor

As a word processor, you may be expected to create and mail letters, labels, or reports. An excellent vocabulary will give you an edge in this task.

Copy And Paste

This is a very simple task that only requires that you possess a good knowledge of English. You will be expected to copy data from an excel or word document which you will have to paste on another file.

Types Of Data Entry Jobs

The role attached to the various types of data entry jobs differs, although employers have some other office duties that they include along with the regular data entry jobs. The types of data entry clerk jobs are;

Data Entry Keyers

Some of the activities of data entry keyers include;

  • Locating and making necessary data entry errors.
  • Selecting the materials needed for completing assignments.
  • Making comparisons between data and source documents.
  • Making materials ready for printing.
  • Make use of data entry devices like photo composing perforator

A data entry keyer can earn up to $17/hour

Data Cleansing

This is also referred to as data scrubbing which requires that you detect and correct or remove erroneous information from the database which can be either an excel spreadsheet or word file. A data cleanser can earn up to $61 hourly just by detecting and removing errors from documents

Advanced Word Processor

This activity involves the use of technical tools such as tables, graphs, and charts. Although the basic work like typing in letters is mandatory and other tasks such as preparing reports, mailing labels, letters, etc are also included. Interestingly, an advanced word processor can earn up to $44,000/year in the United States.

Formatting And Editing

For you to be able to qualify for this type of data entry task, you must possess excellent English grammar and editing skills. This is because you will be required to correct grammatical errors. The average salary here is fixed at between $25 to $50

Audio To Text

Here, you will be expected to convert audio into written words. This is an advanced level of data entry that requires one that possesses excellent listening skills and can understand the grammar that is used. Your income is dependent on the company, but on the average, you can earn something between $0.6 to $22 per audio minute

Image To Text

This is another area of data entry that has similarities with ‘audio to text’. The only difference is that you will be expected to type out words from images that you will be given. They earn from $3 upwards depending on your expertise.


This data entry is not common and the pay is usually high when compared to other types of data entry jobs. It is often used in the health sector. It is expected that you convert medical procedures, diagnoses, and other medical-related services to alphanumeric codes. The average salary of a coding expert is $3,800 per month.

Data Entry Clerk Jobs Online    

There are data entry clerk jobs online that you can take advantage of and some of these are listed below;

Creating And Updating

This is a data entry job that expects you to create a database online and update existing ones. Some of the fields contained in these databases are Name, email ID, phone number, and address for different companies.

Processing Mails

This is not the usual typing of words because you will be expected to process and categorize emails in a spreadsheet.

Catalog Data Entry Operator

As a catalog data entry operator, you will have to gather information from a database and store it into online software. Information like name of the product, price of the product, expiration date, code number, etc.

Online Survey

Some industries that are always curious about the opinions of their customers will need you to fill in an online survey form through which they can get to know their customers’ feedback.

Online Data Capturing

Here, you will need to gather data online from materials like eBooks and magazines.

Data Entry Clerk Jobs Near Me

Some of the data entry related jobs that you easily find around you are;


This is an aspect of data entry that requires special skill to construct creative words that can cause the reader to take the desired action.

Captcha Entry Jobs

Captcha is an image that contains number, text, or containing both numbers and letters data that will be used to fill a given field.


For captioning, you will be expected to provide captions and headings for an image or new headline. This service can be attributed to the media industry.

Content Writing

Bloggers hire you to write engaging and original content for blogs or websites on any given niche.

Data Entry Jobs Online Platforms

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Here are the best platforms from where you can get data entry jobs;

The Smart Crowd

This is a part of Lionbridge that focuses on hiring for data entry jobs. You will need to pass their test trail before you can start working with them.


This is an online platform that brings freelancers and employers together. One of the jobs that employers on this platform offer are data entry with reasonable pay. You can take up any data entry-related jobs on this site and start earning.

Working Solutions

This is a company based in the United States that offers employment to data entry experts worldwide. Although they have some jobs like a call center of which they are mainly for U.S based freelancers.


There are several recruiters on this platform that are willing and ready to hire freelancers for data entry tasks.

Micro Workers

If you require regular data entry jobs, then Micro Workers is best for you because you will secure several remote data entries once you have successfully registered on their platform. 


This platform offers data entry jobs that involve converting audio to text. You are given audio that you will listen to and type out.

Data Entry Clerk Jobs In U.S

The following are a list of companies in the U.S that offer data entry clerk jobs;

24 Seven

24 Seven has its headquarters in New York. It is one of the companies that employ its expertise to assist businesses globally in recruiting data entry experts that will give them the best of services. So if you can deliver quality data entry services, employment opportunities are waiting for you.

Accounting Principals

This is a recruitment agency that handles the recruitment of experts into several areas of the accounting profession such as bookkeeping, cost accountancy, payroll, account payables, collections, payroll, and financial analysis. Accounting Principals has its headquarters in Florida.


This is a recruitment agency that has its headquarters located in California. It provides capable employees for its clients in the areas of legal, finance and accounting, health care, engineering, manufacturing, life sciences, and IT.

CSI Company

CSI Company is located in Florida. It offers comprehensive staffing services to companies all around the United States in various fields such as IT, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and healthcare.


Kforce, an award-winning company, has its headquarters located in Florida. It is a professional staffing company that offers both flexible and permanent staffing solutions to companies in areas of technology and accounting all across the United States of America.

Final Thoughts

Taking up data entry clerk jobs may not accrue so much for you – but it is sure a perfect task you can take up on a part-time basis and earn some side income. There are data entry opportunities available to you even if you don’t possess an excellent typing speed or any technical experience.

However, there are countless job opportunities when you possess high technical skills along with good command of grammar. Besides, recruiting companies – some of which have been listed above have made it easy for you to access any type of data entry job. Make a decision and increase your monthly earnings. 

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