15+ Best Online typing jobs in 2021

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Online typing jobs are one of the legal and comfortable ways to make money from the comfort of your home. Some of the online typing jobs that people get involved in include image to text, captcha entry, data entry, and form filling.

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Taking up typing jobs is going to be worth your time especially if you are dealing with high-paying companies.

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With online typing jobs, you can make several dollars monthly, for instance when you get regular typing jobs that pay you an average of $16/ hour.

Types Of Online Typing Jobs

Having typing skills is the basic skill that you require to carry out any form of typing job. So if you are skilled at typing you can take advantage of any of the following typing jobs; 

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant as the name implies offers to carry out certain tasks for others which they are unable to carry out by themselves. Your ability to perform several of these tasks guarantees you more income. Some of these tasks include; social media manager, creating content for websites and blogs, etc. According to ZipRecruiter, the average amount a virtual assistant earns is $19/ hour.

Freelance Writing

This is one of the commonest and best-paying online typing jobs. To work as a freelance writer, it is expected that you handle sales pages, news pieces, research documents, email newsletters, and video scripts. From the comfort of your home, you can be earning up to $30/hour. You could get job placement on UpWork


The task of a transcriber is to type out audio recordings. For you to perform well as a good transcriber, you must be a good listener, able to type at a good speed with little or no errors, have a laptop and a good internet connection. As a transcriber, you can earn an average of $28/audio hour completed. For you to earn more, you must learn to be quick.

You could visit Go Transcript for more job offers. There are four major categories of transcription which include;

General Transcription

This is suitable for newbies, an opportunity to gain experience. It involves activities such as typing out memos, voicemails, etc.

Financial Transcription

This involves typing out audio into analyst reports, meeting notes, summaries, and press conferences, and interim results.

Medical Transcription

For you to be efficient in this category, you must understand the medical terms which will require you to participate in AHDI accredited training.

Legal Transcription

This category of transcription is similar to medical transcription, a transcriber must participate in the necessary training so as to understand the legal terms which will make it possible to successfully produce legal records like court proceedings, lawyer’s dictated notes, and much more.


Photo of a man working on a laptop; there are various online typing jobs you can do from home

The work of a copywriter is to create persuading and catchy content that will make the reader carry out a desired action. The action may be to create an account, purchase a product, or request a service. A copywriter creates sales pages, landing pages, email sequences, and ad copy. If you possess SEO skills, you will be a good match for this job and the average pay is $28 per hour.  


As an editor, your responsibilities will be to improve the readability and flow of the content of your clients such as eBooks, articles, blog posts, etc. For you to succeed as an editor, you must possess top grammar and writing skills, be able to meet deadlines, and be able to type fast with little or no errors. The average earning of an editor is $25/hour

Typing Companies That Hire Typists

Several typing companies offer typist jobs and some of which are;


This is also one of the transcription companies that hire typists to work remotely from any part of the globe. It offers typing opportunities to all levels of typists including newbies. They also offer training that will enable all their typists to attain the competency required for the job. The average amount paid to the typist is $8/hour which is paid after seven days of completing a task.

To gain access to assignments in this typing company, it is expected that you must pass the English language and other writing assessments.

AccuTran Global

This Canadian-based typing company was established in 2002 and offers transcription services to clients all over the globe. It also offers related services such as captioners, real-time writers, editors, etc. For you to qualify as one of the typists for this company, you must possess the following;

  • Pass the trial test
  • Great listening skills
  • Internet research skills
  • Ability to type at a speed of 70 words per minute
  • Good communication skills

Transcribe Me

This is a well known online typing company that offers jobs to a typist in any area of the world once you can meet up these requirements;

  • Success in the qualifying exams
  • Access to a good laptop
  • Access to a stable internet connection
  • Must have a PayPal account
  • Must not be less than 18 years. 

Typists earn between $15to $22/audio hour and you can make bucks of dollars if you are fast and accurate.


This is another suitable site for online typing jobs and if you are in search of a typing job, you can take advantage of it. Typists are paid between $5- $25 per audio hour and a $10 bonus monthly if they can transcribe a minimum of 3 hours of audio. For you to work with Scribie, you need to possess the following;

  • Excellent listening skills
  • Good command of English
  • Excellent typing skills
  • Access to a good laptop
  • Access to a stable internet connection
  • A headset

Entry Level Typing Jobs

The entry typing jobs are typing jobs selected for beginners to make some dollars while trying to get their feet in the typing industry. Some typing companies that offer entry-level typing jobs are;


This transcription company offers entry-level typing jobs that are perfect for beginners. Short video snippets and audio clips are given to transcribers to type out the content that they heard and about 50 cents is paid per audio minute. Payments are made through PayPal every 14 days.

Go Transcript

This is one of the newest transcript companies that hire beginners in typing to work remotely and their pay per audio minute is 60 cents. Yes, Gotranscript is legit.

Smart Crowd

Smart crowd was formerly referred to as Virtual Bee. It provides data entry jobs to typists that work remotely and they pay between 20 cents-80 cents per keystroke. Although there are no special skills required, you still have to pass the trial test to qualify. Payment is made through PayPal once you reach the minimum amount payout of $50.  


This is a transcription company where you have access to entry-level typing jobs. They offer several transcription job opportunities such as typing up voicemail messages, conference calls, phone calls, audio recordings, and other recordings related to the medical and legal fields.

Typing Jobs For Students

Photo of a young man working on a computer; online typing jobs are easy to get

This category of jobs includes typing jobs for students that do not mind either picking up typing as a career while in college or taking it as a side income to foot some of their bills. Companies that provide typing jobs for students include;

Get Transcribed

This company provides typing jobs for students. It hires transcribers and reviewers and it pays about $12 per audio minute to reviewers while transcriptionists earn $23 per audio minute. Students can take up this online job as a side hustle that is capable of taking care of some of their basic needs. You have to attain a minimum of $100 before you can cash out through PayPal.


This is also one of the transcription companies that provide typing jobs for students that are capable of typing at a speed of 65words/minute. Currently, the number of clients the company has is over 65,000 in different fields such as legal, law enforcement, government, and others.

Cyber Dictate

Although this company hires transcribers that are well experienced with a minimum of three years, notwithstanding, well-experienced students can also take advantage of this opportunity. To qualify as a transcriber for Cyber Dictate, you need;

  • Three years of experience in your desired field
  • A headset
  • Transcription software

Transcribe Team

This is another alternative to the other companies that provide typing jobs for students who want to start as transcribers. They pay as much as $45 through PayPal for every audio minute.

Casting Words

This is a perfect transcribing company that offers typing jobs for students. The pay rate differs per audio quality. If you were able to transcribe poor audio, you will be paid about $1.20 per audio minute while for high-quality audio, you earn 60cents per audio minute.  

Jobs For Fast Typers

Fast typers are typists capable of operating at a minimum speed of 60 words per minute. Employers usually appreciate very strong keyboarding skills because of their ability to complete a task in less time hence in the long run more results are achieved at a reduced time frame.

In addition, jobs for fast typers come with more pay therefore you attract better-paying typing jobs when you are skilled in keyboarding. Along with your strong keyboarding skill, you also need the following to attract jobs for fast typers;

  • Excellent spelling and writing skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Attentive to details
  • Willing and ready to re-edit when necessary

Here are some of the jobs for fast typers

Subtitling Typing Jobs

Subtitlists usually work with television and media companies as freelance contractors. They carry out activities that are related to creating the written text in line with any visual audio piece that is shown in cinemas, on T.V or the internet. 

For you to qualify as a subtitlists for any media company, you must possess experience in the field and excellent editing skills. For more job offers, you could visit happyscribe

Typist Processors

Here, the regular work of a typist includes writing correspondence, reports, and any other content, putting them according to a specific format. It is required that you type out a hand-written copy into a professional-looking document. With this, a typist can earn as much as $20,000 yearly and attracts promotion to other levels such as office supervisor.

Data Entry Specialists

Your ability to type fast is capable of landing you amazing jobs such as data entry specialists jobs which rank among jobs for fast typers. Large companies require the services of data entry specialists to Input various information into their systems, database, and other relevant data programs.

Data entry specialists can visit remote.co for job offers. Besides, you must meet up the requirements for you to qualify for this opportunity. These requirements include;

  • Consistency
  • Paying adequate attention to detail
  • Excellent keyboarding abilities
  • Result-driven personality
  • Other skills that are required for you to carry out your tasks adequately

Closed Captioning

This is a typing career job for fast typers that has to do with subtitling for a specified audience such as the deaf. Flexjobs is a good place to get some offers.

Several media and T.V production organizations provide offline and real-time closed captioning job opportunities that professional typists who also have the necessary skills can take advantage of and can earn fat incomes when dealing with well-paying companies.

Copy Typing

The process of copy typing involves typing out words from a hard copy that is either previously typed or handwritten, into MS word or any other word processing package. 

Copy typists are referred to as fast typers who only concentrate on the hard copy they are copying from without looking at the keyboard. For job offers, visit Freelancer.com

Freelance Data Entry Jobs

If you are considering taking up freelancing as a career, data entry is an opportunity to consider. Data entry experts seek the adequate processing of data and information. To access data entry jobs, there are companies that you can sign up with.

Solomon Page

This is a recruiting agency for freelance data entry jobs that focuses on linking the right candidates and employers together in industries such as education, hospitality, finance, life sciences, fashion, and much more.

LaSalle Network

LaSalle Network is a fast-growing recruiting firm that caters to a greater part of the Chicago land region. Several people have used their services to secure freelance data entry jobs in the areas of human resources, office assistance, finance, executive leadership, marketing, and technology.


Kforce is a recruiting company that was established over forty years ago and it is still effective in providing freelance data entry jobs in the areas of communications, healthcare, finance, government sectors, and technology.

Book Typing Jobs From Home

Photo of a man doing book typing - a kind of online typing jobs

Book typing is a form of data entry that has to do with the conversion from one format to another, that is, changing traditional books to digital text files. Also, book typing is not restricted to published nonfiction and fiction books but also includes letters, manuals, old manuscripts, journals, text in images, speeches, etc. The requirements for book typing jobs are;

  • A functioning computer system
  • Conducive working environment
  • Ability to pay attention to detail
  • Moderate typing speed{at least above average}

Finding Book Typing Jobs From Home

If you are in search of book typing jobs from home, you will run into most of the companies that provide data entry jobs although it may appear with other names like book transcribing and the likes. But for quick results, search with keywords that will help narrow your results

Some of the platforms where you can secure book typing jobs from home are;


This is a U.S based company that offers various typing jobs such as book typing jobs from home from all over the globe. Although they don’t disclose their payment plans, the amount they charge clients, which is $2.63/page, can help you to predict how much they may likely pay their employees.

Final Thoughts

If you are good at typing and you want to earn some extra bucks, you could take advantage of many online typing jobs available. There are some online typing jobs for newbies while the others are for experienced typists.

So, whichever one you are – go through the companies mentioned above to choose the one that suits you and offers what you want.

Go online, subscribe, and earn some good cash.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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