How to make $1000 fast (15 quickest legit ways)

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You may probably be considering how to make 1000 dollars fast due to some financial challenges staring you in the face and needs to be settled asap. It may be a new project, medical issues, or maybe some other important personal matters.

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There are over one thousand ways to make $1000 daily, weekly or monthly. Some of these various ways will be outlined and discussed below and you will realize how easy and possible it is, even in our present age to make 1000 dollars. All you need to do is to take the necessary steps that will earn you that clean 1000 dollars.

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How To Make A Quick 1000 Dollars In A Day

Don’t be surprised that there are tips on how to make a quick 1000 dollars in a day that you can take advantage of. Some of these tips may sound strange and some seem impossible but truth be told, they are achievable. Some of the few tips on how to make a quick 1000 dollars a day include;

Solicit For Help

If you find yourself in a situation where you urgently need $1000 to attend to a certain pressing need, you can resort to asking for help from friends and family members. If you can get $50 from twenty of them in a day, you will have $1000 right in your hands. Speak with a relation that truly cares for you that can either give you free cash or a loan and the repayment time should be within a feasible period for you.

Where you are unable to get nothing or raise as much as $1000 in a day, you can speak with financial institutions that will be able to give you a loan of up to 1000 dollars in a day. Make sure you settle for repayment terms that are reasonable and convenient so that you don’t end up creating future problems for yourself. (Note that this should be a last resort when other options have failed).

In addition, the social media platform is another easy platform to make a quick 1000 dollars in a day. By just meeting with people online, you will discover how easy it is for you to raise $1000 in a day.

Let Out A Space In Your Home

If you have a space in your home, you can let it out via Airbnb, or even if it is your entire home that is not currently in use, you can let it out for the period that it is not in use and earn some cash. You may also consider hosting Airbnb entertainment which can be something unique that you do or a skill you want to teach. The amount you will make is dependent on the location and how well furnished it is.

Rent Out Your Car

This is another opportunity you may want to take advantage of because it is possible to make 1000 dollars in a day doing it. You can give your car to be used by drivers who give you some dollars in turn. While you are doing your other jobs, sleeping, or having fun with your family, your car is on the road fetching money for you. You may also drive your car by yourself, using it to move people and goods from place to place. With this, you would be surprised by how much you would make each day.


This is an awesome idea on how to make a quick 1000 dollars in a day. Beyond blogging to share your opinions or thoughts and improve on your passion, you can be making a whole lot of money doing so.

This is a common avenue through which people make money. Although it requires a growth process that may take months but once you start earning, you can make $1000 daily.

How To Make 1000$ A Week

In your quest on how to make 1000$ a day, some activities may not give you this amount immediately but can take within a week to accumulate. Some of these activities include carrying out a survey online on sites such as Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks, or Mypoints.

Other strategies on how to make 1000$ a week include the following:

Sell Off Your Used Pieces Of Stuff

Selling off your used stuff is one of the tips on how to make 1000$ a week. With the use of various social media platforms, you can dispose of your used gadgets, clothing, jewelry, furniture, etc. 

Platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist, can help you to earn 1000$ a week because of the number of people that constantly visit these platforms and want to buy used items.

Web Development

Technology has taken over this age and everyone wants to own a website hence allowing you to be able to make a whole lot of money if you are a web developer. If you don’t currently have the skill, you can build up yourself using some of the web development materials that are available online. With web development, you can charge as much as1000$ per project.

Work As A Virtual Assistant

Photo of a virtual assistant; an easy way to make $1000 fast

Working as a virtual assistant means helping an organization to carry out some tasks online that they are unable to do by themselves. These activities include managing the organization’s social media platforms, managing the website, responding to emails, and much more. With these, you are guaranteed 1000 dollars weekly. You can search for jobs as a virtual assistant on

Organize Online Training

This is one of the reliable tips on how to make 1000 dollars fast that shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you have skills that can be of benefit to others, you can organize a training using different social media platforms. You can charge as low as $50 per head for each training session and with just twenty persons on board, you are making $1000 already.

Some of the training that people do online includes; web development, digital marketing, catering activities, and much more. Some websites even pay you for being a tutor. For instance, VIPKid pays $22 per hour for teaching English to students online in China.

If you can work an average of 45 hours a week, you will be able to make $1000 a week.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the easiest strategies on how to make $1000 fast. One of the reasons freelance writing is an easy avenue to earn is because even if you have zero knowledge, you can easily understand the basics within days and start your writing journey. As you keep writing, your knowledge of it keeps increasing.

In the freelancing writing world, as a beginner, you can charge $25/1000 words while as you gain more experience, you can increase your charges to about $100 depending on the niche and length of an article.

As a beginner, if you can write a minimum of twenty copies of a 1000 word article, you will make $1000 a week.

More so, note that every website, blog, and organization requires a freelance writer for their articles, blog posts, copywriting, etc hence getting clients will not be an issue.

Some other opportunities that you can take advantage of, that will fetch you $1,000 a week, are;

  • Grocery delivery driver
  • Yardwork
  • House cleaning
  • Selling your handmade products online.

How To Make $1000 A Week With UberEats

Uber Eats is an American online platform that handles the ordering and delivery of food. It was launched in 2014 by Uber and it is based in San Francisco. With the use of an application on Android or IOS, users can place an order for food and have it delivered to their doorstep.

If you are willing to make 1000 dollars a week with UberEats, then you can register here.

Some other tips that would help you are;

  • Target an area where you will likely have more deliveries.
  • Take care of your food from home. With this, you will reduce the chances of incurring the cost of feeding while working and it will help you to save more.
  • You can combine it along with other delivery platforms.

How To Make 1000 Dollars Fast Online

There are a lot of ways on how to make 1000 dollars online because the world has gone virtual. Whatever thing you do online would reach people faster than it would have if it was otherwise.

Some of the ways to make $1000 online are:

Affiliate Marketing

This is an interesting idea on how to make 1000 dollars fast online that people are currently maximizing. To make $ 1000 fast online through affiliate marketing, you must target products that;

  • Solve a common problem
  • Have good quality
  • Affordable
  • Not easy to come by
  • Have good commission

This article is a good place to learn about affiliate marketing.

Join A Stock Photography Site

Mage of h

If you have a passion for photography, you can turn it into a means of making money online. For you to turn this passion into cash, you will need a high-resolution camera for good pictures and also join a stock photography website.

These stock photography websites require different types of stock photography and are also willing and ready to pay well for quality photos. This makes stock photography a good idea on how to make 1000 dollars fast online. Examples are Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, and many others  

Develop An App

This is an idea on how to make 1000 dollars fast online that works in two ways. It’s either you develop your app or you develop apps for other people. If you develop your app, it is a game of luck. That is, if you succeed, you will not just be making $1000 online but you can become a millionaire overnight.

You may also want to consider developing apps for other people which require you to market yourself well so that you can get high-paying clients. Whichever way you turn, it both takes time and requires a lot of patience but once you hit it, earning $1000 daily will be your starting point.

This makes developing apps a good idea that should be considered when you want to make 1000 dollars fast online. 

How To Make $1000 In A Month

If it is possible to earn $1000 within 24 hours or in a week – then, making $1000 in a month will not be an impossible task. There are different available and much more convenient avenues on how to make $1000 in a month. One of the major strategies that you can employ when considering how to make $1000 a month is to focus on rendering services to others.

People are busy with work hence leaving some other crucial things behind. If they get people to assist them in these areas, they wouldn’t mind paying well.

Some of the aspects you can assist people with are as follows:


You can work as a caregiver for toddlers whose parents are not always available to attend to them. There are also the categories of aged parents who can barely do anything for themselves. Their children may be off to work or far away from them and they are not able to give them adequate care.

Working As A Chef

This is a good strategy on how to make $ 1000 in a month that may be helpful to you if you have a passion for cooking and you are a good cook. You can turn your passion into cash. People are very busy spending time cooking delicacies while some others don’t know how to cook. Offering yourself as a cook can fetch you up to 1000 dollars within a month.

House Cleaning

Photo of a broom ; housecleaning is a great way to make $1000 fast

People need those that can help them with laundry work, cleaning the yard, and other cleaning activities required within the home. It is a good opportunity for you who are seeking ways on how to make $1000 in a month.

1000 Dollar Apps

As earlier stated that there are over one thousand ways to make $1000, some of which have been discussed above. Now take a look at some of the available 1000 dollars apps that are sure to pay you.


Swagbucks is one of American’s favorite 1000 dollars apps that has fetched a lot of dollars to many people. It is easy to use and you can partake in a lot of surveys in your leisure time which will, in turn, pay you for every survey that you carry out.


With this $1000 app, you earn through referrals, watching videos, and trying out free products.


With this platform, you get cashback on purchases made using the Ibotta app. If you purchase in huge sums, you earn more and vice versa.

Other $1000 apps are;

Final Thoughts

These tips on how to make 1000 dollars fast cannot be exhausted, so there is no excuse for not being able to earn. There are different platforms that you can take advantage of that can fetch you 1000 dollars daily, weekly, or monthly. Some of these avenues are freelance writing, affiliate marketing, caregiver, web developer, through Uber eats, online tutoring, and the $1000 apps that have been discussed.

Therefore, take advantage of these platforms and utilize any of these opportunities to begin making 1000 dollars fast. Also check out other legit ways to make money when you need it desperately.

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