How to get free money on cash app in 2021 (4 secrets)

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Would you like to find out how to get free money on Cash app? You are at the right place.

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At first, we had to pay for apps in the app store, but now, we get the apps to pay us. Most times, it doesn’t take more than completing a few tasks.

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Cash App was once known as SquareCash, and it is a mobile payment service from Square, Inc. it helps users to transfer money to each other with a mobile app. 

It is compatible with bitcoin, and it makes it even better to buy bitcoin or invest in stocks.

Among all the features that this app offers, the most trendy one is the money-making feature. 

So, let’s discuss how to get free money on Cash app.

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Simple ways to get free money on Cash app

  1. Through referrals

Every customer has a referral code on the cash app, which they can use to refer their friends and get paid.

You can get as many referral codes as you want. Some of these codes pay higher than others.

Hunt for the highest-paying referral codes by exploring the cash app.

Basically, you will earn $10 when people install and signup using your referral code. 

  1. By buying and selling bitcoins 

If you are asking how to get free money on cash app, you should consider buying and selling bitcoins. 

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A bitcoin transaction is one of the main features of this platform, and you have better odds of making more money through bitcoins than in other ways. 

Just use your cash app balance to sell bitcoins, and when the transaction is complete, you will have your money (with the extra) moved into your cash app account balance. 

However, the cash app will take a “fixed dollar aggregate” or “additional rate” when you sell bitcoin on the platform. 

  1. Through cash app associate sites

The easiest way to get free money on cash app is through their associate sites. 

The procedure is very easy, and you can get money without divulging your data, bank details, paying any amount, or wasting your time. 

Photo of the cash app; you can get free money on cash app through their associate sites

These steps will get you free money on the cash app.

  • Go to the cash app customer service on your Smartphone to get a link to the tool you will be using.
  • Open the link you need and put it into your Google Pay ID or Apple Pay ID. 
  • Choose an option you want. You will find options for Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Click on the “Free Money” option.
  • The site will take some time to verify your ID and create money when the verification is successful. 
  • To complete the process, click on the “verify” tab
  • You will be redirected towards an app-installing window
  • Here you will have to do some efficient work by downloading two ordinary and straightforward applications. 
  • Choose any of the applications you find on the screen and install.
  • After this, you can use the app for a maximum of 35 seconds. Doing this confirms that you are not a robot.
  • Repeat this process for the second app you downloaded.
  • You can avoid downloading big app sizes; the smaller and simpler apps are enough.
  • When you have spent 35 seconds interacting with the app, open your cash app and click on ‘Balance’.
  • There you will find your gift amount. There should be $100 waiting for you, minus your former account balance.

Note that to get the free money on the cash app, you must be a certified user of the cash app. Without this, you cannot use the service.

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  1. By spinning wheels

You can earn money by spinning wheels on the cash app. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Visit with your Smartphone
  • Click “Play” on the site
  • Enter your cash app ID and tap on “continue.”
  • You will wait a few seconds and click on “Play” again. This slot machine game allows you 5 chances to play and win up to $500
  • Click “spin” and wait for your luck
  • If you win, tap on “Get it”, but if you do, try for the remaining four times
  • Go back and restart your cash app, and you will find the money waiting for you.

There are times when the server gets too busy or detects bots. Here, you will have to verify that you are human before cashing out.

Photo of cash and a calculator;  getting free money on cash app is free and easy

Can I get free money on the cash app without human verification?

No. The cash app has to ensure that you are human before allowing you to cash out. So, if you must get free money from the cash app, be ready to verify.

Cash app has such robust servers and high security, and that makes your Touch ID/PIN or human verification an essential part of receiving money or making any transaction. 

It also requires that you verify your identity before even making changes to your account information.

What to do if you are defrauded on Cash App

Cash App has a relatively easy-to-navigate system, but recently, there has been news of fraudulent activity on the app. 

People can trick you into sending them money by claiming to be someone you know.

If you think you have been defrauded, you can quickly cancel the transaction from your Cash App.

If you cannot cancel the transaction, you can contact Cash App support to dispute the charges.

Also, you may notice a transaction that you didn’t authorize. If this happens, cancel the pending transaction through the app and contact cash app support immediately.

After canceling the transaction, you will need to wait for up to 10 business days for the cash app to refund the money.

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How to be safe on cash app

When considering how to get free money on cash app, think of the risks too. 

No one likes to lose money, and it is not wise to entirely leave the safety of your account to the app developers. Yes, they help, but you have your role to play.

Since there has been a hike in the number of fraudulent activities on the app since last year, you have to protect yourself with the following guidelines:

  1. Only send funds after you have confirmed your recipient’s identity

The transactions on the cash app are instant and can barely be canceled. So, you need to double-check the identity of the person you are sending money to before you do.

Though you can use this app to pay for goods and services, it is safer to stick to using it to transfer money to people in your close circle. 

  1. Do not share your personal information

It is very easy to be scammed through Twitter and Instagram when trying to get free money on cash app.

There is something done on these platforms called ‘Super Cash App Friday”, where the official cash app accounts host a sweepstake for people to win money. 

This sweepstake is designed to encourage people to follow the account and share their post, but scammers saw an excellent opportunity there.

They prey on people trying to get free money on cash app by creating fake accounts on the platform and sending private messages to the users who shared the cash app social media posts.

They will message you claiming that you have won a cash prize in another giveaway and ask you to send them a token to verify your identity.

Photo of a man making transactions via his phone; you need to avoid being scammed on Cash App by verifying before transactions

When you send it, the scammer will block you and do away with your money.

Cash app will never ask you to share your personal information, including your PIN or card number. If someone claims to be from the cash app and asks for your personal information, report to the support team.

  1. Cash app support

The only direct link you have to cash app support is through their mobile app. 

However, there are websites out there claiming to be cash app support, and you need to be aware of them.

If you have challenges and want to contact cash app support, open your mobile app and click on your cash app profile. You will find a ‘support’ tab at the bottom where you can use to find help.

The cash app will not call you or chat with you on social media. So, do not talk to anyone who calls, claiming to be from the cash app. The only way to contact and be contacted is through the app; anything outside this is fraudulent.

Photo of a phone; there are legit ways to get free money on cash app


If you have been thinking of how to get free money on cash app, I hope this article helped you.

The cash app is a safe platform that allows you to get free money whenever you want. It is pretty easy to earn, and you can start right away.

Increase your earnings by referring your friends. 

Cash app will not charge you to earn money, so keep an open eye and do your part to stay safe from scammers.

If you get tired of the app and want to withdraw, contact cash app support, and they will guide you on deleting your account. You can also contact them for other issues too.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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