30 Best Remote Proofreading Jobs (that pay up to $100/hr)

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Do you need a part-time stay-at-home job with flexible schedules? If yes, try remote proofreading jobs.

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Freelancing is one of those few jobs you can take and still keep your time. It pays, and you get to choose who you work for, the kind of work you do, and when you do it.

Out of the many stay-at-home jobs, you will enjoy a proofreading job. However, that is if you have a knack for grammar and spelling errors. 

You will find out how you can become a proofreader, the amount you can earn as a proofreader, and the best sites to get proofreading jobs. Read on!

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What is proofreading?

One of the most confusing things you will hear people say is using editing in place of proofreading and vice versa when these two words do not mean the same thing.

Proofreading focuses on correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes only. So, as a proofreader, you are not required to restructure any segment or rephrase any sentence.

When you know the difference, it will help you understand the jobs to go for and how you apply for them. However, not every client out there knows the difference and may sometimes require editing services alongside proofreading. 

This is not uncommon, and you can do the two things together. However, remember that it should come at an additional cost. 

As a proofreader, you will come across many types of content, including eBooks, web content, student essays/thesis, white paper, user manuals, etc.

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How to become a proofreader

You must not have a college degree to become a proofreader. Though a degree in English or literature would be an added advantage, people with good language skills and a passion for the work can become proofreaders.

You must be keen on details and be able to spot minor grammatical errors. Without these, you cannot become a successful proofreader.

As a beginner, you can start up proofreading with just the above-listed skills. But if you want to make a career out of proofreading, you will need some experience and build your portfolio with relevant qualifications. 

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Though you do not need a degree to get a proofreading job, many high-paying sites need it, and they mainly prefer a degree in relevant areas like English and Journalism.

However, you should not worry about this; most proofreading sites need more experience and testimonials than certification.

You can also raise your chances by taking training courses to make your portfolio more appealing to clients. 

How much do proofreaders earn?

Depending on the effort you put into the job and your commitment to building a career, you can earn well from doing a proofreading job. 

Though proofreading jobs generally pay less because of the ease of the job and the less time needed to do it, you can make up to $33K a year. But realistically, you can earn $10 per hour or more from doing a proofreading job as a beginner. 

Glassdoor showed that an average full-time proofreader makes $44,630 per year, but some top online proofreaders make up to $65K per year.

Where can I find proofreading jobs?

There are two ways of finding proofreading jobs. These are 

  • Applying for jobs
  • Cold-contacting for jobs

Both ways work, and you shouldn’t have much trouble convincing a writer why they need a proofreader. 

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However, the cold-contacting method may not work so well for a beginner since you will need a better profile to get jobs directly from companies.

So, you can get jobs by applying through job boards or proofreading services. Most of these sites do not require experience, and though their pay may be low, you can start there, and gain the experience you need before going for better jobs.

Here are some sites where you will find proofreading jobs:

  1. American Journal Experts

You can get remote proofreading jobs from the American Journal Experts if you are currently enrolled in higher education or have completed your studies at universities that are approved by the Carnegie classification.

This site prefers to hire people based in America to do their jobs.


CACTUS Communication is an education-oriented publication and is always hiring academic editors that can produce high-quality engaging content. 

They need a minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field but are not concerned about prior work experience. 

You can work with them as a writer, proofreader,  and editor.

  1. Click Worker

Click Worker completes projects for their clients by working with micro-task writers, proofreaders, translators, researchers, and data processors.

For their proofreading jobs, they need individuals with good editing ability and language skills. 

To get remote proofreading jobs from them, you need to sign up and take a test. You will earn per word, but the exact fee depends on the quality level that is expected from the job.

  1. Domainite

This is a low-paying proofreading platform for beginners. The experience you gain from here will help you find clients in a higher-paying network.

To join this platform, fill out the application form and edit the provided sample on the website.

  1. Edit 911

This site offers some good remote work for people with a Ph.D. in a writing-intensive discipline. They usually require high-level academic editing for their proofreading jobs, so you must meet their criteria.

Their audience is worldwide, and so they also require their staff to have a good understanding of manuscript styles.

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  1. EditFast

Freelancers, including proofreaders, can connect with clients on EditFast. 

You just need to create a profile and resume that your clients will see. Your clients will use this resume to determine whether or not they will hire you.

You will make money on this site, but you should know that EditFast will take 40% of the project’s total price.

  1. Fiverr

Do not expect to get the highest paying remote proofreading jobs from Fiverr, but you can earn something good if you have the experience. 

It is still a good place for beginners. You will find it easy to sign up and create a gig. 

However, your profile must be attractive enough to get you paying clients.

  1. FlexJobs

This is another big online marketplace for freelancers; you will find this site helpful as a proofreader. 

They usually have many openings for proofreading jobs, so there is a chance that you will find some.

Here is a tip when using job boards: do not search for location-based jobs since you will be doing them from home.

  1. Get Editing jobs

Get Editing Jobs is an online community for editing and proofreading job seekers. You can join them and search for editing jobs.

They are an extensive directory for freelancing jobs so that you will have a lot of money-making opportunities for writing and editing.

However, you may not see a lot of openings when you search for a ‘proofreader’.

  1. Gramlee

Gramlee is looking for editors, but what they have on their job description is that of proofreaders.

This site usually offers a quick turnover time, so they always have work. However, you must be willing to offer a faster turnover time. 

Just fill out the application form to get started.

  1. Guru

Guru is similar to Fiverr. Clients come there to look for freelancers and other things.

You can go through their openings for freelancing jobs and choose the one that is more suitable for your schedule.

  1. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is just like Click Worker that outsources different parts of their client’s projects to their freelancer, including proofreaders.

To get jobs from this site, sign up with them and take a skills test. When you pass, you can start receiving remote proofreading jobs.

  1. Managed Editing

This site works with non-profit organizations and high-class institutes. For this reason, they are very choosy when it comes to hiring proofreaders. 

You can apply to work with this site if you have at least a Bachelor’s degree and 5 years of experience in editing. 

However, know that most of their editors and proofreaders have higher qualifications.

  1. MediaBistro

You can find a wide range of media-related freelance jobs with MediaBistro.

You can go job hunting on this site and even sign up for job alerts, and you will get a notification when proofreading jobs come in.

  1. OneSpace Freelancers

OneSpace Freelancers is a platform that helps freelancers find a job, submit them, receive feedback, and get their payment. You can go on this site and search for jobs. They post available jobs regularly.

  1. Polished Paper

Polished Paper is another site that focuses on academic and business editing and is more suitable for professionals. 

However, instead of asking their job seekers to prove their qualifications, they ask them to take a test (of 35 questions) to demonstrate their competence in editing.

  1. Proof Reading Services

You can get full-time, or part-time remote proofreading jobs from Proof Reading Services. They offer a flexible schedule, and their pay is competitive.

Depending on your competence and the project, you can earn between $19 and $46 per hour.

To work with them, you need to complete a test before starting the application process.

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  1. Proofreading Pal

Proofreading Pal focuses more on academic proofreading and boasts of highly experienced staff. Because of the delicacy of scholarly projects, they require higher editing and proofreading skills. 

Only graduates with not less than 5 years of experience postgraduate students with a GPA of not less than 3.5 are accepted to work on this site.

  1. R3ciprocity

This system works based on credits. As a contributor, you will earn credits by proofing other contributors’ works, and with those credits, others will prove your work.

If you are looking to earn money, you can convert the credit into cash.

  1. Reedsy

Reedsy is more interested in your experience in proofreading than a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. 

They work with thousands of authors and publishing experts to produce quality titles for their clients.

Their professional proofreaders earn around $600 to $750 per manuscript, depending on the project. 

You can also set your rate per project, per hour, or word.

  1. Scribbr

The services of Scribbr are designed for a younger academic audience. 

They do not require a specific qualification, but you will go through a vetting process before being accepted. 

You can apply to be a remote proofreader at Scribbr. However, you need to pass a language test and complete some assignments. Afterwards, they will send you feedback on your performance and if you have been accepted.

You shouldn’t have issues passing these tests if you have done an editing course.

Photo of a woman working on her la
  1. Scribendi

You can apply to work with Scribendi if you have some experience in content production. This includes copywriting and editing your university article. 

Their online proofreading job is focused on academic writing, so you need to have a Bachelor’s degree to be accepted.

  1. Start your own website

You can get clients to work for if you create a website. Remember to add a contact section with your email address. 

You can also link your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter account to it. 

Advertise your site to get clients and start working from home or wherever you feel comfortable. 

Know that you can start earning this way even if you do not have a higher level of experience.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is an excellent place for beginners, and it never lacks job openings. 

This platform allows you to work from home and accepts people with different experience levels.

You can create an account with Upwork now and start getting jobs.

  1. WordsRU

You will like this site if you want to work from home. This is because they are open to worldwide applicants and offer their services to a wide range of customers.

Their services include web content and fiction manuscript, so their proofreaders can receive a wide variety of content.

  1. Wordvice

This company is focused on helping second-language English users edit and proofread their work. 

You can join their team of freelancers if you have a graduate degree and two years of experience. These are the minimum requirements.

  1. Writer’s Job Shop

The Writer’s Job Shop always has openings for every kind of freelancer ranging from writers to editors, copy editors, and online proofreaders.

There are always jobs on the job board, and you can comfortably apply for the one that is most suitable for you.

  1. Writer’s Relief

Writer’s Relief is a platform that helps creative writers proofread their work.

You can work with them as a proofreader. However, they only accept a few applicants, but it is still worth the try.

  1. Writing Jobz

Writing Jobz allows you to get proofreading jobs for every level. 

Their proofreading jobs range from academic writing to manuscripts. You just need to apply for online proofreading jobs based on your level of experience and schedule.

Photo of a laptop - the tool you need for remote proofreading jobs
  1. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is an online marketplace for people with almost every kind of skill. 

You can always go to this site to check for openings for remote proofreading jobs. 

They have been open since 2010 and have offered their services to about 2 million clients.


Doing a remote proofreading job is easy because it does not require much brain work like writing or creating new content.

However, you need to prove what you can do if you must earn high in this side hustle. If you want other options, you could check out these sites that pay you to type or these that pay you to transcribe.

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