How to make money as a teenager (25 epic ways)

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Do you want to know how to make money as a teenager? This post will show you the way. 

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It is best to start making money during your teenage years. Think of it; you have to save for college, move out of the house, get yourself some basic needs like clothes and a few other fancy things.

Also, the responsibility you learn from making and saving money during your teenage years will help you as you grow. 

You do not need to get old before you start putting your finances together. Sometimes, it is usually too late by then.

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You must have heard that your teenage years are your best years, and that is true. You have nothing to worry about, no child to feed, no rent to pay. 

So if you start building a sound financial foundation now, it will help you become financially stable in the future.

It can be pretty discouraging to go into part-time retail work; of course, everyone is doing that now. But you can earn more and get a better experience by doing other jobs online or around your neighborhood.

There is a job for everyone, you can teach to get paid, or if you are tech-savvy, you have even better openings online.

Dive into this list of jobs that can help you make money as a teenager, and you will find something for yourself.

How to make money as a teen

  1. Take surveys 

You must have heard of this before, and it is true. Taking short surveys online is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online as a teenager. 

You may want to go for higher-paying survey jobs as the lower-paying ones may not be genuine. Also, going for higher-paying surveys helps you get validation. 

Photo of surveys; a great way to make money as a teenager

You can get paid for surveys, from most sites. The most common one is Survey Junkie

You do not need to be very experienced to take surveys. However, the site will collect your data to know the kind of survey you are most suitable for. 

With that said, you can make money by surveying the product you used and the challenges you found with them.

  1. Do homework for other students

This is a very popular way to make money as a teenager. It will be a great money-making idea for you if you are good with  academic subjects. Think of how many people in your class walk up to you for help.

You can simply make money online by doing essay assignments for people. Also, you can try other subjects like mathematics and earn higher.

You can visit sites like Papers marketplace to learn how to make money online by doing homework for people.

  1. Sell products with amazon FBA 

There are more than 100 million members on Amazon Prime, and it’s a great idea to tap into this kind of audience to make money as a teenager. 

Photo of Amazon FBA; a great way to make money as a teenager

The best part of selling on Amazon is that you can easily use Affordable third-party tools like Jungle Scout, which helps you know the goods that are primarily in demand.

It is also easy to do data-driven research that will give you tons of money and Amazon if you can sell the right products. When you do this correctly, you can earn thousands of dollars on the platform passively. 

So, you do not need to do extra work other than setting them up on the platform.

  1. Build a website for local businesses 

Almost every business is coming online now, but small businesses cannot afford the budget of having their websites designed by professional agencies. 

Building websites for local businesses is a great way to make money as a teenager

You can take advantage of this lapse to make money to create websites for them at a lesser amount. Take a job as a freelance website designer and build a website for the local business around you.

However, you need to be skilled at building websites. After taking your time to learn how to design websites, you can quickly and 500 to 1,000 dollars for developing a good-looking website. 

You have better options if you can use great website tools to design them.

  1. Become a personal assistant 

Getting this kind of job is not difficult at all. You only have to look around your neighborhood and search for an adult that is always unusually busy.

These people usually need a personal assistant that will help them run some errands and do small jobs. You can have an added advantage if you know how to work well with this business or profession. 

Also, you can turn this into a serious money-making opportunity if you have good administrative and organizational skills. 

This could be the best opportunity to train for a future full-time job.

  1. Become a proofreader 

You can earn between $25 to $50 per hour as a proofreader. 

However, this kind of work is not for everyone. It is best for people who can pay attention to details and can easily spot grammatical errors.

You can take up this freelancing work and provide different kinds of writings ranging from emails, articles, blog posts, letters, and even more professional write-ups like legal documents.

You can polish your skills as a proofreader to earn more money by studying with Proofreading Academy. They offer the best resources for people who want to start proofreading.

Proofreading is a way to make money as a teenager
  1. Become a language tutor

You can make a significant sum of money if you know how to speak and write different languages. So, taking up a job as a foreign language tutor can earn you as much as $30 per hour. 

Sites like Verbalplanet and others can help you to earn that much.

  1. Camp counselor 
Photo of three teenage girls; being a camp counselor is an awesome way to make money as a teenager

This can be an excellent seasonal job if you just need something to do during the summer months. 

For this job as a camp counselor, you will be working with younger children. You will do well in this job if you’ve had an idea of camp before (which I believe you do). 

This job allows you to set your working hours. It works somehow like freelancing and the traditional job. You can get the flexibility you want and also get to have fun too.

  1. Get Qmee extension 

Qmee extension for browsers allows you to earn money every time you watch a pop-up ad. To start this, install Qmee on your browser. 

Photo of the Qmee extension; watching ads is an excellent way to make money as a teenager

It could be chrome, Mozilla, or any one of your choice. However, know that the payment is relatively small. These ads come up quite frequently, so you will have an excellent opportunity to watch them.

More Ways to make money as a teenager

  1. Make YouTube videos 

Earning income is very easy on YouTube

You can take this as a side hustle if you’ve ever made a video on this platform. If you make great videos, you can even teach people how to make videos on YouTube. 

When you create these videos, set them up with Google Adsense, and you will earn as people watch the video. 

More money will also come in when you click on the ads displayed. It is also possible to make money from affiliate income with the videos you make. 

There is no limitation to this kind of work; just brainstorm and develop the best videos you can. You can even make a portfolio of videos and watch your little revenue turn into something bigger every month.

  1. Taskrabbit

Taskrabbit is a platform for people that are older than 18 years of age. 

You can become a tasker on this platform and earn 85% of the amount for each task you perform. 

Know that being a tasker on this platform will require you to complete some heavyweight tasks. So you need to have the physical ability to work. 

This can be anything, including moving boxes around, assembling furniture, mounting TV stands, home maintenance services, etc. Sign up here to become a Tasker on Taskrabbit.

Photo of Task rabbit; doing tasks is a way to make money as a teenager
  1. Teach computer to older people

People aged 60 and above do not find it so easy to handle computers. This is because computers weren’t such a thing while they were growing up. 

However, it is now a child’s play to teenagers and even younger children. This knowledge is an advantage to you, and you can make money from teaching the older folks how to use computers.  

To find older adults who need your services, talk to the local senior citizen groups in your locality or senior living centers. 

  1. Become a social media account manager for businesses 

Business owners know how much additional income social media can bring to their businesses. However, they do not have the time to manage their social media accounts and post on them frequently. 

This is why they need extra hands to help them take off this task. You can make so much money by assisting businesses to build up social media accounts from scratch on Twitter

With the right strategies, this can become a good-paying job. “Make It Stick” is an excellent resource on how to start producing content on Twitter, and how to make the company account stand out.

  1. Start a blog and monetize it

Starting a blog is still very lucrative in 2021. You can either do it like this as a business or a hobby. 

Photo of a laptop; having a blog is one of the ways to make money as a teenager

You can make your blog about anything you are passionate about, ranging from personal health, fashion, sport, and regularly add content to them. 

This content includes podcasts, articles, and videos if you want to rank. Add Google Adsense to monetize your blog and join affiliate programs.

  1. Becomes a tutor on TakeLessons

TakeLessons is a platform that allows you to earn money from teaching people about the things you love to do. This can range from filmmaking, playing, games, singing, and acting; just anything. 

You do not need a special certificate to teach on this platform, but they will check your background before they allow you to start teaching. 

However, you will only earn 60% of the amount for each lesson and will stay at this price for a while. 

After completing five lessons, TakeLessons will allow you to earn 10% more. With these continuous increments, you can earn up to 90% of the lesson fee after teaching 16 lessons.

  1. Become a photographer for events 

I know that significant events like weddings need professional photographers. But you can still make money as a photographer for lesser events like birthday parties and family gatherings. 

Photo of a photographer; photography is an avenue if you are looking for how to make money as a teenager

When starting this business, you can charge a flat fee of $30 to $40.

Find people to do this kind of business for, by asking your classmates during their housewarming parties or birthday parties or even people in your neighborhood. 

If you find it challenging to get people who pay for this, start as a volunteer.

When done well, it can be the beginning of a full-time photography career.

  1. Work in a movie theater 

Working in the movie theatre has always been so much fun. You get to watch lots of movies for free, but that is not all. 

The pay is also above minimum wage. Also, you can enjoy the chill from cleaning the air conditioner on hot summer days. 

You shouldn’t find it strange to work in this kind of environment because movie theatres are a big thing for teenagers.

  1. Do Christmas decorations 

This is another seasonal job. Everyone loves to have Christmas decorations, but not everyone finds it easy to put them up and take them down, especially the older ones. 

Since you are still young and your arms are still strong, you can make money by helping them put up and bring down their Christmas decorations. 

Make money from doing this kind of job around your neighborhood, especially if you are interested in decorations.

  1. Sell designs on CafePress

If you are considering how to make money as a teenager, think of Graphics design. Graphics design offers an excellent opportunity to make money as a teenager.

Photo of CafePress; graphics design is a way to make money as a teenager

And you can earn even higher with CafePress. On this platform, you can design mugs, t-shirts, and totes bags for different people, brands, and companies, and they will pay you for it. 

You can also have this kind of opportunity from Creative Market. Make more money by designing cool templates, vector graphics, fonts, and logos on these platforms.

  1. Thredup

Instead of letting your old clothes just lay waste in your wardrobe, you can sell them on Thredup for money.

Many people have chosen Thredup as fashion heaven because it offers them cheaper clothes from renowned brands. 

Right now, they are considered the world’s largest consignment store. This means that you will have a magnificent audience to sell to you, which will increase your chances of a purchase. 

You can sign up now to get started on Thredup. Currently, they accept clothes from 35,000 different brands which are not older than  5 years.

  1. Video editing

This can be a big moneymaker for you if you are looking to make money as a teenager. 

If you know how to create and edit professional-quality videos, you can dive in and start making money right away.

If you have ever done this kind of work before, maybe for yourself or other people, then you already have a portfolio of work. 

Go to Craigslist and create a profile. You can also use other sites to make money from this kill. 

The amount you charge depends on your color. It can be an hourly fee or flat fee, depending on the kind of work you do.

  1. Become a DJ

Do you have a thing for music and entertainment? If you do, then you can make money by becoming a party DJ. 

Photo of a DJ; a great job to make money as a teenager

Start this job from your inner circle, and if they find you good at it, they will help you blow your trumpet.

  1. Digitize photos 

Think of it, most people, especially the older folks, have their memories in hard copy photos. But since the hard copies do not last forever, it creates the need of saving these photos to the computer. 

You can do this for them if you have a good quality scanner and quickly convert your photos from paper to digital and get them to pay you for it.

  1. Run errands 

You can run errands for people who are unwilling to drive or just can’t get out and do the little things. 

This work will be more accessible if you have a bicycle or a car. You’ll get to earn money from each other, and you run, and getting clients shouldn’t be difficult. 

Put up notices and adverts in your neighborhood and see who needs help.

  1. Maintain yards 

Yard maintenance jobs are really easy to get. 

If you are willing to get your hands dirty, talk to people in your neighborhood and help them keep their yards. 

Photo of a trimmed lawn. Yard maintenance is a cool way to make money as a teenager

The yard maintenance work ranges from mowing their lawns to raking off leaves and trimming flowers.


How to make money as a teenager has never been easier, and with little jobs, you can be making thousands of dollars a year. 

These jobs are readily available and are very flexible. Depending on your preference, you can work in your neighborhood or feel comfy as a work-from-home teen.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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