7+ Best Paying Seasonal jobs (& how to get hired for them)

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Do you need a seasonal job to while away the extra time on your hand or make some necessary bucks? There are many people as well as companies that benefit widely from seasonal jobs

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College students, teens, or even adults that want to make more money during the summer or school breaks find this type of employment to be beneficial. Many companies like tourism, retail, and transportation hire during the summer months because some of these months are their ‘busy’ season. And they need an extra hand.

If you want to find out more about seasonal jobs, here is all the information you need about these part-time jobs. Ranging from types, the currently available ones, their pros and cons, and what to do to get one.

What are seasonal jobs?

Seasonal jobs are those types of jobs that do not last throughout the year but keep recurring at specific intervals. These jobs are usually for positions whose role is in high demand at specific times of the year. When this time elapses, the workers will either be put on standby or laid off.

Some of these jobs are based on locations. For instance, some fishing and large boating industries only operate during the warmer months but rest during the winter. The professionals working in this type of industry may take other jobs when their work is on halt until winter is over.

Types of seasonal jobs

1. Tax preparation jobs

Accountants usually find late January to mid-April to be very lucrative. This is because many people will need help to file their tax returns on the 15th of April. However, accountants are not the only ones that get to work during this tax season.

Photo of two people working on laptops; tax preparation is a great seasonal job

Many accounting firms usually need extra hands for the reception and customer care (where you sit and receive phone calls). Many others even employ people to launch marketing campaigns, create an advertisement and even help people file their taxes.

The Internal Revenue Service also employs tax season workers to help them process the tax returns. 

This job offers a great opportunity for you if you have experience in tax preparation or the other jobs mentioned here. And since the job starts during the fall, you need to apply early to maximize your employment chance.

2. Holiday packaging and delivery jobs

Many companies appreciate an extra hand during the holidays. That is why they have openings for packaging and delivery jobs during these seasons. Think of the number of packages FedEx and UPS have to deliver during the Easter and Christmas holidays and you will understand how willing they are to pay you to work.

Photo of a gift package, delivering gifts is a great seasonal job

Getting hired is not a difficult task. Visit the company’s website to search for terms like “holiday helper” or “holiday delivery”, and you will see a list of openings. You can apply directly online, and they will get back to you, stating if they are hiring or not.

3. Festival jobs

There are always countless fairs, music festivals, and special events during the summer and early fall. It should not be difficult to get an excellent seasonal part-time job then.

You can get many seasonal jobs (some for the long term) if you are close to the venue of a festival. Some organizers of festivals even accept people that are willing to travel down there for the festival. 

There are different kinds of jobs in this category, and everyone can find a place they fit. You can get this kind of job in either arts, music, yoga, food, wine, or beer festivals. Find them here.

4. Tour/travel guide

Think of a great way to enjoy the outdoors while making some money for your travel needs. The job of a travel and tour guide makes this possible. It makes you get paid to enjoy what people are paying to enjoy.

These jobs are usually highly available during the summer as many people take this time to visit new places. 

For this job, you can take the touring visitors around a national park or historical site in your locality. You can even take up the local organizing or planning jobs with the management of tourist sites. 

Photo of a tourist site; being a tour guide is a great seasonal job

This job is suitable for people living around tourist sites, with an extraordinary passion for the outdoors, or willing to travel to get the job.

However, you need to have a good set of skills to thrive in this fun seasonal job. Your attention to detail must be superb, and you must have commendable interpersonal skills. A good sense of humor will be highly appreciated; you do not want to have your tourists bored during a timeout with you.

Travel and tour guide jobs can be easily found when you search kohls seasonal jobs for “travel” or “tour”. Get more location-specific job openings by adding your location to the search.

5. Construction jobs

Many people prefer to take some significant construction work during the summer seasons; most companies do this also. If you are in an area where the summer is hot and rainy, you will discover this busy period is usually shifted to the spring and fall. 

During this time, you can get yourself some employment as a handyman or professional in the necessary field and earn some money.

You can apply for a job at a heating company and earn real cool cash as a heating contractor during the cold winter. During the spring, you can run off to be an air conditioner installer or repairer as they are usually in demand when the weather is hot.

6. Retail jobs

The fall is usually the busiest time for retailers, and they are always very willing to pay for a helping hand. There are always a lot of tasks to complete just before the holiday. But what kind of work can you do? 

There are a lot of opportunities for everyone as the job openings from retailers range from cashiers to stocking shelves, ordering, merchandising, customer service, gift wrapping, candy making, etc. You can also take the Santa job or his helper during this season.

You can take up employment from retailers like Amazon, amusement parks, and other retailers around you. Many retailers are open to online applications as well as in-store. In fact, many retailers appreciate the latter because of how busy the season is.

7. Summer camp jobs

People with valuable qualifications and experience in education are usually in high demand during the summer. You can try this best summer seasonal job if you do not mind taking the counselor role.

Photo of a college grad; teaching at summer camps is a great seasonal job

This job is also suitable for college students if they have a flexible schedule. If you are a high school student, you may also be considered for the position of a counselor in camp.

Besides the counselor job, you can also work in the camp as a nurse, maintenance staff, food service agent, activity coordinator, and even administrative staff. Find a suitable position here at the crate and barrel seasonal jobs.

8. Resort jobs

Are there summer or winter resorts in your community, or are you willing to travel out of your comfort zone to where you can find one? If yes, then you should take advantage of the readily available opportunities to earn a living. 

There are jobs for almost everyone, and not all require special skills. However, you can still get a job as an expert skier if you have the skill. But if you don’t, you can also work in the retail, slopes, food and beverage, hospitality, customer service, social media, concierge, marketing and so much more.

Do not go to winter resorts if you are not comfortable working in the snow. You can also earn as well by working for beach resorts. Know that most of these places are now open past the season and if you do well, you can extend your seasonal appointment into something longer.

You can get some resort jobs by visiting CoolWorks.com for the latest openings for resort jobs. There, you will find not just the list of openings, but of websites that are likely to employ you for some seasonal jobs with them. 

Photo of a waiter at an eatery

Pros and cons of seasonal jobs

During the holiday and festive seasons, many kinds of seasonal jobs pop up. Though they are helpful to both the employer with the need of an extra hand and the employee that needs the money, seasonal jobs are not the only money producing openings out there. Hence, one needs to consider if it is the most suitable choice carefully. 

Before searching through half the internet looking for the most suitable seasonal job out there, and craft your resume to fit it, consider the following pros and cons.

The Pros

It can help boost your resume

Photo of two ladies being interviewed

Some companies do not employ people without enough experience in the required field, so how can fresh graduates prove capable? Seasonal jobs; help you to gain experience before appearing before your dream employer.

People who get to work as cashiers and retail managers for two or three months on a seasonal job appear more qualified than people with no experience in the field. This experience can help them stand out if they know how to present their seasonal jobs on their resume.

It exposes you to more long term opportunities

Employers know it is more sensible to hire full-time staff than seasonal or part-time workers, and they sometimes look out for prospects in their seasonal workers. 

You will have a better opportunity for long-term employment if you convince your seasonal employer that you are an asset to the company. So if your main aim is full-time employment, give your best to your seasonal or part-time job.

Above all, you can mention your interest to your manager about getting something long-term with them. This will help them remember you when they need a full-time staff, and if your work is good, they will take you.

You get the experience of working in a new company

If you are on the rough path of choosing a career, taking seasonal jobs like internships is the best and risk-free way to have a practical experience. This experience will help you have a rare glimpse of how that company is in real life. If it works well, good; if it doesn’t, you try another.

Photo of staff in an office space

But while doing this work, examine the goals of the company, its structure, and culture to see how well it fits your personality. You can ask the full-time staff about their day to day experience to learn more. 

Their information plus your experience will help you make the best decision.

The Cons 

The pay may be low with no added benefits

Since most of the seasonal jobs do not require certifications and expertise, they do not pay as well as the long term ones. The low paying I mean here is close to minimum wage if not precisely so. 

This may not be a downside for people out of work or desperately in need of some extra cash for the holiday or trip. Just know that you will not have those little Christmas packages, insurances, or even retirement benefits from the employer.

However, if you have an already active job and think of taking another big step; I’m sorry, this step is not for you. However, you can take this as a transitional job while waiting for something better if your current job is toxic or exhausting.

There is little or no extensive training involved

Seasonal jobs are temporary; hence most employers do not want to invest in extensive training of these short-term employees. The orientation you get on the first day of employment may be the only one you will get throughout your work there.

Since there is no training, the only experiences you get from this kind of work is fundamental and repetitive.

Photo of a lady teaching another lady; seasonal jobs make you learn new skills

If you need new skills that will help you at your full-time job, focus on getting them, and if a seasonal job does not give you that, don’t take it. Taking classes on online platforms like Udemy is usually more profitable than seasonal jobs for people with this kind of need. 

You will lose your free time

Photo of two colleagues working in the office

If you are taking a seasonal job together with your full-time job, get ready to lose your free time and social life. If your schedule is flexible, your temporary employer may want to have your services longer than agreed.

One of the most frequent occurrences to expect is a clash between your seasonal job and party time. You may have to cancel some already made holiday plans and timeout with family. So be sure of what you are signing up for.

If you are still looking out for a full-time job while running the seasonal, ensure the temporary will not hinder your search for a greener pasture. You need enough time to network and write outstanding cover letters and even attend interviews.

Hence, you strive to get the kind of schedule that will give you the time to achieve your number one priority.

How to get the best seasonal jobs

There are many great seasonal jobs out there, but getting the one you desire will need some conscious work. The following steps will make your dream for a good seasonal job achievable.

  • Network

The first step is getting information when there are openings for seasonal jobs. You can rely on your friends, family, co-workers, and others around you for this. Tell them the type of seasonal job you need and when you are willing to start. You never can tell, they may know someone or a company that needs seasonal workers immediately.

Your current employer can also recommend you for a seasonal job that is available. This will make you more likely to get the job.

  • Apply on time

It is sensible to start your hunt for seasonal jobs a month before the time you intend to start working. This is the only way you will have the time to apply for many jobs, go for their interview, and weigh your options.

Also, you will have the time to buy the necessary supplies and accessories for the work before you resume.

  • Consider your options

If you have difficulty getting the position you applied for, apply for another in the same industry to gain the needed experience. This will make you more probable to succeed next year.

If you found your last seasonal employment to be worth a second try, apply for it again. If you get the job with the same employer, he may offer you a better position or even make you a full-time staff with better pay.

  • Study for the interview

Every company has its ways of conducting interviews; and based on what they want, they will have almost the same pattern of asking questions. Find out about common interview questions and how to answer them well.  

Photo of a man reading a book; it is important to prepare before applying for a seasonal job

If you are asked why you need the job, say it is because you need more experience in the field, you want to have an extra income and have a full-time career in the area.

Feel free to ask them what a typical working day is like for them and how it will be for you.


Seasonal jobs are great when you want to gain experience and get some extra money on the side. Depending on the kind you get, it could set you up for a full-time career or be just enough to get you through your daily needs.

Follow the steps we have written above to find the most suitable position and go for it.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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