Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend (make up to $50 per hour)

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Making money online has become so easy that people even get paid to be a virtual friend. It does pay to be an online friend. Do not have the mentality I had; it is no scam. I realized that this whole thing is real and there is some good money in it.

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But how does this sound when your mama has told you to avoid strangers? Well, I guess we have to find out.

So, let’s run down to discussing what a virtual friend is and how you can turn your phone fiddling time into something productive that pays.

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Who is a virtual friend?

A virtual friend is a friend over the internet; just that. You do not need to travel a mile or more to meet this person or have real-life hangouts; everything happens on the internet.

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Think of all the friends you have on Facebook, take your mind to the ones you met there and have never been in contact with in real life. They are your virtual friends or virtual companions. Some of us even trust them with our secrets more than the ones we see in real life.

The only difference between the virtual friendship that we are discussing here and that of Facebook is that you get paid to be a virtual friend; paid to talk about anything, whether essential or not. You will be friends with someone that may have spent their whole lives trying to have a real-life friend but failed.  

Interpersonal relationships contribute a lot to our growth and success as human beings and being paid to be a virtual friend is to relate on an interpersonal level with a person that is nice, but just unable to develop some level of confidence.

The great thing about this job is that you can have more virtual friends to earn more

So, are you willing to be friendly for some cool cash? If yes, stay with me.

How much can I earn as a virtual friend? 

Platforms that offer friend rental services allow you to charge between $20 and $30 per hour, but you can go higher than this depending on the time you invest in the friendship.

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This pay sounds fair to me, considering that you can invest as many hours as you like. If you work up to 20 hours a week, you can earn about $2000 to $3000 each month. 

Of course, this sounds good, but like other businesses, you will not start up earning so high. A lesser charge will help you get through and gather some experience before you start to make thousands of dollars per month.

How do I become a virtual friend?

First, you have to create a profile with any of the friend-renting websites or companies to get paid to be a virtual friend. This is not a difficult step to complete, but that is not all.

You will be subjected to a test. Take a chill pill! It is not like a serious interview or school exam. The management of this website or company just wants to be sure of your personality and know if you are suitable for the job.

This gives you an excellent opportunity to sell yourself. It is your shot, and you need to take it like you are writing a business proposal (after all, it is not very different from that). This is why you cannot underestimate the necessity of creating an attractive profile. 

I prefer to stand out from others by listing out my unique abilities and talents. Write down yours if you have a good sense of humor or you speak different languages. You can even attract quality clients by listing out the areas of your expertise if any.

Being a virtual friend can be an excellent opportunity for you to learn and expand your knowledge in your field. You will also learn about different people and their ways of doing things.

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However, I wish to inform you that your virtual friendship with anyone on the platform is required to stay platonic. It is not a dating site, and there is no tolerance for being romantic with a virtual friend. Illegality is not also permitted.

If you think you two want more from each other, you are free to take it out of the platform when your paid contract has ended. Here, making money should be the primary thing on your mind.

Steps to get started as a virtual friend

  1. Create your profile

It first starts with choosing the websites for renting friends and creating an account with them. There are many of them, and you can peep into our list below to choose the most suitable one for you.

This profile you are setting up should be good enough to give the reader a good idea of your personality. Ensure your information is concise and straight to the point. It is the first thing your readers read, and it is best to sell yourself here. 

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Though this work is more suited for extroverts, and people that can lead or initiate a conversation, introverts can still get paid to be a virtual friend. There are always some introverted clients that wouldn’t mind talking to someone like them.

However, just ensure that everything on your profile is true and thorough. That is the only way you will meet clients that you can connect and flow with.

This does not just end with the flow; it has a lot to do with your money-making abilities. You don’t want a client being bored within the first 20 minutes of the conversation.

  1. Mention something that makes you unique and better than the rest
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Like any other business, it is a competition. Since the client is the one to approach you and make the final choice, there must be something in your profile that makes them give you a second thought. What is that thing?

It could be your ability to speak another language (which could be your client’s native dialect), or your knowledge in a particular field. 

You cannot wholly ignore the academic part of it as some options allow you to link up on a professional level with your client and get paid online for it. So, it may be helpful to mention your academic skills at once.

Do not relent in making yourself stand out even when you are registering with a site with a more general way of allowing people pay to be a virtual friend. It is even more important here since there are more people. An increase in the number increases your need to bring something more unique to the table.

Meeting people online is not so different from meeting people in a social gathering. If you happen to meet a potter, there is a great tendency that you will dedicate a good deal of your time talking about their profession.

It is the same feeling that is attached when a person mentions his achievements. It does not have to be anything superb, but knowing that they took the bold step to achieve that puts an interest in you to learn more about them.

  1. Add your financial details

After you have delivered your service, expect to receive your earnings through PayPal; if not, they will wire you the money electronically. 

If you have no PayPal account, take out two minutes of your time and create one. Add it to your profile and get ready to start earning.

  1. Go through the test and pass it like a pro!
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Though this is not applicable in all cases, you may need to pass the test before accepting clients. This test is usually not a tough one, and you will not be asked difficult questions relating to history or anything.

Instead, the management will involve you in a conversation to know your kind of personality and determine whether you are suitable for the type of task at hand.

  1. With confidence, wait for your first client

If you convince them that you are suitable for the job, they will approve your profile. After this, your profile will now appear before your potential clients based on their search depending on some factors (gender, age, location, special attributes or skills, and so on).

If they like you and want to start a conversation with you, they will send you a message and you on the other end will decide if you wish to accept them.

If you choose to communicate with them, you do it the following ways depending on the services offered by the site:

  • Through a phone call at the specified time and date
  • Get paid to text them by the phone
  • Make a video call at the agreed date and time just like you would on Skype
  • Have a conversation in a chat room.

Online sites to be a virtual friend & get paid

Rent a friend

The name tells what it does and seeing that it is the first on the list, it is trendy and allows you to get paid to be a virtual friend. There are more than 600,000 people on the platform that are out to rent a friend for just a day.

Photo of virtual friends communicating

Their focus is on the in-person meeting but allows you to stay as a virtual friend if that is all you want to be.

They are concerned about you telling your clients about your special skills. Some people don’t just come to the platform to meet new people; they come expecting to learn something new.

It can be anything, whether you know about baking, cooking intercontinental meals, or even astrology, everything good is highly appreciated. 

How much does it pay to be on Rent a Friend?

You have the liberty to set your own rate at Rent a Friend. However, they have an hourly rate of $15 to $50. The most appreciated thing about this platform is that you do not have to pay any commission before you get paid to be a virtual friend. Instead, the person interested in being your friend is charged a token as a membership fee.

Though this is good for business, it does not end there. It gives you security since you are not just contacted by anyone but paying members of the website.

So, people will not just wake up and head down to your profile. They have to plan and be sure of what they want before paying a membership fee to access you.

However, the backside of this site is that you cannot carry out a background check on the other users of the website.

What are the risks involved in Rent a Friend

Like mentioned before, Rent a Friend offers a paid membership, and so, not everyone on the internet can contact you. People have to pay even a token to reach others on the website. This is enough to discourage those with ulterior motives.

Also, seeing that the site is strictly for platonic relationships decreases your chances of being abused or emotionally attached to the wrong person.

Rent a Local Friend

Being recommended by TripAdvisor, this site allows you to meet people that are either in your city or will be traveling there. Still, you get paid to text chat.

This site works just like Airbnb’s tour package. The only difference here is that you are allowed to manage your page on the platform. 

Its benefits do not just end with being paid to chat; you can also sign up as a travel agent if you reside in a popular travel destination.

How much can I earn on Rent a Local Friend?

This platform is rich in membership and allows you to charge between $50 and $200 per hour. If you know how to play your cards right, you can make up to a hundred and twenty dollars daily.

What makes this site outstanding?

This site charges an annual fee. Hence, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry gets on it. Since there are many people, the competition is less, and you can meet outstanding clients within the shortest possible time.

Also, compared to Rent a Friend, there is a lesser amount of scammers.

However, the annual fee here is $100 before you can have access to its complete features. So, are you willing to pay a hundred dollars for it?

Friend PC

On Friend PC, you get paid to be a virtual friend. The list of options is almost endless as you can choose to text chat, make a phone call, online call, video call, or whatever makes you feel good with your newly found friend. 

Photo of a lady on her laptop; you can get paid to be a virtual friend

You earn from the little amounts users pay to request a chat with you. This helps regulate the kind of people that come to you and ensure that they are not scammers.

However, this site is concerned about more than just meeting and chatting with new friends. It provides a platform where people can learn a new skill or even find a life coach.

Are you ready to do something more than ordinary friendship? Then Friend PC may be for you.

Rent a Cyber Friend

The name itself tells that this site is for people who just want to be paid to be virtual friends. It is just like rent a friend.

To become a part of it, create a profile stating your location, interest, and the way you want to chat. Also, you can include links to your Skype, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and the rest.

The good thing about this site is that you have the freedom to look at the profile of other friends, even without signing up. This will guide you on how to set up your own account.

You can set your hourly rate between $15 and $50 per hour. However, you have to earn up to $75 before you can withdraw.

Signing up for the basic membership is free, and you can check the profile of friends on the platform even without signing up. But to sign up for their Gold, Silver, or Bronze membership, you would have to pay, if you are interested.


Like you know, Fiverr is a marketplace and freelancers go there to sell their skills to clients as a response to their requests. So, you can go on the platform, create a profile and set your hourly rate. Then, people in search of a person to talk to will approach you.

However, there are numerous people offering this skill on the platform, so; you should have something that makes you stand out from the crowd. But since Fiverr is a platform with numerous people, there are unlimited numbers of clients, and there is a possibility someone will meet you.

You can set your hourly rate between $5 and $25 per hour.

How to stay safe as a virtual friend

Photo of a woman on her laptop; stay safe as a virtual friend

The internet is a scary place to be, but the wise know how to navigate their way and come out unharmed. So, I have assembled a few tips to help you get paid to be a virtual friend without losing out.

  • Only register with secure sites
  • Ignore any site that asks for money upfront
  • Read the reviews from users online before committing to any site
  • Keep your private life and personal information like identity card number or social security number private
  • Do not meet physically with anyone if you do not want to
  • Trust your guts
  • End the friendship if you no longer feel comfortable with it.


Some people still find it hard to believe that you can get paid to be a virtual friend, but it is true. The only challenge lies in your ability to set up the best profile with the right site and meet the right people.

Think of all you can earn and also weigh the possible pitfalls of the job. Consider the sites and decide if you are willing to try. If you are, thumbs up!

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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