26 Best Side Hustles For Teens To Start Making Money

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Making money as a teen has never been easier. There are plenty of side hustles for teens that give you the freedom and time to work at your pace and make some cool cash. Are you up for the grabs? If yes, let’s get to it.

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But before then, I should let you know that you are halfway to getting that super cool good-paying job by reading this post. I have a list of jobs that can pay you well (both virtual and offline), and you should take your time through it. Trust me; it is worth the read. 

Now, they are divided into two segments. The first are those online and the other offline.

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Best Online Side Hustles For Teens

1. Doing surveys

Photo of someone doing a survey

Okay! There is always a smartphone handy, and this job will get you the pay. It is easy to do, and among the most prevalent online jobs available. Though some can be tedious, you can spend the little time you have off school to take short surveys, finish them up, and get something tangible. 

However, you must apply a little more care since it is not so difficult to fall into the hands of scammers.  Your target should be high paying ones that will be worth your effort. One of them is the Survey Junkie. You can start work right away on this website. All you need to do is sign up. 

2. User testing websites

Maybe you are not just cut out for the survey thing, but you can still get some money into your pocket from surfing websites. This is one of the best side hustle for teens.

There is a lot to do there. You can help test the usability of a website and provide feedback based on your experience. Were there some difficulties accessing the contents, or did it take forever for their page to load? Tell them that and get them to pay you the money.

Do you think you are unqualified for the job? Hang in there! This is where your naivety pays as you do not need to be an expert developer to handle this kind of employment. Websites are created for people of every class, and their success depends on how simplified it is for the layperson. That is why the website owners are willing to pay you to give your opinion even when you do not know what is going on behind the scene.

3. Sell stock photos

Gone are the days when people believed no one could make money from photography. Now we have the internet; there is a broader audience to buy your photographs if they are of excellent quality. 

Your primary audience is bloggers. They are in high demand for stock photos since the success of their blogs depends on them. This set of people know that not more than 20% of people read content on the internet, but they can boast of the 65% that will satisfactorily learn from visual content.

Do you have some old photos you took and do not know what to do with them? Sell them off and make some terrific cash. Websites like 123RF, iStock, and the rest are waiting to help you sell each piece.

4. Sell products on Etsy

Photo of clothes on the rack

This online market is specifically for crafts, and trust me; there are ample opportunities for people with skills. You may consider this to be a place for people that are seriously into business, but no.

I know a handful of teenagers that have made it from selling their products on Etsy, so don’t dismiss the idea so soon. You do have what to sell. Start from those little embroidered pieces you made with grandma, even all the fabrics you manipulated with Canadian smocking. Provided they are good and useful; you can sell them off.

There are no limitations here, and the platform even helps put your products out as a new seller to help you attract more sales. Who wouldn’t take advantage of this?

5. Try out the mysterious freelancing on Upwork and Fiverr

I call this mysterious because a lot of people think it is. I know it is hard to put yourself out there to face the competition with experts from all over the world. You may never know what to expect.

But what if what sells more is your passion for doing and trying something new? Some people do not even hire experts for little jobs but will prefer to get the most unique and purest forms of creativity from young folks like you.

There are many opportunities out there, and everyone stands a chance. You can take your pure passion for creative writing or graphics designing to this space and watch yourself acquire the amount that can help you get through college in just a short while. Yes! I said that.

These side hustle for teens pay well and do not interfere with education. You can determine the number of clients you take at a time and put your profile on a pause when you are not ready to work.

6. Get paid to review songs

Almost every teen is crazy about music, but not every teen knows that this can be their money-making advantage. 

MusicXRay provides people with the opportunity to listen to songs, give their opinion, and get paid for doing so. You can comment on the lyrics, the genre’s compatibility, or whether you think the artist is cool. The current rate is $0.10 for each song.

You do not need to spend forever listening to get paid. 30 seconds is enough for each song, and you can spend your time on the train making money with it.

7. Do the proofreading work

If you are eagle-eyed like my cousin Becky that detects two to three mistakes within the first two minutes of reading a blog post, newspaper, or any written work at all, consider this side hustle for teens.

Because all you need for this work is a brain, laptop, and internet connection, you can do it from anywhere for people from everywhere whenever you are comfortable. You just need to have good reading skills.

Getting started can be a little challenging but not to worry, a short time into it, and you will be a pro. There are materials available, and you can help yourself get better with the Proofreading Academy

8. Go into the transcription work

Apps like Rev, TranscribeMe, and the rest have made it possible for writers to speak and get their work transcribed to the written form. 

You can work behind the scene for these app developers and help them transcribe the recorded scripts into something readable. However, you need a good listening ear and a desire for details to make it in this side hustle for teens.

Rev pays about $1 per minute, while you can earn as much as $15-22 an hour with TranscribeMe.

9. Own a YouTube channel

Photo of a person holding a phone with the Youtube Logo

The world is becoming too impatient to go through a regular school or their neighbor’s house to learn how to do some things. Everyone now streams to YouTube to find quick solutions for their daily challenges. You can leverage this and make a video on how to do anything, even bathing their dog. 

With a short, exciting video, you can develop a very profitable career. AdSense converts clicks to cash and can pay you for making a video of yourself dancing to your favorite song.

You can increase your earnings through some affiliate means available for people with a specified number of subscribers. This is amongst the most profitable side hustles for teens.

10. Create your blog

Though this is not a skill that pays immediately, you can still put your passion into action and set a pace for a steady influx of income in the future. 

There are various topics to blog about, and with good content creating skills and a basic understanding of SEO, you will be able to stand out from the crowd and get thousands of bucks coming in. 

11. Find your place on Mturk

Mturk is a platform created by Amazon for small tasks to be done online. There are tasks of varying degrees, and it has something for everyone. 

12. Get paid to design themes on Tumblr 

Tumblr has grown to high popularity, and almost everyone is using it. Like you know, this platform mostly uses themes, and guess what? There are people’s skills behind those themes. 

You can be paid to do themes for them, but you will need a bit of coding experience. 

13. Get paid to teach the computer to old people

Photo of two people in front of a computer; teaching old people how to use the computer is a great side hustle for teens

Though this is a challenge to them, it is more like a child’s play to you, and you can use that as an upper hand. Help those old folks trying so hard to adapt to the fast-changing technology and get them to pay you for it. And guess what? They will never stop coming to you for help.

There are a group of entrepreneurs that have already taken this business to another level. I think it’s high time you joined them in exploring one of the amazing side hustles for teens.

14. Play video games

Mama may call it laziness, but what if this level of addiction brought you money, will she still nag?

With Twitch, you can earn money by playing for people to watch. You can stream your experience live or upload it after you are done. Subscribers will pay you before they can access and watch your channel. This can slowly accumulate into big bucks.

Other people can learn how to play with these channels, and if you do it well, you will have many subscribers who will use your skills as a reference. 

15. Become a seller on Amazon

There are over 100 million subscribers spending billions of dollars yearly on Amazon. These folks are into buying one thing or the other. If you stand out from the crowd, you can make significant cash by being a seller on this platform. 

However, you need to know the products that are in demand and hence, what to sell. You can use Jungle Scout, a tool that will give you this lead and help you find a way to meander through this pool.

Easiest Local Side Hustles For Teens 

16. Put your wardrobe on the market

Hello, fashionista! Clothes come in and out of season, and I know there are tons of dresses in your wardrobe that you no longer term ‘fashionable.’ List them on ThredUp and sell them for people that want to buy cheap clothes. 

ThredUp is the largest online thrift and consignment store, where you can find a great audience to make your sales. It is pretty easy to start selling on this platform. Just know that they accept clothes from more than 35,000 brands that are not older than 5 years.

17. Walk a dog

Photo of a dog being walked

Back from the internet, you can live a healthy life and still make some money by taking your neighbor’s dog to the park. I said your ‘neighbor’s dog’ because it is a wise place to start. But slowly and steadily, more people will hire you to walk their dogs.

18. Care for old people

Not everyone is busy enough to dump their old parents in nursing homes. Some just need people that will spend a little more time with them while they go about their daily activities. You can do this if it fits your routine. 

You can also seek to be employed to work in a nursing home. As a teen, your work may not be tedious. You may just need to stop by at specific hours to read for them, and boom! – the money gets into your hands.

19. Empty trash cans

It’s not as gross as you think, especially when you’re getting paid for it! You can start with your neighborhood. Look out for those old or busy people that can barely spare themselves a minute to take out their trash and help them do it. 

That five minutes job can earn you some bucks weekly.

20. Babysit

Photo of a babysitter; a great side hustle for teens

With a license for a babysitting job, you can earn up to $16/hour. But even if you do not have a license, you can still earn something reasonable from this job. 

Platforms like Sittercity and Care.com can help you find more babysitting jobs that pay well. However, you will undergo an extensive background check before being certified for the job. 

This job is highly flexible, and you can acquire contracts that fit well with your schedule. 

21. Become a house sitter

This job is only suitable for responsible teens. If you believe you are equal to the task, you can consider getting into it. 

Many people travel and leave their houses for two to three months and appreciate an extra hand to ensure things stay okay. You can do this and get the extra side income. However, you must educate yourself on the risks involved before getting in.

22. Teach something

You do not need to be a guru in mathematics or chemistry to become a tutor. You can teach things like acting, singing, and even drumming, online on a platform like TakeLessons. This platform allows you to earn 60% of the tutorial free for a start. After completing the 6th lessons, you will take 10% more.

Besides teaching online, you can also become a youth sports coach and teach youngsters how to play tennis, soccer, or any other game you excel in. It’s a part-time thing, and you can live the dream while earning some extras. 

23. Lifeguard position

Are you great at swimming? If yes, then you are the perfect fit for a lifeguard position.

Besides knowing how to swim, you will need to understand basic CPR and other simple training to help rescue lives in case of an emergency. Check in with your local swimming pools and recreation centers to see if they have openings for this position. You should earn about $10/hour from doing an average lifeguard job.

24. Do some carpet cleaning services

Photo of a teen cleaning the carpet; a great side hustle for teens

You can start up with your carpet cleaning tools at home or rent until you have more money to get yours. 

As easy as this may sound, this side hustle for teens can bring you some cool cash weekly. 

25. Do the delivery job

Almost everyone does online shopping now, and there are tons of things to deliver. You can take advantage of this improvement in technology and give yourself part-time employment.

Attach to a local mall or restaurant and help them take their goods and foods to customers. 

If you are more comfortable with the online platform, you can earn about $10 per hour to deliver food with DoorDash. You can sign up here to become an official Dasher. 

26. Pet grooming

Do you have a soft spot for pets? You could use this internal warmth for them to pay a few bills.

There are opportunities to groom different animals for a token at grooming centers, veterinary offices, or pet shops. 

Do not fret! You will not be in the top position for grooming pets. Your role will solely be to assist the head groomer when they are out to clear their heads.

You can earn $9-10/hour from an average pet grooming job. 


Even teens have ample opportunities to make a side income from home and the internet. A little skill like designing or passion for pets can earn you some cool cash.

These side hustles for teens have given many people hope of having a debt-free college education. This can also be your story! Also, check out this post for more ideas on how kids can make money.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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