Low-Stress Jobs For Retirees (21 easy part-time gigs for elderlies)

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Many people dream of retirement, and some opt to retire early. The thought of the free time to do as you please and travel around the world is sometimes electrifying. However, after some years of living this dream, they wake up to a boring life with spare time on their hands and not enough money to take care of their basic needs. Could this be the reason you are searching for jobs for retirees?

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Here are some jobs that are suitable for seniors. They are flexible, low-stress, and enough to meet your needs if not more.

  1. Editor

Editing skills don’t just end after you retire. They become a part of you, and with the wealth of experience, you can find jobs anywhere.

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If you worked as a journalist or just enjoyed reading and editing as a hobby, you can take up jobs to read and rewrite other people’s work. An editor has no limitations; you can earn well by editing anything, be it menus for restaurants, real estate brochures, or ads in the newspaper.

You can find work on Indeed, Craigslist, and the others with a median pay of $20.38/hour. 

  1. Accountant

You can take up an accounting job part-time. There are a lot of businesses that are looking for people to help them sort through the payroll or give them advice with regards to tax. You can even become a consultant in the field. If you have the experience, what more is needed?

Photo of a calculator; being an accountant is a great job for retirees

You can do this job remotely; it has a median hourly pay of $20.31. Starting up should not be a problem. Check out Accountemps at Robert Half to find a part-time job as an accountant.

  1. Expert 

Many people are seeking knowledge now, and the internet is very much ready to supply them. However, these websites on the internet need experts to give answers to the questions bothering the world.

You can sign up to be their expert if you are knowledgeable in some area and have authority (like a license, certificate, or experience). 

The pay for this kind of job varies, but if you are an expert in technology-related areas, you can earn up to $1,000 monthly on JustAnswers for providing them with answers. This estimate is according to them, and you may want to find out the exact payment before committing yourself.

  1. Project manager

You should consider becoming a project manager if you spent most of your time at work managing projects. You should not have issues finding clients if you did well at work.

One of the easiest ways to find people to work for is by staying connected to your industry. You can offer them your services on contract, or you start up with the remote aspect of the job. You can also find clients on Upwork that will pay well. Those from the online platforms are better because you will be working from home.

The pay for being a project manager during retirement varies and is dependent on who you work for.

  1. Author 

There is a lot to write about out, and as a senior with many experiences in life, it should not be hard to find something to tell the world.

Photo of a man writing; being an author is a great job for retirees

You should try writing books on how to succeed at a particular line of work; it sells well. You can even advise about life and career. Are you creative? You can dazzle the world with thrilling stories, and guess what? They will pay!

Becoming a self-publisher is now cheaper and more comfortable. You can try Amazon and other platforms; however, you need to read about their publishing requirements. For Amazon, you can find your way around with this guide.

  1. Researcher

 This job will suit you better if you like to discover new things. You can work as a researcher or research assistant for students in colleges, universities or even organizations and help them collect data to solve problems.

To excel in this job, you need to have good analytical thinking, computer, and data processing skills. Never forget the need for attention to detail and the ability to observe safety standards while working.

You can earn between $18 and $22 per hour for this awesome gig that is among the best jobs for retirees. To find employment, talk to people or put up fliers in nearby laboratories, universities, and colleges for openings. You can also check LinkedIn for openings.

  1. Work as a tour guide

If you live close to tourists’ sites and centers of attraction, you can take up this lovely job. This job requires you to take visitors around a specific environment and educate them about it the fun way.

Photo of a tour guide, great job for retirees

The job of a tour guide comes in different types, and some may demand you travel around some areas with some sets of people. Whatever you may choose to go for, know that this job allows you to travel around and visit specific destinations.

Besides the tips you will get, you can earn about $14 per hour for this job. You just need to be hospitable with some good memory and a sense of humor. The people will appreciate you more if you have good communication and problem-solving skills.

Apply for this job on CoolWorks, Transitions abroad or Alaska Summer Jobs.

  1. Event planner

Many women (& men) enjoy planning and setting things up for events. If you are among this class of people, you can convert your passion into cash by considering this amazing idea amongst jobs for retirees.

Are you willing to be your own boss? Create your own event planning business and take up contracts to plan people’s weddings, birthdays, company get-togethers and other events. If you think it is too stressful to take up the load, you can still live your passion and make money by getting a job as an event staff.

Being an event staff can expose you to working at sporting events, concerts, festivals, parades, conferences, shows, etc. but whatever it may be, know that you will have flexible work hours. Consider the main time for this work to be evenings and weekends.

You can find this kind of job on Glassdoor or Snagajob. The pay for the entry-level is about $10 to $15 per hour.

  1. Private island caretaker

Though this job is not only for private islands, you can be paid to take care of large estates, or ski resorts in private areas.

Photo of an exotic island

Some agencies give out this opening as a marketing strategy, but others are genuinely in need of a caretaker that will maintain, clean, and manage private properties. 

You can earn between $15 and $30 per hour for this job. To find opportunities, search sites like Indeed as they give regular updates on openings from many Tourism Boards of different countries. You can also find entries on Pavilion Agency.

  1. Voiceover job

Do you have the highly appreciated pipes to take up a voiceover work? Then brace up to do training videos, audiobooks or VoiceBunny. You can earn about $30.32 per hour for just this.

PayScale estimates this job to pay an annual salary of $49,000. Are you still thinking about it? Why not take it now?

  1. Tax preparer
Photo of a woman preparing tax

Do your friends keep coming to you every tax season to ask for help with their taxes? Ask them to start paying you for it. 

There are no special requirements for being a tax preparer. The only criteria you need to be a preparer is the tax identification number from the Internal Revenue Service. This is one of the many great options among jobs for retirees.

You can earn a median hourly pay of $13.10 from this job.

  1. Hollywood movie extra

My grandma once told me that it is never too late to live your dreams. If there was a time you fancied being an actor or an actress, consider this as your shot.

Photo of a movie set; acting is a good job for retirees

There are many jobs for retirees in the television and movie producing companies (some paid and the others unpaid), and you can take advantage of them. Do not be skeptical about your location; there is no rule that you must be in Los Angeles before taking this kind of job. You can still live the dream while in Atlanta, Chicago, or New York. 

Just apply for the job on Backstage or Central Casting. There you will meet people that are casting near you.

There are no requirements for this job. Yes, you do not have to be anything; just be you, and you can earn up to $170 for working up to 8 hours a day.

  1. Work at Disney

Think of the role Disney plays in your life; it brings joy and happiness, and you can join them in making this dream a continuous reality. If you like working in this kind of scenery, you can gain an opportunity to work at Disney Park instead of Disney itself.

At Disney, you can be anything; a guide, waiter, bartender, attraction attendant, photographer, a character or character attendant, crowd control, first aid assistant, etc. there is a thing for everyone there.

The pay ranges from $7 to $14 per hour, and it is easy to get the job. Just look out for positions at Disneycareers, get employed, and you are good to go. 

  1. Park ranger

Being a park ranger puts you up to enjoy the outdoors while making money in your retirement. Suppose you are willing to take up this job, lookout during the summer. The state park agencies and National Park Service make openings for rangers during the summer, and you can try becoming one of them. You can also look out for this job opportunity with National Parks at restaurants, hotels, and gift shops.

The pay is an average of $14 per hour, and you must have a valid driver’s license and be a citizen of the United States. Park managers are usually required to have a bachelor’s degree in geology, botany, zoology, ecology, or environmental studies.

  1. Become a camp host

If you have a special love and affinity for the outdoors, you can work as a camp host. You can make a lot of money from camp jobs and travel around the United States, especially if you have your own RV. 

Photo of a camping site

Finding employment is not difficult. You can work at any national park, even the one that you have been dreaming of visiting. You can also work in state and county parks, water parks, lodges, farms, amusement parks, etc.

There are different types of jobs at the park for you to take up, but know that the minimum wage is about $12 or more per hour. Check out Workamper to find the available opportunities.

  1. Driver

Being a driver as a part-time job will work well for you if you want to have a flexible schedule. You can register with Uber or Lyft and drive people around town. It can be your opportunity to meet fascinating people.

Also, you can sign up to deliver packages on Amazon Flex, or UPS. You can again try out Shipt, Postmates, Instacart, or Grubhub if you do not mind delivering food to people’s houses.

The pay for driving jobs for retirees varies, but it should range between $10 and $20 per hour. You can apply for this position online or at the offices of these companies in your locality. But before hurrying over to apply, ensure you have the requirement:

  • Eligibility to work in the United States
  • Auto insurance, driver’s licenses and consistent access to a vehicle
  • A smartphone (maybe an iPhone 5, Android 4.4, or newer)
  • Should be able to lift 30 – 40 lbs size of luggage
  1. Handyperson

This is one of the right side jobs for retirees that do not want to spend all their hours working for other people. You can consider this if you find out that your family members and neighbors keep knocking at your door for help with their odd jobs.

Photo of a handyman; doing odd jobs is another great option for retirees

However, you need to have some licenses, certifications and insurance to start earning. You must fulfill these requirements according to the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals before you become an official Handyman.

If you are skillful at it, you can earn an average of $22.71 per hour off this job.

  1. Consultant

This is one of the high paying jobs for retirees and a great way to retain your skills, keep the money coming in, and keep your schedule flexible. 

There are two types of consultants (general and specialist), and you can choose to be any of them. You can choose the general consultancy if you are knowledgeable in many fields. Your presence can help companies make general improvements, and trust me; many are willing to pay for it.

The specialist consultancy is for people with superior knowledge in a particular field. This aspect sells better if your experience is highly valuable in a sector that people are willing to pay for.

So if you know that you have something the world needs or something that made you stand out of the crowd during your days at work, step into this line of work. 

To find this kind of work, search consultant jobs near you on the search engine, or visit websites like Simply Hired or Indeed.  You can also become a freelancer and offer your services to your former employer or other companies within the same field.

The amount you earn here depends on the field of expertise, your skill level, and experience. 

  1. Tutor

You can earn some good income by becoming a tutor after retirement. However, you must have a passion for teaching.

There are many opportunities for private tutors, and the best part of the whole thing is that there is no legal restriction on private tutoring. You can choose to teach anywhere, even in your house with or without qualifications. 

So, if you have good knowledge of some high school subjects, you can start up some private tutorials in your locality. You can find some tutoring jobs by talking to your neighbors and searching for tutoring jobs near you. You can also find some online on platforms like Tutor, Care, and Tutors.

With good sets of skills, you can make up to $40/hour, and if you are a retired teacher with the right certification, it is possible to make up to $85/ hour. Qualified teachers with certification to train children with special needs can earn more than $85/hour. 

  1. Nanny  

Mothers never stop being mothers. This time, you can play the motherly role to the children of busy parents. It is an excellent way to find fulfillment though your kids are all grown, and you cannot get enough of your grandchildren.

Photo of a nanny; a part-time stress job for retirees

Being an experienced mother and grandmother is an added advantage, and you stand a better chance of being employed for this great job among jobs for retirees. However, you must be patient and temperate to handle children. Good knowledge about cooking, nutrition, communication and first aid is also an added advantage.

You can earn somewhere between $15 and $25 per hour with this job. To start, tell your family and friends to set you up with busy parents and start working. If not, you can also find clients on Sitter City and Care. But before being employed on this platform, some background checks will be done on you.

  1. Dog walking

Besides the fact that dog walking pays, it helps you exercise and catch some fresh air. Consider this job if you have a soft spot for animals and wouldn’t mind taking about $14.82/hour.

To find clients, talk to people at pet stores, coffee shops, or animal shelters in your locality to call you for work. Or better still, you can just put up fliers around your neighborhood to advertise. You can also find work online by signing up with Rover.


It pays to work as a retiree, even if it is not for the money, you will be thankful for the exercise it puts you through. 

There are many jobs for retirees, and you can choose the most suitable for you. Ensure you are healthy enough to take up an appointment and know when to give yourself the needed rest you deserve.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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