Clickworker Review 2021 (Pros, Cons & all you need to know)

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Clickworker is one of the fastest-growing micro-tasking or micro-job platforms that creates opportunities for anyone to sign-up and earn money by doing different types of tasks. These tasks are usually simple and easy to do – they could range from app testing, data entry jobs, researching, taking photos, completing surveys, and many more tasks.

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So, if you are in search of a flexible side gig to earn some extra bucks – then you could consider taking a shot at Clickworker. Also, this platform is a place for stay-at-home moms and students who possess some specialized skills and want to make some side income for themselves.

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Therefore, for people searching for a good entry-level home (online) job – Clickworker is the right place to be. Read through the following Clickworker reviews and you will be able to make an informed decision about the platform.

What Is Clickworker?

It is a website and mobile app that is designed for people to sign-up and earn money by doing small tasks. So, these tasks will usually require an internet-enabled computer set and the ability to read and interpret the English language. Clickworker came into existence some 16 years ago and has since become one of the fastest-growing online job platforms in the world.

Clickworker is a crowdsourcing online platform that offers opportunities for businesses to get simple tasks done as cheaply and quickly as possible. These tasks are completed by Clickworkers who are in turn paid for the job done. The tasks on this platform usually require no special skills or training.

Is Legit

Based on the number of active users on the platform and their transparency profile – one could conclude that Clickworker is a legit online business platform. Besides, operating since 2005 and the available reviews about them also prove their reputation as a good platform to earn some cool side income.

So, the whole arrangement does not look like a scam but you might not earn enough cash to cover your bills – however, it is advisable to have multiple streams of income that will help you cater for all your needs.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Get Started

You start by creating a Clickworker account

Complete the online application form providing your first and last name, country of residence, date of birth, email address, residential address, and other login details.

Your profile should include as much relevant information as possible stating your degrees, profession, skills (where necessary), hobbies, and others.

Take the necessary assessments available – if none is available, you could go back to the dashboard and try out some other tasks.

However, if there are no tasks – pause for a while and visit the site later to continue the process.

How To Make Money On Clickworker

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The following are things to do to make money on Clickworker;

  • Sign-up on the platform – provide the needed information and ensure that you provide the true details about yourself.
  • Complete your assessment – after signing up and your account is verified, you should complete some basic and easy assessments. These assessments could include a test of your English and some others. So, here is the kicker – the more assessments completed, the more qualified you become for tasks.
  • Writing jobs – it is called the creation of text jobs. So, are you good at writing? You could make money from Clickworker by creating text for chosen topics and templates.
  • Doing research – could involve you just searching for data online and updating it. This is simple and it’s something that could be completed within a short time.
  • Carrying out surveys – do you know you can earn from just sharing your opinions on certain topics. However, you must be an active user to qualify for being picked; so, if you love taking surveys – take this advantage and earn some extra bucks for yourself.
  • Proofreading services – this involves reading and correcting mistakes in articles. There is no predetermined topic to pick from – but it’s based on what is available at a certain time.
  • App testing – this is testing apps to determine their workability before the actual launch. Doing this in your free time also attracts some bucks.
  • From referral – you earn £5 when you refer family and friends to Clickworker. This money is earned when your friend makes up to £10. Besides, you can refer to this via an affiliate program – another way of making money on Clickworker.
  • Photo jobs – you can be creative with your Android or IOS by taking good pictures of yourself and uploading them on the Clickworker app or the workplace platform. This is another way of making money on the platform that requires no qualification.

How Much Can You Make On Clickworker

The amount you can make from this platform is dependent on the country you live in. Users that live in the United States and Germany usually have the most offers. Besides, your earning could be based on the availability of jobs and how efficient you are.

The amount earned on Clickworker varies – you could earn from $6 to $40 per hour or $13 to $25 per hour based on the type of job and your efficiency. Since Clickworker is not a full-time job placement website – you will not get up to full 40 hours per week online jobs.

When Does Clickworker Pay?

Before qualifying for payment, your Clickbank account must have not less than £10 or $10 in it. Besides, having less than this amount will not be lost but rolled over to the next month. 

Note: you need to have stated your mode of payment – either through PayPal or bank transfer.

Also, before payment is made – the right tax information must have been entered and saved. Therefore, having met these conditions – payment is made on the 7th of every month. The platform will calculate all jobs that have been satisfactorily submitted and send a PDF receipt to your profile.

Payment is made on the 7th of every month because it takes 7 days for quality verifications of every submitted job. So, if a job is submitted on the last day of a month – the pay-out will be done on the 7th of the next month.

For payment related complaints and other clarifications – you can reach out to [email protected]

Other Sites Like Clickworker

Other alternative sites like Clickworker are;

Is Clickworker Good?

Judging by the reviews and the consistency attained within the last 16 years, one could conclude the Clickworker platform is a good platform to earn from.

Other reasons why it’s adjudged good are;

  • A decent payment threshold
  • Availability on mobile app and tablet
  • Payment via PayPal, TransferWise, and bank transfer
  • Varieties of job
  • Jobs can be completed offline then submitted back online when completed
  • Payment can be done in Euro and US dollars

But, the platform has some downsides which include;

  • Job offer is limited to location
  • Difficulty in qualifying for some certain jobs
  • Irregularities in rewards for tasks
  • Not many opportunities for non-English speakers

But overall, Clickworker is a good platform if you are looking for a side gig.

Working For Clickworker

If you are up to 18 years, then you are qualified to work on the platform. Also, though the offers are open to people around the world, most of the offers are targeted at the United States and Germany.

Also, to earn from Clickworker – the following are the modes of payment;

A verified PayPal Account: Payment is done weekly when your balance hits $5 or £5. This account must also be owned by you. This is applicable where PayPal is the payment option.

TransferWise Account: This is created for areas where PayPal and SEPA are not available. Here, payments are made every 2 weeks when your balance hits $10 or £10.

Bank Transfer: This is created for users that belong to Single Euro Payments Area – SEPA

Clickworker App

In 2020, Clickworker introduced an app that can be downloaded on Android and IOS devices – to enable users’ complete tasks on the go. This is good news because you don’t have to go about with your laptop but just your Smartphone or tablet to complete your tasks.

If you already have an account, download the app and log on with your details. It is user-friendly and has tasks like surveys, online research, app testing, categorizing data, proofreading, writing texts, audio, and video recordings, mystery photography, store visits, and some other micro-jobs.

So, what are you waiting for? Start earning by doing simple tasks

Download the app here:

Android devices:

IOS devices:

Problems Associated With Clickworker

After reading through this, you will decide if you still want to go ahead to register with or not;

Here are some challenges associated with the micro-jobs platform

There are more users than tasks on the platform

So, when you find a task you need to qualify for it. Even after qualification, it might take days or weeks before approval and at times there might be a rejection. That is why it is advised to have more than one stream of income to fill in the gap during periods of uncertainty. Keep this in mind – don’t quit your day job to depend on Clickworker.

Late task approval

It might take days before some clients approve your assignments. This means that your payment is dependent on their approvals which affect your time of payment. Besides, some have said that they had to wait for days only for the client to either reject or request a revision without any cogent explanation.

Yet to have a BBB rating

At the moment, BBB (Better Business Bureau) is yet to rate the Clickworker profile. BBBs aim is to maintain standards, investigate, and expose fraud against businesses and consumers. Also, they help consumers with the right information before purchasing products or services.

Technical issues

Some tasks might not work right due to technical issues and in the long run, it might not be worth getting across to the email support team because of the amount involved on the job.

Smart Crowd And Clickworker

Just like Clickworker, Smart Crowd is also an online platform that offers data entry jobs to people who are interested in making extra income online. Over the years, Smart Crowd has been able to earn a reputation as one of the best data entry companies around the world.


How To Get Started On Smart Crowd

Register and become a member

Take a typing test – it is divided into numeric, letters, and dollar tests – it lasts for between 2 to 3 minutes.

You must have 100 percent to qualify for a job (however, if you failed the test – you can always have a retake 24 hours after the previous test)

Other Requirements:

  • You must be 18 years of age
  • Good typing skills
  • High-speed internet connection to a computer

Payment plan:

According to the website, the payment is based on the type of task given. On average, the platform gives 0.20 dollars/1000 words while some might be 0.80 dollars/1000 words. Also, you can cash out once the money in your account hits $30.

Smart Crowd is also a legit online platform for making some extra money but it should not be used as a full-time source of income because the jobs might not be consistent and the competition is high.

Clickworker on the other hand goes beyond just data entry jobs – it includes other opportunities like taking surveys, app testing, mystery photographing, and several other online job opportunities.

The payment offers on Clickworker are higher than Smart Crowd with Clickworkers making as high as $20 in one hour – it all depends on your skills and the number of jobs you can deliver accurately.

Therefore, in joining the platform – unlike Smart Crowd where you sign-up and take a typing test, here, you sign-up and complete an assessment exercise to check your proficiency in the use of the English Language.      

However, both platforms offer online job opportunities where you can make some extra income to complement your full-time job.

Clickworker Forum

This platform has an active community where users can discuss and interact with themselves about everything regarding the website. Besides, it’s easier getting answers to your questions here because members can attend to them quickly instead of going through the email helpdesk.

Final Thoughts

If you are in search of a side gig to complement your full-time job, Clickworker can be a great avenue to earn some side income by just doing some small tasks. Interestingly, you can work on the go by downloading the app – it’s flexible, decent, legit, and something you can try out.

However, because of the number of active users on the platform – job offers might be inconsistent, so, it should not be used as a replacement for your full-time job.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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