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It is easy to make money with transcription jobs once you have good listening skills and typing speed. However, you need to ensure that the website you depend on for your transcription jobs is reliable and offers the best payment structure.

GoTranscript is one of those websites. However, there is a need to know if GoTranscript is legit and if they pay well. 

In this GoTranscript review, you will find out if GoTranscript is worth your time and effort and how you can get to make the most of the site.

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What is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript is a transcription company that Peter Trebek founded in 2005. The headquarters is in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

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Though based in the UK, this company provides its services in more than six languages to clients all over the world.

Their services mainly include transcription, translation, subtitling, and captioning.

So far, the company has transcribed more than 144m minutes of work with the contributions of thousands of transcribers and proofreaders from every part of the globe.

GoTranscript uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to transcribe audios, but they also hire freelancers to do the manual transcribing. This is because the transcriptions from machines are inaccurate, and having people do the work makes all the difference.

You can sign up to join GoTranscript if you want to work with them as a transcriptionist. 

Is GoTranscript legit?

Yes, GoTranscript is 100% legit. The GoTranscript reviews on their website and others prove that.

This company has been on since 2005, and this is more than 15 years of service. Lasting for this long proves it is genuine.

Also, the company has more than 11,000 followers and likes on its Facebook page, which was created in 2011. Their Twitter account has more than 3,000 followers with more than 2,400 tweets so far.

Also, GoTranscript makes it easy for their clients and freelancers to get in touch with them by publishing their phone number, Skype, and other chat options on their website.

GoTranscript jobs

There are four categories of jobs available for remote workers on GoTranscript. They are:

  1. Audio and video transcription

Workers on GoTranscript transcribe audios and videos of different lengths on this platform. The contents of these videos and audios could range from speeches to seminars to lectures and even sermons.

Mostly, these classes of transcription jobs fall under the general category and do not pay much. More money comes from transcribing documents in the medical, legal, and financial categories.

These categories of transcription jobs are numerous on GoTranscript.

  1. Translation

You can work on GoTranscript as a translator. Freelancers who do this job mostly translate documents written in foreign languages to English. 

The translated documents include games, apps, academic papers, etc.

Photo of a screenshot of gotranscript site

Currently, GoTranscript translated documents from more than 15 languages with Spanish, French, and German inclusive. 

  1. Subtitling 

Freelancers on GoTranscript create subtitles for video files on the platform. 

The interesting thing about this job is that you get to watch movies and TV shows while working. 

But beyond that, freelancers also subtitle files from high-paying files, including legal, technical, software, Forex, and the rest.

  1. Captioning

Captioning job is more like subtitling. The only difference is that you will be writing captions in languages different from those used in the video.

Captioning is not entirely the same as transcription. Transcription requires that you write word-for-word, but captioning allows you to tweak the interpretations so that the videos are well understood by the viewer, like the original video was created in their native tongue.

How to become a transcriber on GoTranscript

There are some technical steps involved in being hired as a transcriber on GoTranscript. This mainly revolves around applying, taking their test, and passing. 

After that, you are ready to start making your money on the platform. 

However, passing the test is not one of the easiest things to do. But GoTranscript provides an outline that aligns you to their expectations.

Alongside the 28-point guidelines for the test, GoTranscript also provides in-house transcription software to help you take and pass the test.

When you get a role, you can start earning money from any of their available jobs and get paid for them. 

You must note that getting a job on the platform is highly competitive. Hence, you need to do an excellent job after being hired. 

What happens when you work for GoTranscript

  1. You will receive a notification whenever a client uploads a file to be transcribed.
  2. The job description for the file you will be transcribing will be displayed on the job page. This includes the turnaround time, format, video/audio length, etc.
  3. Your earnings will be displayed on your ‘Stat’ page immediately after you submit the transcribed file.
  4. All your jobs will be proofread for accuracy and will be rated on a 5-star system. You need to score not less than 3.5 in your first three jobs; if not ou will lose your approval to work on the platform.
  5. You can apply to be an editor on the platform after having an average of more than 4.5.

How much can you make on GoTranscript?

You can earn from $150 to $1215 per month on GoTranscript. The company pays their workers $0.60 for transcribing a minute of an audio or video file. 

According to Glassdoor, low-scale transcribers earn a minimum of $3 per hour, while more experienced subcontractors can make up to $13 per hour.

As a translator on GoTranscript, you can earn up to $17 a month and up to $2,000 a month.

Payment is usually made on Fridays through Payoneer and PayPal. If you are using PayPal, the company will cover your withdrawal charges.

The company does not place any minimum threshold for withdrawals so that you can get your money right on the go.

Job opportunities on GoTranscript

Photo of a screenshot of gotranscript site

Aside from transcription, you can work in the following positions on GoTranscript as a newbie.

  • Translation
  • Subtitling
  • Captioning
  • Editor/editing

The openings you should go for should be the entry-level of these jobs. 

Also, as a newbie, you will likely handle general transcription jobs, but after gaining some experiences and skills, you can move on to more specific transcription jobs which pay higher.

They include:

  • Academic transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Medical transcription
  • Research transcription

GoTranscript Test

To get a position on GoTranscript, you must pass the test. 

Basically, passing the test begins with understanding their guidelines, which give specific instructions on things like the text formats.

It also addresses how to manage issues like stutters, slangs, filler words, speech errors, unnecessary repetition, etc.

Also, it tells about how to manage acronyms, abbreviations, speaker labels, and everything you need to know as a transcriber.

Since the platform gets jobs from non-native English speakers, they may give you a non-native English test with accents that may be difficult to decipher. 

However, the platform has offered enough help to ensure that you pass the test once you take it. One of those help includes the GoTranscript practice tests.

There, you can practice with the old tests to see how you would have performed if you were to take the actual test.

How to pass the GoTranscript test

Passing the GoTranscript test is very important, so you must be prepared for it.

Photo of a screenshot of gotranscript site

This goes beyond practicing for the test. You need to produce a clean verbatim of the audios you are assigned. 

This has a lot to do with the type of headset you use. I recommend you get a noise cancellation headset and a foot pedal to help you pause and replay the audios.

Also, you need to research the industries you will be transcribing for. For example, if you will be transcribing a legal file, you need to understand some legal terms not to mishear or make assumptions.

You must not rely on any Artificial Intelligence to transcribe for you. If they worked that well, GoTranscript wouldn’t bother hiring humans. 

AIs are prone to mishearing and making omissions. So, you must give your time to the file you are transcribing and bring out the best from it.

Grading and rating system for GoTranscript

Remember that I mentioned the need to get at least a 3.5 rating on the platform if you are to maintain your contract. 

The company uses a 5-star rating system, and their allocated scores are as follows:

0 – 83% accuracy – 1 star

83 – 88% accuracy – 2 stars

88 – 92% accuracy – 3 stars

92 – 96% accuracy – 4 stars

96% – 100% accuracy – 5 stars

Always remember to adhere to the guidelines when transcribing your files. Failure to do so can earn you a penalty.

Also, ensure you minimize grammatical errors, as you can be penalized for them.

Above all, strive to keep all the files you transcribe above the 3.5-star level. Having 3.4 or less for 3 transcriptions as a newbie will get you fired. Also, you may not receive payment for the work you have done.

GoTranscript Pros

You have found out the truths about GoTranscript, and I believe that you must be wondering if the platform is suitable for you. 

Before taking that last step of throwing in an application, look at the following pros of the platform:

  1. Friendly for beginners

Beginners can start transcribing on this platform without any experience. The site makes it easy to learn and make money.

Though there is a requirement of passing the test, people who fail can retake the test after a few days.

  1. You work on your terms

You can do the data entry job in GoTranscript at any time of the day. However, you must stick to the turnover time and ensure you meet the deadlines.

It is an excellent side hustle.

  1. It is a good source of online income for professionals

Indeed, the pay can be pretty small for beginners, but after acquiring the skills and experiences you need, you can earn more by doing specific transcription jobs.

Also, besides transcription jobs, you can do other online jobs like surveys for money. Survey Junkie is one of the platforms you will find friendly.

  1. International exposure

You will get to work for clients from different parts of the world. With this international exposure, you can quickly establish yourself as a professional transcriptionist.

Also, all the jobs on the site are remote, so you can get paid as a transcriptionist despite your location.

  1. Ease of signup

You only need a few minutes to sign up on the platform. Also, signup is free. 

Photo of a screenshot of gotranscript site

Paying attention to the guidelines will make your signup process even simpler.

  1. No need for expensive equipment

This is not one of those jobs you need to save up tons of money to buy equipment. 

The basic thing you need to earn money on GoTranscript is your talent and computer. However, you can simplify your work by getting a noise cancellation headphone and foot pedal.

  1. Timely payment

Payment is made every Friday on the platform. So, no matter the amount you made during the week, expect to get your pay on Friday.

GoTranscript cons

  1. Low-quality audio

There are complaints that the quality of audio from clients may be low. This will make the transcription job more challenging since you can barely hear what the client is saying.

  1. Issues with rating

You risk losing your contract by having a rating that is less than 3.5. Considering the low audio quality problem and heavy accents in some files, some people may find it difficult to meet this target.

Also, you may not be paid for the job that got you fired.

  1. Low pay rate

Earning $0.60 per audio or video minute is not funny, mainly because it will take you more than a minute to transcribe a video or audio minute.

This means that you will put in more working hours for relatively low pay.

GoTranscript reviews

  1. Glassdoor

On Glassdoor, GoTranscript reviews are 4.0 out of 5-star ratings from 358 votes.

According to the reviews on the platform, 

  • The freelancers there enjoy the benefit of work flexibility
  • They have fair pay, which is also timely
  • The editors also give helpful corrections.

However, there were a few negative GoTranscript reviews on Glassdoor like:

  • Some audio or video files have poor quality, making it difficult to transcribe
  • It can be difficult to transcribe non-English accents

However, this is not just a challenge with GoTranscript alone. Almost every transcription job has this too.

  1. Indeed

Indeed gives GoTranscript a 3.4 rating out of 5 from 27 reviews. 

These were their positive GoTranscript reviews:

  • Enough time to complete a task
  • Freelancers can choose their projects

The negative GoTranscript reviews include:

  • Low payment
  • Poor audio quality
  • Low accuracy rating and getting fired for it
  1. TrustPilot

GoTranscript has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on TrustPilot from 580 reviews.

Screenshot of gotranscript review on trustpilot

Among the positive GoTranscript reviews, the following stand out:

  • They are fast and efficient 
  • They have pretty good services 
  • Their results are fast

However, the following bad GoTranscript reviews were also available:

  • Bad audio quality! (No doubt, this is the same with Glassdoor)
  • Terrible payment for employees.

Again, these reviews are common to transcription companies. In my view, GoTranscript is worth the try.


GoTranscript offers a pretty decent way of making money from home. The GoTranscript reviews have proven that to be true.

It may seem tedious at the start, almost everything feels that way, but with perseverance, you will be able to pay your bills, debts and even gain that financial independence you so crave.

Remember that your best is what counts here, so you must strive to do your best to be good enough to earn more.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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