Get Paid To Walk – 11 Apps that actually pay you (up to $150) For Walking

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Can one indeed get paid to walk?

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Shockingly yes! You can get paid to walk and for other activities that involve taking steps like running, cycling, and hiking.

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Walking is what everyone does without thinking about it. It’s a subconscious activity and something we do daily, so it would definitely be a great idea to get paid for walking.

There are a thousand ways one could make money without stress today because the world has become digitized. And there are different apps designed for you to get paid to walk in today’s world. 

Get Paid To Walk using Fitness Apps

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These apps help you stay fit and reward you for steps taken or workouts completed. You get to stay healthy while earning money – a win-win. 

Some of these get paid to walk fitness apps are:


LifeCoin is a fitness app that compensates for the number of steps every participant can take out-doors while walking, running, or doing other activities that deal with motion.

Photo of Lifecoin App; a get paid to walk app

When you take a certain number of moves, and the app can track them outdoors, it turns your approved activities into units known as LifeCoin units. You can then interchange the coins earned for expensive rewards.

Life coin app is only useful if you walk for very long distances each day or desire to enter into a body fitness program involving long-distance walk or running. You should note that LifeCoin will not validate any steps taken indoors.

How The LifeCoin App works

The first step is to download and install the Life coin app on your android phone. Then confirm if your mobile number is correct once you open the app. If the number entered is valid, you will receive a text message with your personalized code. You need this code to confirm your mobile number. Once your number is successfully verified, you can proceed to use your app.

The app is available for free download online, but you will be requested to make payment if you need to make more coins to earn more money.

For example, if you want to earn 50 LifeCoins in a day, you will be requested to pay for a premium membership on the app, and this is just $39.99. You can also earn more coins through referrals on the app.

Note that the amount of cash you can make on the platform is determined by how many coins you can earn daily, weekly, or monthly. You need at least 2,500 coins to redeem for a $50 gift card.

Consequently, the higher you walk, run, or hike, the higher the amount of LifeCoins you can make. 

You can get the app here.

Charity Miles

Photo of Charity App; get paid to walk using it

It allows you to earn money for donations without urging your friends and family to walkathon contributions.

When you log in your walking, cycling, or running, it helps you pick a charity. It works by using your phone’s G.P.S. and the motion sensors to traces your steps and how many miles you covered for seconds or hours.

The app has the power to log your indoor and outdoor steps of workouts for you, so set that treadmill course to appropriate use. One can choose from more than two dozen foundations, including the ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity, Nature Conservancy, Alzheimer’s Association, the Leukemia, Lymphoma Society, Special Olympics, and Wounded Warrior Project. They designed the Charity Miles app for both iOS and Android users.

The app has some disadvantages compared to some other get paid to walk apps, in that it is compulsory to track every single workout. You won’t receive a credit reward for all your activities that involve walking, but only for the steps taken with dedication and focus.

You can get the app here.


Photo of Achievement App; an app that pays you to walk
Photo of Achievement App; an app that pays you to walk
Photo of Achievement App; an app that pays you to walk

It is one of the get paid to walk apps that is widely used and most reliable. You will get paid for different activities like biking, swimming, and other activities that involve motion or movements according to the app’s tracking.

You can earn up to 60 points each day for walking activities and ten points daily for sleep tracking, weighing yourself, meditating, or sharing your health journey on social media, especially on Twitter.

How The Achievement App works       

Achievement app rewards up to $10 for every 10,000 points you make, and you can give your earned points to registered foundations. It takes four months on average to earn up to $10. However, they often delay payouts.

There are other incredible opportunities for earning cash and rewards, aside from this kind of system. Surveys are available on walkouts, exercises, and health.

This get paid to walk app helps connect to more than 30 other fitness trackers and apps, like Apple Health, Samsung Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Strava, RunKeeper, and MapMyFitness MyFitnessPal, and Misfit. You may not need a fitness tracker to use Achievement, as it can connect to the walkouts or activities logged by your network-enabled mobile phone.

The app rewards you for completing different kinds of exercises, including walking. You could prefer to get your workout by running, swimming, biking, or playing a sport. It will also reward you for doing that.

The app works hand in hand with several other apps like Fitbit, Garmin, MyFitnessPal, etc. It works well because it can use the phone data logged by your mobile phone.

You can get the app here


Optimity is a modified version of the Carrot Rewards app, an organization Canadian paid to walk app that originated in British Columbia in 2015, extended to other regions. They brought it down in 2019 as a result of a lack of funds for operations.

Photo of Optimity App; an app that pays you to walk
Photo of Optimity App; an app that pays you to walk
Photo of Optimity App; an app that pays you to walk
Photo of Optimity App; an app that pays you to walk

Optimity is currently in the beta stages, so the compensations segment is a little lacking. What they offer now are Petro-Points. Fortunately, the earning possibilities on Optimity are similar to what has been on Carrot Rewarding app. You can get paid by:

Taking multiple steps:

The get paid to walk app involves hitting your daily goal to earn treasures with streak rewards if you hit more than you set to hit a day in a row.

Stepping together with friends:

You can also invite a friend to hit your step goals with you and get paid for the number of steps you both take.

Through referral:

You can get more treasures to exchange for the rewards when you refer your friends to take tasks. Currently, 1,000 Petro-Points ($1 off) is equivalent to 9000 gems, meaning 90 gems = 1 cents. That is a rough estimate, though. If they can begin to give more significant payouts and higher pays, Optimity would be impressive. For now, I will be accumulating my prizes.

You can get the app here.


This get paid to walk app uses the benefit of gamification to encourage its users to boost their exercise. If you are ambitious and like to dare to do more, this app is the best for you. A colleague related her earnings with me, which was approximately $150 a year with StepBet.

Photo of Stepbet, an app that pays you to walk
Photo of Stepbet, an app that pays you to walk

How it operates is you will pick a sport to achieve your step goals. Then, you challenge yourself to reach those goals. If you hit your step goals weekly for the whole sport chosen, you will share the “pot” with the other champions. It implies you win back your investment with profit. However, if you do not hit your weekly goal, you’re out of the game. It is highly encouraging and a great way to get paid for walking.

Stepbet operates on both iPhone and Android phones. It works with different trackers, including Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung Health, Apple Watch, Apple Health, and Google Fit. You can start your game and get paid to walk.

You can register here.


It is a free fitness app for iOS users. (There’s currently a wait list for Android users.) 

Photo of Fitfetti, a get paid to walk app
Photo of Fitfetti, a get paid to walk app

You earn compensations in credit, money, free products, or commissions for reaching your weekly step goals. The businesses and people that engage in the meetings are named your patrons. They give you motivations called the “fetti.”     

After registration, you will get your first support. Then, as you achieve your steps weekly or inactive minutes, you start more aids to access additional meeting participants. There’s a cultural perspective to this app in that you can request that people join and send support notes to obtain more fetti. Additionally, colleagues, relatives, or even your organization could sponsor your fitness journey.

Fitfett uses Apple’s Health Kit or Fitbit to track your activity, especially if your supporters promise to pay using the platforms listed, including the PayPal app or through Amazon credits.

You can install the app here.


This get-paid-to-walk app can help you get cash for walking and running or other activities that involve motion. After creating your account, choose a club to join and make a “Pledge.” A club Commitment has a definite number of steps or activities for a week.

Photo of FitPotato, a get paid to walk app
Photo of FitPotato, a get paid to walk app

You pay an entrance fee for the Pledge, which must be paid upfront before joining a group. Using the FitPotato get paid to walk app, you sync and report your activity to be qualified for the weekly award.

If you reach your goal, you gain an equal allocation of the weekly prize. According to the conditions, FitPotato gives an account credit for the worth of the reward. If you provide them with money’s value, you would need to provide them with a signed petition, and they will send the sum to you.

Download FitPotato here.


If you are inspired and desire a more robust health tracking program, CircleCare may please you. It tracks more extra steps, not just your regular walking. It gives prescription reminders, communities, health condition monitoring, and even corporate wellness meetings. The reward system is that you receive CarePoints of five different kinds.

Photo of CircleCare app
Photo of CircleCare app

There are different goals to finish with identical points for commitment, wellness monitoring, well-being education, prescription, and other specific types. For instance, when you reach your regular walking goal, you earn 50 CarePoints. You get 100 CarePoints for attaining a walking milestone. The downside is that you are not getting points for a step.

Once you reach different CarePoint totals, you will be qualified for compensation. Compensations cover items like a vacation, fitness equipment, food, and massage.

Download CircleCare app here.


Winwalk is a very useful get paid to walk app because it rewards every activity indoors or outdoors. You do not need G.P.S., email, and log in. The app is an easy pedometer that uses a mobile phone’s built-in sensor to trace both your indoor and outdoor steps without entering anywhere else on your phone to invade your privacy.

Photo of Winwalk app
Photo of Winwalk app

It works for Android phones only. Winwalk is an app that users can download freely, and it compensates you with one “coin” for every 100 steps you take and converts those coins for e-gift cards from retailers such as Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and Walmart.

The daily limit you can earn is 100 (or 10,000 steps). You have to redeem your coins using a manual method to add to your purse daily before night. If not, you may miss your reward for that day painfully.

It may take many months to gather sufficient coins to get a low dollar gift card. Even so, you are walking daily nevertheless, so why not convert it to coins.

Get it here


It is another app that users can download for free where you get paid to walk. By reaching local walking goals or hitting your running challenges, you can earn rewards that you can use to acquire gift cards and goods from an in-app marketplace.

You can complete the trials that can match the steps inside and outside after finishing a challenge. The app deposits your reward in your in-app purse automatically without stress, and it is ready to be used for any purpose you desire.

Photo of Lympo app, get paid to walk
Photo of Lympo app, get paid to walk

You can get the lympo app here.

Get Paid to Walk by Making Deliveries or Running Errands.

This is another excellent way to make money. Many people are too busy to get tasks done; instead, they get people to run those errands, carry out those tasks, and pay them to walk. It is a vast section that involves completing deliveries, purchasing, picking up clothes from dry cleaning, and doing other chores.

Several corporate workers have priority lists, and these chores are not on those lists; they believe paying others to carry out these tasks afford them time to do other essential tasks. Your earning ability is better improved, but it requires more effort to get jobs done. One of such app is :


It is a get paid to walk app designed for iOS and Android users. They operate by delivering groceries, liquor, dry cleaning, takeout, and other indoor and outdoor activities in less than an hour. They assign food deliveries or parcels only to registered and verified members of Postmates.

Photo of Postmates, an app that pays you to make deliveries & run errands
Photo of Postmates, an app that pays you to make deliveries & run errands
Photo of Postmates, an app that pays you to make deliveries & run errands

After registering, creating an account, and joining the Fleet, you are qualified to work whenever you please. The company has a team that will run a background check on you, which you must never fail, and you will be requested to give your bank details and provide them with identity evidence.

Then they will provide you with a delivery bag and a prepaid card. No fee is attached, and you will save 100% of your gifts. Postmates rewards per completed leg of delivery through direct deposit and you can earn up to $12 per hour.

Get Paid to Distribute Business Flyers.

Photo of a flyer distribution ad; a great way to get paid to walk

This idea was introduced by a Side Hustle Show listener in Canada, who gets paid to walk door-to-door delivering flyers for local companies. He said his flyer delivery business was making him $100k a year on the side while giving him a severe walking workout (20,000+ per steps a day). Various companies employ people to distribute flyers to increase publicity and pay them for the number of actions taken.

Wrap Up

There are several ways you can get paid to walk. With an advance in technology, there are several apps you can download and register to track your workouts, running, and hiking and get paid for the number of steps taken daily or weekly. The app will reward you with coins, which you can either use to purchase gifts online or convert to cash, which you can get and spend.

You can get these apps for free either for android or IOS users. Most of the apps require a membership subscription; all you need is your data to download for use and create an account. Some get paid to walk methods that deal with deliveries often conduct a background check on applicants to ensure their identity and check for fraudulent acts before the company can trust you with goods for deliveries.

Delivering groceries, dry-cleaning, and completing tasks for others may be demanding, but you can make lots of money doing it! Once they can confirm your identity, they will request your bank details, give you prepaid cards, and free delivery bags for deliveries.

You can get paid to walk; all you need is the right knowledge and that is what I have shared with you here. So keep walking & start earning!

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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