AOJ Work From Home (a legit opportunity or a scam?)

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AOJ (American Online Jobs) work from home platform is a place where traditional job seekers and nontraditional job seekers are presented with numerous work opportunities. The site offers work from home jobs such as data entry, surveys, administrative assistant, customer service representative, and many more.

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So, if you are looking for a transparent site for work from home jobs, then you are in the right place because this review will help in making an informed decision.

Also, it offers to pay between $25 to $50 hourly. This sounds good, doesn’t it? Therefore, it is often recommended to do your due diligence and be sure of what you are getting into – this will save you from online scams and loss of money in the long-run.

A Brief Overview Of AOJ Work From Home

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Name of company – AOJ work from home jobs

The owner (s) – Unknown

Date Created – 2018

Website –

Fees – free

What Is AOJ Work From Home?

American Online Jobs is an online platform with multiple work-from-home opportunities. Ever since its coming into existence, it has created similarly cloned URLs like the following:

So, all the enlisted URLs above perform the same functions and serve the same purpose. Besides, a visit to any of these sites will make one feel that getting the best job is just a click away.  However, a further probe into the websites shows many red flags that could be potentially detrimental to a user.

A first-time visitor is brightened with high hopes of job opportunities within a short period. But then, you get to fill a questionnaire. While filling a questionnaire for available jobs that suits your profile isn’t the challenge here but after concluding the questionnaire, you click on the “Click here to apply now” button which lands you on a strange unrelated page. It could be a casino game page or just an error message such as, “This site does not work”.

Does this make any sense at all? 

This experience might come in different ways to different users but you are definitely not going to get a job offer through every effort you make on the platform.

AOJ work from home jobs site provides some training to members. Though this training is not directly helpful, it does focus on the promotion of survey sites for affiliates.

Therefore, the whole essence of AOJ work from home jobs is centered on affiliate marketing. However, as an affiliate marketer – you get commissions each time you direct potential customers to linked sites of other companies, and sales are made.

This model can be profitable with sufficient time and effort devoted to it.

How To Earn On AOJ

Completing surveys on their recommended sites is one way through which you can earn from AOJ. This looks easy, right? But the expected income is quite negligible, even when you dedicate so much time and effort to it.

Earnings can also be through referrals (referral marketing), that is making other people join the survey sites as an affiliate. However, this can be somewhat profitable over a while – but it often requires a huge chunk of work!

So, in both the short and long-run, the AOJ work from home platform becomes a complete waste of time!

Photo of AOJ site

AOJ Application Process

There are two versions of AOJ but the same application process on all the sites.

1. AOJ work from home jobs –  websites; and – require that you; 

  •  Attend to some pre-screening questions
  • Become part of a survey company
  • Join more survey companies
  • Watch training videos at the members’ area

It is usually not the practice for legit sites to use multiple domain names and logos for the same program. However, this practice is common among scam sites – they change the names of their program to hide from negative reviews and keep the fraud running.

2.  American online jobs  – websites; and

This is the first version that was created in February 2018. 

In this version, you answer some pre-screening questions before you can be allowed to proceed to the next phase. However, these questions are just there as camouflage – you need not answer any of the questions.

Scrolling down takes you to the “Click here to apply now” button and the video below that prompts you to click on that button is of no value at all.

So, clicking on the “Click now to apply now” button redirects you to the Lifepoints signup page – a paid survey site AOJ wants you to join.

After your registration on Lifepoints, you will be prompted to click on the “Step 2” button – and that takes you to another page with another video where you will be prompted to join another paid survey site. But the only difference here is that this video directs you to join InboxDollars.

Lifepoints and InboxDollars are the two main paid survey sites highly recommended by AOJ work from home site. On these sites, users earn a small amount of commission, gift cards, or reward points for attending to simple tasks.

Lifepoints are legit but the money made here is very low. Besides, it got a one-star rating from Survey Police and a 4.5-star rating from TrustPilot whereas, InboxDollars got a 4-star rating from TrustPilot and a 1-star rating from Survey Police. These ratings are subject to changes from time, so do your due diligence by making your research before going into it.  

Other recommended paid survey sites by AOJ are:

  • Survey Voices
  • Toluna
  • My Survey
  • E-Pol
  • Opinion City
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Pinecone Research
  • Vindale
  • Product Report Card
  • Survey Club
  • VIP Voice

Some of the sites are legit while others have certain drawbacks. But then, before joining any paid survey site – do your thorough research as it will help you in making an informed decision.

AOJ Training Areas For Members

Any of the sites you make use of leads you to the same members’ area. To access the members’ training area and watch the videos, you provide your name and an email address. Once you gain access, you have the opportunity of accessing 10 referral marketing lessons from Brenda.

Lesson (video) 1

This is an orientation video that will introduce you to marketing. Moreso, it will inform you how the other videos will go. These videos provide no real value.

Lesson (video) 2

Here, you are taught how to join Facebook groups, PPC, and FB Jobs and make money. You are also taught how to post spam ads requesting that people join the survey companies you belong to. In addition, you will be taught how to create cunning headlines and content, which is a resemblance to what AOJ does.

AOJ recommends that you join between 10 to 15 groups daily and post the site link within these groups.

Besides, Facebook jobs can be created within these groups. The videos also teach you how to make Facebook ads.

Lesson (video) 3

This video will teach you how to engage in affiliate marketing on Craigslist. It is all about creating enticing fake ads to attract clicks on Craigslist.

You will learn how to create a Craigslist account and post ads.

According to the training, you are directed to post on Craigslist and make payment for it. The price ranges from $10 to $40 under the job section or about $5 under the gig section. So, the ad should be like the “Jobs→ Customer service” section.

You are expected to create a great title for your ad and you must also include the link to the site. However, the posting instructions must be followed.

Lesson (video) 4

This video gives basic information on referral and CPA marketing. This is what you earn from companies when you send quality leads to them.

Besides, the video states that referral marketing is not the same as MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing). However, the 3:50 minute video isn’t sufficient to go into details about what referral marketing is all about. It only gives the basics of Multi-Level Marketing.

Lesson (video) 5

It is less than 3 minutes – focusing on YouTube marketing.

The video states that ranking on YouTube can generate the needed leads and traffic to the website. Besides, it states that people can get the needed traffic when they post their affiliate link in the description of their video.

To get access to the training, you click on the link provided which takes you to Udemy and this cost about $12.25

Lesson (video) 6

This contains no real content. It has only a few lines on how to market on Instagram. Also, a link to an Instagram blog post has been provided. Unfortunately, the link provided for the training does not work.

Lesson (video) 7

The lesson also has no video. This contains a paragraph on how to make use of Pinterest for marketing. Also, a link is provided to a blog post on how to engage in Pinterest marketing. Just like the lesson (video) 6 link – again it does not work.

Lesson (video) 8

Here, AOJ provides a 2-minute short video on the usage of GetResponse – email marketing software that helps to automate emails.

This is a good tool with good traffic to the site. You get the email address of visitors and you offer them something for free. This can either be information or free training. You can go online to get more info on the GetResponse software. An affiliate link is also provided just below the video.

Lesson (video) 9

This video is about how to build a website so that people can be part of your AOJ program. After watching the video, you complete a form and you have up to a maximum of 48 hours to get your website working.

Also, they teach you how to create a fake job website and entice people to come to sign up for paid surveys and other forms of tasks.

It is after your website is up and running that you can now access referrals, payouts, and other analytical data.

Lesson (video) 10

This is like a continuation from lesson 9. It teaches you how to earn money from your affiliate website. Also, it outlines how you can promote American Online Jobs.

So, one could see from the training videos that it is centered on referral marketing, affiliate marketing, how to get your website up and running, and start using your link to make some money.

Therefore, at no particular time was any reference made to jobs, job descriptions, or expertise required to carry out any job – which makes the entire process questionable and a complete waste of time. The videos are very brief and without key information needed.

Also, the methods highlighted by the training video will create spam messages, which will lead to the closure of several accounts – you will need to part with some bucks to get this resolved

Photo of an alternate AOJ work from home site

Who Created AOJ?

Until now, there has been no answer to who is behind AOJ. However, the only name familiar is Brenda and some other guys mentioned it in the training videos. So, it is assumed that Brenda owns the website. A review on Steemit also shows a screenshot of an email received from AOJ with Brenda Rosenberg as the sender and with a United States address.

There is no contact information on any of the sites about who is behind the idea. And all linked domains have anonymous registrations.

The only available information about the domain is that it was registered in February 2018. There is no telephone number to contact, no address, and no “about us” page – this is a huge warning signal. You should not be associated with platforms like this.

How Does AOJ Work From Home Work?

AOJ was designed to provide work from home job opportunities but they use real job search websites in posting fake jobs for unsuspecting visitors. You can get a job advert for Data Entry Clerk on the Career Builder site offering up to $12.56 to $25.45 hourly. This is a fake job ad.

Also, the platform earns from you without offering any job offer. How? When you join the survey and get-paid sites using their affiliate links – they earn a commission. What is wrong with this is the deceptive approach employed in luring visitors to do this.

AOJ doesn’t present well detailed free training videos which in essence will waste your time. This is so because the videos only give an overview of affiliate marketing.

Can You Earn On AOJ?

Since all the jobs listed on AOJ are fake, there is no way to make money on AOJ.

However, you can earn money through them when you join sites like Online Flex for a survey. Though the money is low when you consider the time and energy used – you will be paid for every survey done.

The main challenge here is that you might be required to give your credit card details to access some sites – this is a potential threat to your finances as you don’t even know the deductions and the payment that will be made.

For example, on PineCone Research – you can earn up to $3 to $5 on each survey while you can get up to $50 for each survey and $0.50 per email on Vindale Research. You get $5 for every referral when you share payment receipts

Interestingly also, there is the possibility of making money when you promote survey sites as an affiliate marketer. This is done through referrals – when you post ads concerning the sites on social media and a visitor visits the site through the link you have provided.

Therefore, it is advised that you look out for more detailed training on affiliate marketing as the training provided on AOJ is just an overview.

Red Flags of AOJ Work From Home Website

1. The website lacks a home page – when you open the website, it takes you directly to a pre-screening questions page.

2. Worthless pre-screening questions – whichever site you use, you are welcome by pre-screening questions which makes the site look legit. Besides, either you answer the questions correctly, wrongly, leaving them blank – you still get past the screening process.

3. Unnecessary training videos – you will be asked to provide your name and a valid email address when you click on the “Click here to access the training/members area” button. After this, you have access to training videos on referral marketing which was not what you signed up for.

4. Variations in domain names and logos – usually, legit companies have fixed domain names and logos. AOJ has different website variations –,, and Also, it has two conflicting logos.

5. Some of the AOJ sites lack SSL certificate – this is a sure red flag. Without an SSL certificate, the website is not secured. All legitimate websites have SSL certificates – this is for site security and credibility.

6. Unrealistic promises – telling people they can earn up to $700 to $1600 weekly from data entry work from home job is impossible and unattainable.

7. Negative reviews – this website has been on for over two years, and still there are several negatives about it online. Positive reviews are essential in promoting any product or service but AOJ has got negative reviews all through.

Also, when you visit the website, you’ll find reviews that translate to the fact that AOJ’s work from home scheme is yet to benefit anyone.

Pros On AOJ

1. There is no access fee to enter the site. Also, it is easy to gain access to the website.

2. People who want to earn money doing research and completing surveys can do so from the comfort of their homes.

Cons On AOJ

1. Jobs are listed on the sites, but the links take you to totally different pages where you are hinted about making money.

2. They have poor quality training videos.

3. No available information about the owner(s), no office address, telephone number, and other vital information. Here is what AOJ ‘About Us’ page looks like:

Photo of AOJ's 'About Page'
Photo of AOJ page

4. AOJ’s website reveals fake and misleading ads to lure people. For example, some of the ads say that there is a $25 to $45 hourly job, which is totally different from what is obtainable.

5. Your efforts even when combining both affiliate marketing and paid surveys will yield a very insignificant commission.

How Much Does AOJ Cost?

It is free to join this platform, but a real waste of time because you do not get any real job. But on the contrary, you are lured to join survey sites that earn them affiliate commission when you join the sites.

Besides, some survey sites require your credit card details for free trials – you might pay heavily for this especially when you supply these details to many survey sites and you fail to cancel the details.

The training only provides the basics in affiliate marketing which might be of help to someone new to affiliate marketing. However, the training videos lack the needed information and details that will make you soar higher in the world of affiliate marketing.

In Conclusion

It is disheartening to create a website solely dedicated to job opportunities but end up luring people to join survey sites and affiliate marketing. This website takes advantage of unsuspecting job seekers and increases their frustration when they go through a fake career job posting on a selected career website.

Therefore, this website can be said to be a scam. Even those seeking to go into affiliate marketing should not consider making use of the training videos because it is not elaborate and detailed enough for the training.

So, the entire process is a waste of time. If you wish to join survey sites, visit survey sites directly, and join. If what you want is affiliate marketing, go online, and get sites where you can learn affiliate marketing in its entirety.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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