Goherenext review 2021; legit or scam?

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Are you in search of work-from-home opportunities that will pay you real money? Or would you like to explore the opportunities on the GoHereNext platform for some extra cash?

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Whichever side of the divide you belong to, this article is written to x-ray everything that is needed to be known about GoHereNext.com; whether it can be used as a home-based income generation platform or not.

Also, some have argued about its legitimacy and authenticity but at the end of this review – you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether GoHereNext work from home arrangement is a viable side hustle or it’s something that should be discarded. 

Let the review begin!

What Is GoHereNext.com?    

This platform is a Multi-Level Marketing arrangement where people can earn some extra income. It is a Multi-Level Marketing platform because users are meant to sign up with a company, make referrals, and promote the company’s products and services in a bid to earn some extra bucks. The idea behind the GohereNext platform is the promotion of Shaklee – producer of home care, nutrition, and personal care products.

Therefore, the amount of money you can earn depends on your sales, the number of your referrals, and the number of sales made by your referrals. Overall, GoHereNext is dependent on how good you are in pushing for the sale of Shaklee products.

Who Is The Founder Of GohereNext?

So, Mr. X referred to in the video is Mr. Roger Barnett – the CEO of Shaklee, a platform that specializes in the sale of nutrition, homecare, beauty, and other health products. They have been in business for about 66 years.

Besides, Shaklee is a company that runs the same sales model as the Avon brand – which specializes in the marketing of skincare, jewelry, cosmetics, and other beauty-related products. These products are distributed through the Multi-level Marketing arrangement where you push for direct sales and refer others to join the platform before you are qualified to earn a bonus.

How To Earn On GohereNext

After signing up on www.goherenext.com, you are expected to use some aggressive strategies to push for sales through one-on-one promotion, door-to-door contact, using word of mouth to ensure that you end up making sales.

Also, one could earn from the platform when referrals are made, that is, introducing others to become sales representatives. So, you earn a commission on each successful registration. Interestingly also, you could still earn some commission any time your recruits refer others to the platform too.

So, earning on this platform is not based on the number of hours dedicated to the platform but the number of sales leads and referrals that you can bring to the table.

GoHereNext Scam

So, the following are some reasons why GoHereNext is seen as a scam;

It is often risky when personal details are shared in the public domain. So, before you could join this platform – your names, email, phone numbers are requested before access is granted. Usually, these are the same information requested by most scammers so that they can steal from you or carry out other unwholesome activities.

Another thing that makes the website look like a scam is that it does not have the “About page” where visitors can learn everything about the business. Logging in with goherenext.com takes you to another URL radiozeronine.createmyfuter.com and that is what scammers do also. The redirection on goherenext.com could imply that the platform is helping another platform market its products.

Most work-from-home opportunities are usually free but the opportunity on GoHereNext is not free. You will require paying $47 monthly to unlock and activate the product software. This is a lot of money – when you are not even sure of how or when to make enough income that will compensate for your investment.

Besides, goherenext.com has no social media presence which makes it questionable. Most legit businesses are usually present on one or more social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and some others but none is linked to GoHereNext.

The final reason why it could be seen as a scam is that the platform is not given a direct green light on most forums 

How Much Can I Earn On GoHereNext Platform?

To earn anything that will be meaningful on go here next, the user must commit time and hard work to the process. So, searching through the website – one will find the claim of the platform that some members are earning as high as $500 to $1500 monthly. This claim can only be verified by signing up with the platform and putting in your best in achieving success.

How To Get Started On GoHereNext

Alternatively, GoHereNext.com could also be written as GoHereNow.com

Visiting www.goherenext.com, the visitor is redirected to another URL https://radiozeronine.createmyfuture.com/

On this new URL, the visitor is requested to provide a first name and last name, email, and phone number to be able to access a video training on how one MR. X made well above $10,000 from the confines of the home.

The video contents include;

  • Reveals the identity of Mr. X
  • The over 55-year old company he just bought
  • The reason the company is the next billion-dollar strategy
  • How to earn up to $100,000 in 18 months or less
  • The reason to get on board now

Therefore, you need to go through the following steps to get on board;

After this is done, you are on your way to learning how to earn $100k in about 18 months or less.

Create My Future Platform 

The CreateMyFuture platform is also an online marketing channel for Shaklee products Multi-Level Marketing arrangement. CreateMyFuture depends on leads from other distributing vendors.

For a newbie, the platform takes you through a 15-minute presentation where you are introduced to everything about the site and takes lead through a marketing funnel starting with a lead capture page to phone calls and also the use of autoresponder email messages.  

Also, CMF is designed as a marketing site for product samples, a manager, and a tracking system for follow-up. Also, you would find landing plate templates, weekly live training, and autoresponder scripts.

To subscribe, the standard account costs $29.95 monthly while the premium accounts cost $59.95. For the standard account, users are open to lead capture pages, marketing sites for web development (with audio and video creators), and lead integration opportunities

Alternatively, the premium account comes with video creator, enhanced auto responder reporting, a conference line, 5-man web conferencing, unlimited custom auto-responders campaign, and priority email support.

Is Shaklee Legit?

Photo of Shaklee logo; the site Goherenext directs you to.

Yes, it is legit! Shaklee cannot be said to be a scam because it’s a company that is constantly seeking to sign up more people to buy, promote its wide range of products, and make referrals to earn some commission.  

Shaklee is a company that promotes many health products like anti-aging and weight-loss supplements, and some home products.

It is an American corporation and a Multi-Level Marketing platform that deals with beauty products, nutritional supplements, household items, and weight-management products. Some of its products are Vitalizer, Wellness Pack, Hand Wash, Herbal Blend Multi-purpose Cream, Nature Bright Laundry Booster & Stain Remover, and so many other products.

Also, another reason why Shaklee is legit is that it’s been in operation for over 60 years making it a company that can be trusted and relied upon. Besides, their products have constantly been rated high and enjoyed positive reviews. This makes clients recommend it to others from time to time.

And above all, it is an accredited business according to the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.

Pros Of Shaklee

  • Varieties of products
  • Good track record
  • Amazing supports programs like Shaklee University

Cons Of Shaklee

  • Products are expensive
  • Slim success rate
  • Cannot project your income
  • Requires payment to join
  • Too many products

Final Thoughts

Technically, the GoNextHere platform cannot be said to be a scam even though some things might want to make one believe that it is a scam. However, before signing up on any platform – you should do due diligence in making further research about the program.

Success is not achieved overnight, it requires some level of commitment and dedication; therefore, GoHereNext.com is not a get-rich-quick platform. This business model might not be suitable for everyone but will surely work for some people.

Surprisingly, it will require a great deal of time to build a strong down-line that will pave the way for your income generation – this will not happen overnight, lots of strategies and efforts need to be put in place.

So, to record an appreciable level of success – create a workable online marketing and strategy that will help you achieve success easily.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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