Writers Work review 2021 (Is it legit?)

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Thinking of making some fast bucks? You could earn some side income if you have a flair for writing. Writers.work is an online community for writers, especially freelancers, where a writer searches for new writing opportunities from different websites. The platform is basically for writers to find jobs that are best suited for them.

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The board has jobs such as blogging, website content, copywriting, social media posts, and other jobs that focus on writing and writing alone. Also, the platform is designed with an interface where a writer can relate with clients, write the contents and directly submit to them – making it an all-in-one platform.

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Unfortunately, you might be disappointed not to find job listings like transcribing, web designs, graphic designs, and some other jobs not related to writing.  

What Is Writers.Work?

This is an online freelance platform where writers get writing jobs, complete the task, and get paid. Interestingly, users of this platform have access to some writing tools like grammar checker, web-based document editor, an online portfolio, and some other basic tools to help them complete the tasks easily and seamlessly.

Writers.work does not offer writing jobs directly but it’s a platform where other companies post ads – you are not directly employed by writers.work, but you have the privilege of meeting clients and applying to them directly through the platform.

Therefore, writers have the opportunity to advertise and showcase their expertise in a particular job posting that suits them.

Also, it’s a platform that gives writers access to training especially for those who wish to have a career in freelance writing (Writers Work University). 

However, to be eligible on this platform – you must be 18 years and above and must also have an online account for receiving payment from clients.

Is Writers.Work Legitimate?

Writer work is not a scam though it has been smeared in many controversies in the past. Before now, several people have had to complain about poor customer service and failure to honor the time stipulated for refunds.

Also, some have had to query the type of advertisement as a platform for high-paying writing jobs. Earning high on the platform will not happen overnight – even though the potential to earn is readily available, there is a need for hard work to be able to land the writing jobs.

Earning between 20 dollars to 65 dollars hourly as a freelance writer is possible but will require more energy, commitment, and some level of professionalism to be able to land the writing gigs you desire.

Writers.work Review

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A review on the writers.work platform shows the following processes:


Getting registered on the platform is important because you will need to input your credit card details. Therefore, to complete your registration process – pay your subscription fee ($47), create a profile, and sign-up.

Profile creation

After registration and signing up – writers can create a profile that potential clients can view and connect directly. You can include your skills and the services offered. There is also the “about” section – where a writer can do self-introduction.

In creating a profile, a professional profile and cover picture should be used as first impression counts. So, if you are ready with setting up your profile – the next thing is to go over to the marketplace where you can be seen and have a direct rapport with potential clients.

Job Listing

The platform collates jobs from several sources and brings them up on one platform. So, this saves the writer the stress of having to visit many sources looking for jobs. Also, the system categorizes the jobs – so, a writer can do a keyword search for their areas of interest.

Here also, writers can subscribe to get notifications for new job listings, saving them the stress of going through the entire System every time.

Some of the platforms where writers.work gets its jobs from are;

Here is the trick – you should not always ignore pitching to old postings because the clients might still be in search of writers. So, keep trying your luck!

Job Application

Every job has its requirements and method of application – once you find a job, click on it and read the complete job advert that has the full job descriptions and details. Some of the instructions might mean sending an email to the advertiser or sending samples of your previous job.

Writers.work does not have a job of its own but only gets jobs from others sources and makes it available on its platform.


Freelancers have the opportunity of getting paid for their job. How? The section has a description of what clients are looking for and what the job entails. So, writers can pitch their work to publications.

Also, you can do a keyword search to find publications that meet your niche and interest. Besides, you could also visit the website of the publication to submit your work. In this section, earnings could range from $50 to $100 for an article depending on the job position.

So, rather than doing an application for a job listing – you do a short pitch on why your writing should be published.


Text Editor

The platform can be used in creating your content. It is designed with a good text editor with basic formatting, image insertion, and automatic tracking tools – making it good and enjoyable to use.

However, anyone vast in the use of Google Docs and Microsoft Word might be a bit skeptical about the writers.work text editor – though it’s worth trying especially for the spellings and grammar checks – a handy feature that works like Grammarly and helps correct spelling and grammar errors.

Training Materials

This is otherwise called Writers Work University where writers have access to training materials consisting of three modules and 19 video lessons that are not boring. Some of the topics covered in the training are; how to build a portfolio, how to send pitches, managing the practicalities of being a freelance writer.

Other topics might include how to use writers.work features like publishing your first article. So, this training module sure justifies the lifetime subscription fee of $47.


Writer work offers an avenue for creating a portfolio for your work. Also, writers can share this portfolio with other potential clients.

Here are the features; list the service you offer, samples of past jobs, and access to a link to your other social media platforms. It is easy to use as it helps writers to showcase their online writing presence. Contently can also be used

Article Scoring

The platform is designed with article scoring features under the text editor. After writing your article – you get a readability score of the content. Writers could also search for definitions and synonyms of highlighted words for easy replacement.

Goals And Time Tracking

This area will enable writers to set writing goals. For instance, the number of words written daily on a given task. This might seem basic but worth it especially for beginners and new freelance writers as it will help to track time and goals.     

Writers Per Hour Review     

So, how much can a writer make hourly on the platform? According to Writers.work – you can make up to $20 to $65 hourly using the platform.

However, this claim is not guaranteed – as you might not qualify for the high-paying jobs, and also, earnings are based on the availability of job listings and also competition from other experienced writers. So, averagely – with good job flow, a writer might be sure of earning not less than $20 hourly.

Writers Work Refund

So, the platform operates a refund policy that allows you to request either your monthly or lifetime membership within 30 days of creating your account. After submitting your request for a refund – the process might take up to 10 working days before remitting the fund.

However, things might not go as expected – the remittance might exceed 10 days as some have testified about, but in the long run, you are sure to get a refund. Interestingly, the system is getting better by the day as more people are giving positive reviews about the system.

Besides, if there are other add-ons like toolkits bundle, video courses, and some others to your membership – they remain non-refundable as they remain your property.

So, to cancel your lifetime membership – send a chat or email to [email protected] and the process will be deactivated from the backend.

To cancel your monthly subscription – go to settings from the dashboard and click ‘Cancel Subscription’ but if you have a monthly subscription within your 30-day refund period, send a chat or email to [email protected] to activate the refund process.

Pros Of Writers.work

  • Excellent and friendly user-interface
  • Text editor for creating great contents
  • Smooth operation
  • Training tutorials for beginners
  • Saves time
  • Plenty of job listings

Cons Of Writers.work

  • The fee of $47 might discourage some freelance writers
  • Controversies on refund policy
  • Redirect to other websites to complete application
  • Unable to filter older job listing

Other Freelance Writing Companies Reviews

Photo of a lady writing on her laptop; Writers Work is a great site to find writing gigs

Here are some apps that offer a wide range of job opportunities especially if you want to create a niche for yourself in writing, check them out;


This is one of the most popular free and legit apps where writers can find writing jobs and earn some bucks. It offers both long-term and short-term writing opportunities where freelancers can have regular work.

Download it here for Android:

Download it here for IOS:


This app started in 2001 and boasts of different job offers for writers. It’s a platform where employers meet writers around the world. The writers are guaranteed high pay based on their expertise. So, if you want an online writing job – go to Guru and start a lifetime writing career for yourself.

Download the app here:


This is another online platform where writers get opportunities to write and earn. Here, potential jobs are listed and freelancers can access them for free with no form of registration. Payment is done monthly when your balance hits $7

Download the app here:


Upwork is arguably one of the best, reliable, legitimate, and great platforms where writers can find writing assignments.

So, writers are expected to create an online profile that employers can view – and if satisfied, they offer you a job.

Download the app here for Android:

Download the app here for IOS:


Here is another unique platform that places a premium on micro-jobs. Many online writing job opportunities could fetch a writer good pay. The payout begins as soon as your account hits $5, this could also increase depending on your level of expertise.

Download the app here for Android:

Download the app for IOS:

Is Freelance Writing Worth It?

Registering and signing up on the Writer.work platform is not a guarantee of landing a writing job – a lot still has to be put in place to ensure you get the task. However, freelance writing is worth it because you can be part of two or more platforms that offer the same services and thereby increase your earning potential.

So, for Writer.work, looking at the 50 percent discount (from $94 to $47) for a lifetime subscription or a monthly membership fee of $15, coupled with amazing resources on the platform – freelance writing is worth it especially on a platform like this.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to give writers.work a try? One will agree that the platform offers a lot and the sign-up fee of $47 should not be a discouraging factor to giving it a try. However, the company needs to work on the delay experienced whenever a freelance writer requests a refund.

So, before you finally subscribe to writers.work – writers must do due diligence in doing further research on the platform and if your expectations are not met, you could get your money back within 30 days.

If you are ready to give it a try – pick up your laptop, good internet connectivity, a desk, and a good desk chair to start making some money online by writing. Also check out this 2021 review of Click Worker.

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