How to make quick money in one day (12 lazy ways)

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Reading through this post is evidence that you are in search of ideas on how to make quick money in one day. Many times you may be in urgent need of cash to settle bills, get some household materials, take care of college fees, medical bills, or for other unforeseen circumstances that might have shown up.

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There are quick ways to make money that are legit that you can engage in and some are capable of fetching you a minimum of $50 daily. So, if you want to learn how to make quick money in one day – let’s help you unravel some of the ways.

How To Make Quick Money

These ideas have been carefully compiled and discussed below. Read carefully to ensure you don’t miss out on any important information.

Become A Food Delivery Driver

Daily hustling and bustling have given people little or no time to attend to some important aspects of their lives. Don’t be surprised that some people rarely have time to prepare good meals for themselves.

You can earn some dollars by going to deliver good food to people at their homes, place of work or even for other events such as birthdays, weddings or any other ceremony.

You can sign up with delivery companies such as Deliveroo who require riders. Their work is flexible and you make delivery to customers’ doorsteps from restaurants. You can earn about $100 in a day. You can also contact bigger food outlets like Dominos to know if there are any delivery job opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Sell Your Notes

This is more helpful to students that are willing to share their notes with other students and make money doing it. It is one of the legit ideas on how to make quick money in one day.

All you need to do is; upload your notes and encourage other students to download them at a fee which you should attach to the notes. You can upload your notes on free sites like Stuvia and Nexus Notes, although a percentage of your profit is charged to cover up for the marketing cost and other things done to help promote your notes, and with that, you don’t have to promote it yourself.

Participate In Vindale Research

Vindale Research is an online website from which you can earn a lot of money within a short period. This makes this platform one of the quick ways to make money. You don’t only earn when you carry out research, you will also receive a $2 sign-up bonus once you fill your profile. For every survey, you will be paid $50 and if you want to earn more, you should carry out more research.

One of the factors that distinguish this website from others is that it offers cash, unlike the other companies that operate a points system. In addition, there are always research projects to carry out. So the amount you can make is dependent on how much research you can carry out.

Rent Out Your Car

Photo of  a person driving; renting out your car is a great idea if you are looking for how to make quick money in one day

Renting out your car is one of the ideas on how to make quick money. With the aid of companies like Turo and Getaround, you can connect with renters and earn up to $50 daily.

You may also choose to drive your car to move people from place to place in your leisure time or every evening. Your income will depend largely on the number of transits you can make.

Clean Out Trash From Cars

This is also one of the quickest ways to make money ideas that people tend to shy away from but it will leave you with lots of money in no distant time if you are willing and ready to take it up. By just cleaning other people’s cars, you can make up to $200 in one day.

Connect with people that don’t have time to clean their cars and get paid for helping them out. The more cars you clean, the more you earn.

Sell Second-Hand Textbooks

This is an idea that can be maximized when searching for how to make quick money. You can purchase used textbooks from old students and sell them to new intakes that need them. You can advertise it on Amazon Marketplace – although there will be a commission on sale, and also make it known on the campus.

Ways Of Making Money Online Fast And Free

Considering that the need for money will always arise – you must engage in activities that are flexible and capable of paying you instantly.

As a side hustle, you can turn your leisure time into cash by making money online fast and free on different platforms. All you need to earn is your laptop or phone, a good internet connection, and time on your hands.


This is one of the online money-making platforms that pay you to carry out simple activities such as watching videos, subscribing to newsletters, completing a survey, writing comments on social media platforms, creating accounts, browsing websites, and shopping online. It is an avenue for making money online fast and free and you earn daily.

Become A Mystery Shopper

Some agencies hire other people as mystery shoppers. You will be paid for completing local tasks such as paying a visit to different restaurants and shops and giving your feedback on their services. It is an easy and interesting job that can fetch you so much money.

Agencies that hire mystery shoppers include Bestmark, marketforce, intellishop, secret shopper, signature worldwide Sinclair customer metrics, and many more.

Stock Photos

This is a means of making money online fast and free through the sale of good photos. If you have good photos, you can make money by uploading those photos for free online and selling them to some of these stock photo websites like EyeEm, ShutterstockAlamy, Picfair, Getty images,etc

Typing And Transcribing

Photo of a woman typing; typing and transcribing is a good way of making quick money in one day

If you are good at typing very fast, this is a good way to make money online easily. You will be required to convert videos and audio into text forms. Although you may not be paid daily, you will surely receive weekly payment once your minimum balance exceeds $20.

It is a flexible task that requires just your transcribing skills, a good internet connection, and your laptop. Some amazing transcribing jobs platforms include Go transcript, flexJobs, Tigerfish, CastingWords, SolidGigs.

Reviewing Music

This is an amazing strategy of making money online fast and free. You are paid for your opinion on every music track. Once you sign up for this project, you will receive a track daily and you will send your feedback on whether it is a miss or hit. You can also enjoy other bonuses through referrals’ reviews. Examples of sites are Playlist Push, and Hitpredictor

Ideas For Making Money Instantly

Do you need money now? Then check out these tips to making instant money that will help you in emergencies. 

Sell Off Your Old Items

When you sell off your old and unused items, you will realize you will be making money instantly. If you have machinery that is rusty, old wares, kitchen utensils that are not used electronics, and other gadgets that are just wasting away, it’s time to convert them to cash and settle the need that is calling for your attention.

Posting Ads For Companies 

Many companies want their products and services to be publicized; you can start making money instantly by posting ads on different social media platforms, for companies’ products and services. You may also get a percentage of a sale on some companies’ products.   

Recollect Those Owing You

This may sound unattractive but it is a realistic way of making money instantly. There are some people that you may have probably helped with a loan in the past but are yet to pay you; you can ask them politely for a refund. Sometimes, you may have some piled-up benefits from shopping malls but you are yet to claim them. Visit these companies and claim the due amount.

Seek Assistance From Family And Friends  

Another reliable means of making money instantly is by seeking assistance from family members and friends that may be capable of helping you out. Ask for a short-term loan or cash gift whichever one is comfortable for them. You may be uneasy with this idea but if you are interested in making money instantly to meet your urgent needs, you should go for it because it is guaranteed.

Sell Off Old Games

If you have unused disks in your home, visit a games shop to dispose of them for cash. You can also make use of online stores such as Amazon or eBay for selling off your games and start making money instantly.

Ways For Women To Make Money

If you are willing to earn money as a woman, it’s time you take advantage of the following tips on ways you can earn some side bucks.

Exchange Your Doodles For Cash

This is one of the easy ways to make money if you are an artistic lady. So, if you are good at drawing and designing, it’s time to start earning doing so. Your creations can be submitted via a retailer online like Azeeda. If your designs are accepted, you will be paid.

Exchange Your Old Baby Gears For Cash

One of the stress-free ways for women to make money is to rent out all their babies ‘ old gears to traveling parents. It helps travelers to save the cost of buying new ones while you earn money when the gears are being used.

Earn Money Playing Trivia

Displaying your unique knowledge by answering some questions on the trivia app, is one of the ways for women to make money with ease. You can make more than $ 1000 showing your intelligence. You can also earn money playing games online.

Voice Over Jobs

Photo of a mic; doing voice over jobs is a way to make quick money in one day

Several contents are produced from web presentations, radio jingles, video game characters, and TV commercials that require the work of voice-over. Content creators are ready to part away with up to $1500 if you are willing to lend them your voice for just 3 hours. Check out this post to learn more about voice over jobs

Sell Printables

Another easy way for women to make money is by having an online store where you can sell digital products that you make. Your clients will purchase and download them. Examples of printables are eBooks, templates, planners, checklists, calendars, and many more. Etsy is a good place to start.

How To Get Quick Money As A Kid

There are several options available to kids, through which they can earn while still in college.

Pet Care Services

As a kid, offering to care for pets is a fun way of making money. Pet care involves washing, walking, and overnight stays with pets.

Start Selling pieces of jewelry

This is an awesome tip on how to make money as a kid. Knowing how much people love and purchase jewelry, you can make them and start selling at fairs, events, or online stores like Etsy.

Partake In A Pageant Show

If you are good at dancing, playing instruments, miming, singing, etc, then you have in your hands what is capable of fetching you enough money to even pay for your college. Monetize these skills by participating in pageant shows on or off-campus. Other ways of making money as a kid are discussed in this post.

Make 10 Dollars A Day

The following ideas are quick ways to make 10 dollars a day:

Review Websites

An easy way to make 10 dollars a day is by reviewing websites and sending your opinions for improvement where necessary.

Purchase And Sell Domain Names

This business is a lucrative one that can fetch high income by just purchasing and selling domain names. This is because business owners require a unique domain name. you can buy catchy domain names and sell at a higher price.

Other opportunities through which you can make 10 dollars a day are;

Final Thoughts

Financial challenges are unending and resources to satisfy them are limited, so the need to know how to make quick money in one day to meet up with emergencies. These ideas might not be get-rich-quick tips – but you will surely be able to earn some side income.

So, if you are ready to give it a shot – read through how to make quick money, ways of making money online fast and free, ideas for making money instantly, ways for women to make money, how to get quick money as a kid, and making 10 dollars a day.

Think no further, maximize the ideas given and make your quick money today!

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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