How To Sell Feet Pics Online And Make Cool Money

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Can you sell feet pics to make some side income online? Of course!

While this might sound a bit weird, making money online demands that you think outside the box. You’ll be surprised how people are willing to give out cash for the most unexpected.

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And if you are already wondering how to sell feet pics online or thinking who you can sell feet pics to, there is an endless list of potential buyers which includes bloggers, marketers, vloggers, and companies that might require it to promote their contents, products or services.

This work-from-home job requires very little to get started – think about selling socks, shoes, other related topics which make use of your handy feet pics.

So, if you want to know how to sell feet pics online and make money, here is everything you should know.

How Do I Sell Feet Pics?

There are several platforms you can leverage on to sell feet pics online. Websites, apps, and diverse social media platforms help to make this a reality. Check the entries below for the best option, to begin with this money-making opportunity.

How To Sell Feet Pictures On Websites

Sell Feet Pics Using Etsy

Photo of Etsy; a site to sell feet pics online

The first place to consider is a platform that has garnered a huge presence and reputation in the digital industry after being around for quite a while. Etsy has been in business since 2005. And the American company focuses on vintage materials, handmade products, and craft supplies. These include toys, furniture, tools, and art among others.

For increased chances of making feet pics sales on the platform, consider using the site as an e-commerce platform to sell all kinds of pictures.

Etsy charges $0.20 for every item you list, $0.25 and a processing fee of 3% of sale. It’s a good option for anyone without a website or anyone looking for a good place to start off.

Sell Feet Pics Using Feetify

Photo of Feetify; a site to sell feet pics online

You are going to find just a few online marketplaces that are specifically designed for selling feet pics, and Feetify is one of them. The platform isn’t free but has a very cheap subscription model.

You sign up and create a fascinating profile that is capable of attracting potential buyers.

One great feature on this site is the one that helps you communicate directly with customers, just as Facebook does. It is great for building relationships with your customers.

Sell Feet Pics Using Instafeet

Photo of Instafeet; a site to sell feet pics online

Instafeet is one of the most popular platforms for selling feet pictures. It is quite related to Instagram but here you focus only on feet.

Firstly, you create a profile and verify your identity. Start sharing your feet pics with the hope of getting a client ready to pay for your pictures. Most users of these websites subscribe with a monthly fee of $10 – this makes it affordable for users to sign up.

Also, you get a profile link that can be promoted on other websites. 

On Instafeet, your profile is reviewed for at least 3 weeks before given approval, so it does not just accept every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Instafeet charges 10%from subscriber’s earnings and payment is made every 1st and 15th of every month. To get paid, you need a valid ID showing your age to sign up and receive payment.

Sell Feet Pics Using DollarFeet

Photo of DollarFeet; a site to sell feet pics online

DollarFeet is another website to look out for specifically for selling pictures on feet. You’ll need to wait for about 24hours after applying to get started with your business.

Immediately you get approved, you’ll receive instructions on how to go about putting up your videos and photos. And, unlike Feetify and Instafeet where you’ll have to create an appealing profile to attract potential customers, DollarFeet stands out because they patronize you directly.

You can make between $5 to $10 over a 5 minutes video on feet pics. This means that 10 videos will fetch you between $50 to $100! Which is pretty cool!

How To Sell Feet Pictures On Social Media

Sell Feet Pics Using Instagram

Photo of Instagram; a site to sell feet pics online

Instagram is a great place to sell really nice pictures for free. With over 1 billion users on Instagram, the market potential is huge. Make good use of hashtags that are related to your pictures and start building your follower base.

Besides, you could set up a membership site where people can make a monthly payment to access new pictures. You can target selling 5 to 8 pictures every month. Create monthly themes such as sandals, barefoot, etc.

However, you need to remember that your Instagram page is basically to market feet pics and sell to customers who are willing and ready to pay.

Sell Feet Pics Using Facebook Groups

Facebook is a solid platform that can be very efficient in selling diverse kinds of products, including feet pics. With over 2.7billion monthly active users (according to Statista) on the platform, Facebook cannot be a wrong idea for selling any kind of items you have. There are designated Facebook groups where you can buy and sell feet pictures.

On these Facebook groups, the admins will help to moderate and regulate the community to have a respectful association. Scammers are not permitted.

Also, ensure to keep all transactions safe by using a platform such as PayPal.

Consider creating a Facebook business page for your business too. Facebook Marketplace should also not be left out.

It is not advised that you use your personal profile for your business. It is not going to yield the desired result. Since selling feet pics is a business, then create a Facebook business page for your business. More importantly, you’ll have access to the analytical data of your business page which can also be efficient in growing your audience and having more sales.

Ensure to fill out all required information of your business to show that you have a legit business. The information should also include your email address, website, and other contact details.

You may also want to create your own Facebook group. But unlike Facebook pages, you are not likely to drive in the needed attention for your business since Facebook groups largely facilitate discussions among members.

Sell Feet Pics Using Craigslist

Craigslist is another way to get those feet pictures. It’s a popular advert website where people advertise their products, services, job vacancies, and many other things.

You must create a profile and supply every needed detail.

When you are starting, target the locals because of the stiff competition at the beginning.

High-quality pictures should be used to attract potential customers.

Then you must be regular with your posts – it poses a higher chance of attracting the right customers

Sell Feet Pics Using Twitter

Twitter has a wide range of affluent millennials raking in massively on the platform every year. The point is that you are very likely going to find customers with robust bank accounts.

You’ll however need to grow your Twitter followers and direct them to your website. Twitter isn’t a visual platform like Facebook and Instagram, so you must be able to redirect your readers to your website and also collect their emails for future marketing.

To increase your chances of being found on the platform, make good use of hashtags. Consider using hashtags like #FeetPicsForSale or #FeetPics.

Sell Feet Pics Using Snapchat

According to BusinessOfApps, Snapchat currently boasts of about 314.6 million users around the world! That’s a huge figure!

While you can’t compare this website to Facebook and Instagram in regards to their size of audience, it has a younger audience who use the app in sharing videos and photos.

Opt for a premium Snapchat account. This kind of account grants you the opportunity to charge a subscription, which can be between $5 to $50 monthly. This will demand some more seriousness from you as your customers will look forward to regular fresh content. In essence, you’ll need to keep dishing out fresh videos and photos of your feet pics.

Sell Feet Pics Using TikTok

TikTok is efficient for brief video marketing. You’ll be able to create, edit, and share short videos with music, filters, and special effects.

The platform boasts of over 800 million active users with a larger US-based audience. This gives you an opportunity to sell your items quickly. Always ensure to create very engaging and entertaining videos.

This increases the chances of your profile being checked and your website being visited. So, you must consider making your email and website visible on your profile.

How To Sell Feet Pictures On Apps And Other Platforms

Sell Feet Pics Using Foap

Foap is an app where feet pics can be sold to agencies, brands, and other relevant bodies. Every year, Americans take over 90 billion photos, so the Foap app is an easy avenue to sell feet pics.

Download the free app to your phone

Sign up for an account

Upload the pictures to sell

Interestingly, each photo can sell for at least $10 and Foap will charge 50 percent.

On the Foap app, you take quality pictures of your feet that agencies can buy for use in ads, marketing agencies, or even blog contents.

Sell Feet Pics Using Blog

Do you know you can create a blog to talk about feet? To confirm this, try a search on Google on ‘taking care of your feet.’ It would amaze you the tons of results that will come up – this means that there are people that are daily in search of results about feet.

Have you considered starting a blog to promote foot health or shoe trends – you could use your pictures to promote and enhance your blog posts?

However, you might not earn money through selling photos of your feet, but it can be a tool for drawing traffic to your blog post and eventually monetize it.

So, as a blogger, you can make money through writing sponsored posts, advertising, and affiliate marketing. Interestingly, you can earn up to $5,000 blogging so it’s worth trying out.

Sell Feet Pics Using Stock Photo Agencies

Stock photo firms are a good way for beginners to learn the art of how to sell feet pics – this they can do by submitting images to stock photo agencies.

There are several stock photo firms and paid sites out there willing and ready to buy your images. 

  • DepositPhotos is a platform that pays about $0.30 to $37.4 per image download. They presently have up to 260,000 feet photos which make this category very interesting to people. 
  • Shutterstock is another platform that pays every time the photo you submit is downloaded. Currently, Shutterstock has about 2 million photos with room for more creative content and other beautiful images. 
  • Other stock photography websites are;

Adobe Stock 



However, have you considered taking the picture of your feet in the sand – a great advertising tool for a travel business?

Sell Feet Pics Using Kik

Kik only requires that you have a WIFI connection or data plan. It is an app that is great for sending free messages and networking with other users at no cost.

You’ll only require your phone number and email address to get started. Create a profile and join available feet pics groups on the platform to discover potential customers.

Always ensure that you bring your conversation with your customers into your emails, to build your list for future purposes.

Sell Feet Pics Using OnlyFans

With OnlyFans, viewers are charged an amount to view videos and photos. It can be compared to an Instagram account with a subscription service. The option is quite cool since you keep making money as your videos and photos continue to attract viewers.

The platform allows you to charge any fee of your choice, but the minimum is $5 per month. You can always enjoy the payment processing system already integrated into the app, which makes the use of a third-party billing system unnecessary.

The app, however, deducts 20% of your monthly subscription for services rendered to you.

Here Are Helpful Tips For Selling Feet Pics Fast

The following are the useful tips that can help you succeed in selling feet pics;

Adequate care for your feet

For your feet to look good, you must take adequate care of them. You might want to try some products on your feet or do a monthly pedicure routine. Your feet should be dry and clean.

To prevent infections, shoes and socks must air out. Trim your toenails regularly and if possible use moisturizer before bedtime. 

Also, YouTube has millions of resources that can be used to keep a healthy and well-treated toenail.

Use creative and dynamic feet poses

Being creative with your poses will help you catch the attention of your audience. This you can start by taking a look at other pictures online, images on foot modeling, and ads on shoes to generate ideas on your next pose.

Besides, much attention must be given to the camera angle or the timer function if you are taking the pics yourself – you will be able to get high-quality pictures.

In being dynamic, you could take pictures without shoes, with socks, with shoes and different postures, by doing this – you give the buyers options to select from.

Make feet anonymous

By now you should know that sharing pics of other parts of your body or your face is not needed. Watch out for sites that encourage this promising you money in returns. You must keep all transactions strictly business. There is no need to speak to the client buying your feet pics except for questions on the order.

Besides, use payment links such as Stripe, or PayPal to receive money. 

Since images go a long way, you must keep them anonymous – they may be used for blog posts or marketing campaigns and you might not like your face going public.

However, foot models looking for links might want to include their faces in the pic.

Watermark your feet pictures for online previewing

Before selling your feet pictures, put a watermark on the images; however, this might not be needed when you sell on an app such as Foap. 

Putting a watermark will make potential buyers have a feel of what the picture looks like before downloading the entire image. It’s easy to get this done, there are several resources online that can help you achieve this. 

Examples of sites that can be used include PickMonkey and Canva – they help you create different effects. So, you can have a transparent watermark having your identification or other graphics to cover the picture until it is paid for by the customer. 

High-quality images

The quality of the picture taken determines to a large extent how people get enticed to the image. The pictures must be of high-quality and at the same time professionally taken.

However, you don’t need to break the bank to get this done – you can achieve it by making use of your Smartphone camera. Have good lighting, take pictures close to the window, or buy some lighting equipment.

You could also try out different camera settings to get the best quality level, and the background should be clutter-free. Also, there are free online editing sites that can be used to get quality pictures.

Wrapping Up

Selling feet pics is an authentic work you can do from the comfort of your home or for other people who have no time to attend to side gigs. It can entirely be run as a passive source of income.

You must place priorities on keeping your feet in a good state and also produce high-quality images to be used online. Start with the highlighted platforms to begin your feet pics business. Some will work more nicely for you than others. But then, you’ll discover many other opportunities to connect to potential buyers while your business is on.

Lily & The DollarCreed Team

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