3Hourjob.com; Legit or Scam?!

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The search for work from home jobs is on the rise, especially due to the recent trend of remote working. The popularity of legit online means of income which doesn’t involve leaving the four walls of your home is at an all-time high.

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However, among a host of opportunities levied out online on diverse websites, there seems to be some controversy around the 3hourJob site with the juicy opportunities the platform boasts of.

Therefore, this article will do a comprehensive review of the 3hourJob.com platform and determine whether it’s a scam or it is legit.

What is 3HourJob?

3HourJob is a platform where subscribers are promised quick cash while working from home. But when you type 3HourJob.com, you are redirected to another page, and it is largely based on your location.

These different landing pages have something in common – that with little or no effort, there are opportunities to get a lot of money within a short time. Besides, it has no official website. By now you should be thinking if it is legit or a scam.

Among the several opportunities advertised on the website, there is one that promises a commission of $3,500 and turns you into an overnight millionaire.

However, you will be required to submit your name, email, and also some amount of money to get started.

Going forward, there are a few warning signs you should check out before trying out the 3HourJob.com website.

How Genuine Is 3HourJob?

Here is the premise behind this website: click on the link and discover how to make money with little effort – this looks like a prayer answered to some, isn’t it?

But this is very common to most get-rich-quick scams. They all look too easy to be true, and indeed they are not true. Do you believe that all your financial challenges can all give way within the same day you come across an online get-rich-quick platform? 

Is it possible for a legit website to make this bold claim?

If there is any platform that states categorically that you can eliminate all your financial challenges in one day or guarantee big returns from little investment, watch out! There is something you are very likely going to learn, and it may come hard if caution isn’t taken.

So, aside from the fact that lots of people have denied being paid by the site, Better Business Bureau reveals that the site isn’t accredited.

When you check on the site, depending on your location, you will often be redirected to a random site. You may find yourself on a site claiming to be a news website and promoting how amazing the site is. Besides, you could also be directed to a video of a work-at-home mom who boasts of making tons of money working from home.

Red Flag

Another red flag to watch out for is that the site tries to put visitors under pressure by telling them to sign up as quickly as possible. Look out for the graphic showing the opportunities going down – these are all scam because they pressurize people into signing-up without going through it.

Also, the site claims to have been seen on CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and USAToday but alas, they have never appeared on any of these reputable media outfits. These are all lies to make you believe and trust them. 

Once they get hold of your phone number, you continue to get calls from someone claiming to work for the site.

From all these, one can conclude that they sell contact details to other scammers who in turn continue to follow after unsuspecting victims.

Is 3hourJob Informative?

The legitimacy of a website can be done via the ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages on the official website. With this, one can confirm if the addresses and phone numbers on the website exist if you need to reach out to the organization.

Important information about the company is readily available on the website. However, the 3HourJob.com website is more like a landing page and not a site. All these make the website questionable and should be thoroughly probed before any deal.

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Why Is Payment Required On 3hourJob?

It is widely considered that when you request any form of payment before giving out access to a piece of information especially without having the details of services or products to be rendered well outlined, you are very likely leaning towards an illegitimate offer.

After a thorough investigation of the 3HourJob.com platform, it was discovered that this get-rich-quick platform is nothing but a data entry job offer. This is unbelievable, right? Is it possible to make several million as they claim by just doing a data entry job?

This is absurd!

Also, this scam keeps your information for their use. In fact, it has been discovered that they also trade details of people who signed up with them to other websites or companies that could also be scam platforms like them.

Note also that they won’t send any money to you as they claim. There is no other warning signal that is bigger than this – be guided.

Genuine work-from-home offers will not request any payment from job seekers. These websites earn their money by retaining a percentage of the payment for jobs completed or they earn from the company that advertised the job.

Legitimate job platforms get money when they advertise jobs to those looking for jobs. So, for 3HourJob.com their landing page does not in any way look like a job offering website despite the redirection.

Here Are Complaints And Reviews Posted About 3hourJob.com

Several people have complained about receiving emails and phone calls about an offer for a data entry job. However, it seems as if few people have already fallen for this. But many have

reported several phone calls from people who are suspected to be the scam recruiters.

According to The-Big-Diesel on Reddit.com: 

“Beware of 3hourjob. It is a get rich quick website with the assertion that it has a job opening for Data Entry applicants. They have called me several times and left the same message. The website seems very fraudulent and unorganized.”

According to Piyush Piparotar on Quora: 

3HourJob is the biggest get-rich-quick platform circulating throughout the consumer marketplace. Claiming that people can generate up to $500 on a daily basis, 3HourJob was created in haste and with many faults.

Built with the same template to the extensive collection of fake Amazon earning websites that swept ruthlessly online through the marketplace, 3HourJob appears to be exactly the same. 3HourJob is a scam operating as an illegitimate online earning opportunity.

Functioning as an “online work at home programs,” 3 Hour Job boasts that users can get paid $500 daily for just working a few hours each day. While this may hold for some individuals, these unrealistic income assertions are the beginning of what we deem to be a get-rich-quick platform.

When you go to visit 3HourJob, depending upon your location, it will dictate which URL redirection you are sent to.

Samantak Saha on Quora: 

It’s a scam website to the best of my knowledge.

The website directs you to a landing page where you are told to

make payment for something. Now believe this. Never pay any money for

getting any online job. Most of the online sites are fake. It is not a child’s play to earn money on the internet. 

The online industry has much potential and money but only for people who know this segment. So, never believe in any become-rich-quick schemes. And never pay any money on such sites. Always verify people’s testimonials and also look for the Goodwill of the website. 

So according to him, it’s a scam and you should not try to get some work from this site and some other fake websites like this. There is much genuine online work providing sites that provide work without any upfront charges. Just be consistent and you will surely land a good and genuine job.

I will advise that you maintain a distance from this kind of website. There are many legit websites that offer genuine earning opportunities to their users.

A store manager at Cipla and Reddit user, Nancy Garcia claims that 3hourjob credits some money into your wallet when you join, but to withdraw the cash is impossible!

What more proof is required to show that the platform is actually a fraud?

Is 3HourJob.com A Scam or Legit System?

Based on researched data, 3HourJob is a scam and fraudulent work-from-home scheme that everyone needs to be careful of. They draw you in quickly and get your information and money.

Therefore, you can lose money if you don’t tread carefully. In addition, your personal information is sold to scammers which they use to further their hidden agenda.

Legit Companies That Hire People To Work From Home

There are hundreds of genuine companies that hire people to work from home. Companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Google hire several people to remotely work from home.


Google leads the internet world. People who do not use Google have heard of it somehow. Google offers several opportunities to work from home and make cool cash. For instance, you can earn by signing up on Google AdSense if you have a website that meets their requirements. You can blog and earn or make videos on YouTube and make huge cash every month.

Among the several other opportunities, you can earn as a web search evaluator and assist them in organizing the Google search results.


With ySense, you’ll be able to earn from anywhere in the world performing a few online tasks such as doing surveys, playing games, responding to offers, and many others.  Sign up here.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

This is one of the ideas of the world’s biggest company, Amazon. You’ll be offered simple job opportunities with small cash payments. But you’ll be able to earn more when you do more. Start with Amazon Mechanical Turk here.


Lionbridge recruits students, youths, and matured people anywhere in the world to translate and interpret. You’ll have other offers such as product testing, curating, and internet assessor. You must have a good command of the English language to work with them.


Upwork is one of the most trusted companies in the world for freelancing. You can earn money on this platform. In whatever digital skills you can offer, you will find different job offers from different people and companies. You get paid after completing a task.


Final Thoughts

It is best advised that you avoid the 3hourjob platform at all costs. Even if you intend to check things out

yourself, be careful not to let out so much personal information or make any purchase from them. You’ll find a host of genuine websites that offer work-from-home opportunities. But then you should still verify if they are truly what they claim to be or not. 

Check for reviews by users on the sites and check with the Better Business Bureau to check if they are accredited or not. 

Besides, have it in mind that there is not a legit company that would charge you any fee for working for them. 

Finally, 3hourjob is currently shut down!

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